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Hi! Just wondering, but isn't today Willow's birthday?? Happy birthday Willow!

Yep today is Willow’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLOW MOORE!!! 

There are TONS of fun things happening, including an letter written from Daisy to Willow on the Fizzle Force FB Group. Plus there are giveaways happening, including one on our website for $5 Amazon Gift Card. All the links here. 

I drew a picture for the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV series)!

The coloring is a bit weird, but I think it’s okay all together

As I’ve mentioned once before, I am a huge Buffy fan and I’m so happy that I get to experience this special day in the show’s history

See you all in hell!

Brittnee: We have to stay up until midnight cuz they wanna celebrate Zach’s birthday

Sarah: Oh fuck. What are they gonna make us do for his birthday?

*Willow walks in*

Sarah: Hey what do you think they’re gonna make us do for Zach’s birthday?

Willow: Psh I don’t know. Get in a line and suck his dick I don’t know  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Black Hoodie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @royslittleharper!!! (Officially this time) 

What would a Birthday be without some Maia? 


That was how Maia felt. Perpetually lost.

Nothing felt right, she felt like she was wandering in a maze of moments where nothing seemed to make sense. She knew the people, her new family, their friends, they were all trying to help. Trying to make her feel comfortable. But only a few months ago she was just an empty void as if nothing from before that moment existed. 

Some days it just felt overwhelming. Somedays she felt like she just didn’t quite fit into the world around her.  Lost in a sea of faces that didn’t make sense.

On nights like tonight, when it became too much and she would run away. Run away from the city trying to find something, anything, that would give her a shred of familiarity. Trying to fight through the murky feeling that was her memories.

Maia didn’t know how long she had been walking until she found herself alone in a small forest. The trees were small, still young, but the sound of the winds rustling through their leaves was somehow comforting. It was as if they were whispering her their secrets as she slowly walked through them just taking in the night.

She came upon a small lake, the moon sending beautiful cascades of silver light over the clear water. The light seemed to be dancing across the water, glinting at her with an almost gleeful laughter. Sitting down she closed her eyes taking deep breaths. It was so quiet here, silent. So she just sat there, bathed in moonlight deep in her own thoughts.

That was how Roy found her.

Roy wasn’t very close to the cute girl. She had been more Dick’s friend and he had only met her a few times. So when he saw her just sitting quietly on the Queen’s property in front of the lake he wasn’t sure he if should bother her.

“Hey,” at least let her know he was there, instead of just standing there like a creeper.

“Hi” She turned, her bright eyes blinking in surprise as if she was unsure who this person was in front of her.

“Do your parents know where you are?”

“No, I’m sorry”

He took a step closer pulling at the hem of his black hoodie, “Hey don’t apologize to me, sometimes I need some room from people too. Thinking space”

She nodded, she liked that, thinking space. Gently she patted the spot next to her. “You can join me in my thinking space if you want.” After all, if he was up this late (or early depending on how you looked at it) he may need some. 

He chuckled taking her up on that offer. They sat in silence for a while caught up in their own thoughts. However, Maia kept looking over at the boy. So maybe she wasn't’ caught up in her own thoughts. Something was obviously bothering her.

“What?” he asked finally

“I… uhh, where am I?” she asked biting her lip her cheeks growing slightly pink. Roy couldn’t help but chuckle. He always thought she was a cute girl but at that moment she was kind of adorable. Not that he would admit that to anyone.

“You’re on Queen’s property, how you got here without anyone knowing is beyond me,” he said

She shivered rubbing her bear arms, “Yeah, I kind of just took a walk and ended up here” he frowned as he noticed a few goosebumps forming on her pale skin. “Sometimes I just feel so lost” she admitted turning her gaze back to the lake, “Like nothing feels right”

Pulling off his black hoodie he draped it over her shoulders, “I think everyone feels that sometimes. I know I do” he said, “As if you don’t really belong.”

She nodded, “like I don’t fit” the hoodie smelled really nice as she pulled it around herself. Fresh with a sort of musk that just smelled soothing. It didn’t bring upon some messy memories she couldn’t grasp, just clarity.

The sun was slowly peeking it’s way over the horizon cascading beautiful yellow and blue across an inky sky. Chasing the stars away and with it Maia’s confusion. Gently Roy nudged Maia’s shoulder.

“If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, or just to fit in with, I’m always here.”

Maia turned to smile at him, her eyes bright with the morning sun. Still wrapped in his scent as she studied the red haired boy’s face. And for the first time, she felt like this was where she belonged.