willow and fig

pigeon coffee’s big list of earthy words for forest towns n such

ill add to this from time to time -

oak, chestnut, birch, willow, pine, fir, sycamore, maple, fig, palm, clove, clover, root, stem, bud, leaf, branch, log, twig, wood, basil, chive, dill, fennel, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, pepper, cavern, hollow, tunnel, cave, den, burrow, nest, roost, nook, cranny, holly, aloe, orchid, lily, primrose, ivy, bramble, bamboo, berry, valley, meadow, field, paddock, rock, pebble, stone, river, stream, rill, brook, runnel, gutter, bee, bumble, honey, ash 

the ones in bold r my favourites :-)

late july– balmy nights, languid light, warm skin and cool cotton. we press our feet to wet grass, down on the banks where dragonflies shimmer in the afterglow. you humming, the old river thrumming, warm wine going straight to my head. we pick clover, jasmine, aster; we wade knee-deep in the water and listen; bird songs drifting, willows hushing, dusk falling fig-blue overhead. all around us the smell of damp earth, lilac. the river murmuring a secret; quietly we murmur ours back.