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mostly sits at home and questions why his parents gave him the longest fucking name in existence. insists on having a mcflurry everyday because dammit he’s an american living in london and he can’t let himself forget that. will forever be disturbed by the strange beefy taste of marmite is. tf knows what ten does for a living. i’m sure that i’ll figure it out in time. who knows. 


“I could never have guessed this when I first photographed her at Paramount Studios in 1953. The new girl in town. She had just completed the filming of Roman Holiday, and was at Paramount in Hollywood for publicity photographs.

I really didn’t know what quite to make of Audrey when I first saw her. She certainly was not the typical image of a young starlet, for that was what I had been sent to photograph. I watched her across the room as she was being photographed by Bud Fraker, and she did have something… but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I was finally introduced to her. Then that radiant smile hit me right between the eyes, warming me inside like a shot of whisky. That amazing instant contact she made, a remarkable gift that everyone who met her felt. She exuded some magic warmth that was hers alone.

Happily our lives would intersect many times over the years we knew each other. Our first born would celebrate their first birthdays together, and I would photograph her in so many different places.”

-Bob Willoughby


Audrey Hepburn and her pet deer, Ip, shopping in Beverly Hills, California, 1958.  Photograph by Bob Willoughby.

“When I visited Audrey, she had already had the deer for several weeks, and it had become part of the family…. Audrey took IP shopping in Beverly Hills, and what a sensation she created.  Beverly Hills habitues are fairly blase about what they see, but Audrey being followed around town by this lovely creature stopped everyone in their tracks…. It was truly amazing to see Audrey with that fawn.” - Bob Willoughby