Background visuals of Florence and The Machine’s British Summer Time Hyde Park performance.

Directed by Willo Perron, inspiration is drawn from Florence’s relationship to the alchemical symbols of water, air and fire. The film is broken into a three-act sequence, where Florence opens submerged in water, dances with the wind, and ultimately reckons with fire.

thecodename101  asked:

do the champions have fears if so could tell us what it is

Of course they have fears! Only fools have no fears.

Makoa: Being unable to protect his family and friends.

Fernando: Being ignored/a nobody.

Barik: Losing his ability to invent.

Torvald: Being disliked by people.

Ruckus: Becoming weak and powerless.

Inara: Being unable to serve her duty.

Drogoz: Losing all his coins.

Bomb King: Being classed as a peasant.

Cassie: Disappointing her peers.

Kinessa: Being found by the people who are out for her head.

Sha Lin: Losing his loved ones.

Viktor: Growing old.

Tyra: Losing her livelihood.

Willow: Fire. She hates fire so much.

Evie: Spiders. It’s quite trivial but she really, really, really hates spiders.

Skye: Death.

Maeve: Having nothing to her name.

Lex: Failing in his duty.

Androxus: Being thrown back into the Abyss.

Buck: The end of the world.

Mal’Damba: Being denied by Wekono.

Grohk: Drowning.

Grover: Death.

Seris: Having no purpose in life.

Pip: Losing all sense of ambition when he grows bored with what he does.

Ying: Separation and being alone.

anonymous asked:

How do the champions like their smooches? c;

Loves quick and cute smooches: Ying, Cassie, Willo, Bomb King, Kinessa, Inara, Evie, Maeve

Sloppy and heated smoochers: Sha Lin, Fernando, Skye, Buck, Tyra

Prefers to not smooch, but can if they feel like it: Ash, Lex, Torvald, Makoa, Seris, Viktor, Drogoz, Grover, Barik, Pip

Physically cannot smooch: Mal’Damba, Bolt (technically)

What is a smooch and how do I do it: Grohk, Ruckus

Smooch=death: Androxus


“Once I was playing as Willo and this happened:
Willo: You aren’t a support,you are flank.
Torvald: My God.
I know it’s stupid but I laughed so hard in that moment”

-Submitted by @alm6

Made by Yui 🐦

nahchillhomie  asked:

In your opinion(s), who are the LGBTQ+ champions of the realm? 😊

Happy Pride Month! These are my personal thoughts based on my ships. If I see any quarreling about this I’m gonna come down on y'all so play nice.

Ash: Lesbian

Torvald: Asexual

Tyra: Lesbian

Willo: Questioning

Bomb King: Asexual

Lex: Bisexual

Maeve: Bisexual

Mal'Damba: Aromantic

While we’re on the topic, I also want to take this opportunity to wish every LGBTQIA+ person on this blog a happy Pride Month! This blog is always a safe space for all of you and you are loved by the Mods here on the blog and we support you! Be proud and be strong!

anonymous asked:

Since we had one with kisses, do one with what kind of huggers the champs are next :D

Bro hugs/One handed hugs: Ruckus, Kinessa, Evie, Lex, Pip

Big, warm embraces: Inara, Torvald, Tyra, Cassie, Willo, Skye, Ying

Awkward pats: Barik, Drogoz, Viktor, Maeve, Zhin, Androxus, Mal’Damba, Seris

Lifts you up during the hug: Fernando, Sha Lin, Buck, Grover

Might accidentally crush you: Makoa, Ash, Bomb King, Grohk