I am so proud of these people! We finally did it! Our Co-Ed traditional performance was amazing! This year’s VCN couldn’t be more special to me because it would be the last one I am performing in. Thank you for @viviana_1013 and my little for getting me flowers and everyone who came and supported. It meant a lot to me. 😁😝😋😭 #vcn15 #ucsb #thankyoueveryone #graduatingsenior #willmisseveryone #proudguy

honoured with Miss busybee and miss toadally cute of graduating class of 2015

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It’s funny how things are so different now. Just feel like I finished high school a few months ago, but in reality I have actually finished my university degree.
I miss old school days, playing on the fields, hanging around with a bunch of friends with 6 period classes in a day. The fun, the laughter, the love.

Being at uni and meeting some of the most amazing people has been one of the best thing that has ever happened to me. Officially a non-student now and stepping my stone into work-life now. It’s been a hell of a but yet awesome journey.
I’ll miss going to uni, the first year in Aldgate and finished off in Moorgate. Life moves too quickly, and definitely made me learn that no matter where you are in life, cherish each and every moment and be humble and spread love!

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Snippets of the last 2 weeks in the land of balut, lechon, jeepney, tricycles and yummy snacks 😊 God is doing great things ❤️ #funguspmt13 #willmisseveryone #dancingdan #sosweet #yeahmate