Colors-Crossing - by Will Kim
Traditionally animated and painted with watercolor on Paper
& Digitally composited in Adobe After Effects

  • Watercolor Animation GIF by Will Kim
  • Watercolor Animation Painting Frames (6 key frames) by Will Kim

Art in Motion
©Will Kim “My Journey"


Hey friends, so Ito-En’s Oi Ocha commercial I animated is finally up on YouTube. Special thanks to Toboggan Inc. for making it possible! Currently showing on TV in Japan for one month.


Hey I just updated my animation reel. Thank u for checking it out!


Animal Doodles Series Part I - by Will Kim
I have been challenging myself to post 2~4 animal doodles per day for last one week on INSTAGRAM and I have been sharing those posts here on my TUMBLR. (Some old, some new) I sincerely appreciate all the feedback and support you have given me. So here is a summary of those animal doodles PART I.
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