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you are one of my go to people for Caryl feels ( Sanja being the other)..I would love to hear you views on Daryl's willingness to touch Carol and how much more he seems to be doing so since the reunion.

Aww you sweet thing you…

I love compliments and stuff and i’m flattered you put in the same category as Sanja but I don’t think i’m THAT good. But thank you so much. I’ll do my best here :) 

Alright well I think with Daryl it’s more trusting himself than anything, especially when it comes to touching people himself. He simply has so little experience with touching in a positive way that he lacks confidence in his ability to do it with others. This is different than being touched himself because that, for him is about being hurt. At least it was for a good part of his life. 

I think his willingness to touch Carol himself increased more so after the hug he gave her, when he realized he could do it and not be rejected in some way. The hug itself was sort of spur of the moment, something without thought really and it changed EVERYTHING. 

At the time, things were pretty dire and they had just nearly died and when he caught sight of her it was like he was so overcome with emotion that he forgot himself. Ran williy nilly  like a puppy thoughtlessly jumping his owner. Because if he thought about it too much, he’d never do it. He’d never take the risk. And for someone like him it’s a big risk to take. 

Once he got her in his arms it suddenly became a lot easier for him. She didn’t reject him, she didn’t push away, she hugged him back and for him this a totally new feeling. Daryl is a person who when growing up, wasn’t given much affection, and any attempts on it by him were most likely rebuffed, probably sometimes violently. Affection was rarely reciprocated. One only needs to look at the way his brother reacted when Daryl tried to ‘reach out’ to him, to get a clue about this. 

Being able to hug and touch Carol, and let her touch him too was such a big thing for him and is what allowed him to continue to do so later on. Because it gave him confidence in his ability to do so. There’s a line ‘Say Anything’ that I thought of after the fact. 

“The girl made me trust myself…’ 

Carol allows him to do that. Because he trusts her, knows she won’t hurt him, and because it’s clear to him that she trusts him too. She’s not reject it from him.  It’s what allows him to put his arm around her to help her along… and  things like this..

and this..

and this..

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Because it becomes purely instinctual to him to do so. He doesn’t  think about it now, he just does it because its her. It comes naturally now. That must be a wonderful revelation for him that he can be this way with someone. And to have someone reciprocate that touch as well.  And it makes you want to do it more and more. 

He is starting to trust himself in that way when it comes to her. Every time he allows himself to reach out and touch her, and she not only allows, but touches him in return it just gets easier and easier, because it feels good, and right now. . Its the building of the trust level, not just trust in her but in himself too that come out of this. 

Of course with the more intimate stuff (although they have touched pretty intimately this season)  it would probably have to be her to start it first because that is the one place he isn’t  comfortable with himself yet. But once it starts I guarantee he’ll stop thinking about it and just let it come naturally, like it came with the hug and everything that followed.  He won’t be able to stop himself nor will he want to. 

It’s only a matter of when really. 

but the rain got rolling when when when he allowed his emotions to  take over  rational thought and lost himself. But most definatly gained something. as a result. 

He gained confidence. And that is a very good thing Nomy :)