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Flutterdash is Otp.

more like NOtp…

im joking flutterdash is a cute ship 

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.. *FlutterDash* ..by gigifeh

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pecial Feeling - FlutterDash versby Chizu-san308

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Flutterdashby Raikoh-illust

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FlutterDash :: Cuddle Bugby FlutterDashWhore

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Chibi Flutterdashby Sokolas

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FlutterDashby arelionXD

but rarijack is better

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”It’s a Family Recipe, Sweetie.”by WillisNinety-Six

people who were real sweet to me this year

this list is no particular order for the most part and is certainly missing a lot of names because my memory is terrible and because some of you change your accounts a bunch. I apologize if I missed you and hope you will publicly call me out for it. some (many) of these blogs may contain NSFW content.

@2funky2fort @willisninety-six @kazard @chiguisi @nepherahabasi @oliecat @sixaughtfive @axeystuff @eternallytardy @mintsheep @lovewin @dugglexx @captainfluffyrump @nekosol @spicy-cocoa @mindnomadart @pepperchan @effkaytales @aku-no-novi @embarrassingnewds @19yroldvirgin @decoplusboco @xterrapaws @hyenatiddy @reedrill @syntheticisms @makaroonii @krisispiss @marbelle @sarahtheequine @27-percent @sickspookyshit @artz-cafe @cartoonbuttplug @gabbah @hip-indeed @foxxytime @thefortressofscience @finalbantasy @ever-distant-utopia @mrpandragon @theartmanor @duxwontobey @chainchomped @whimzleethewhimsicott @saintdane05 @fuwafuwakitteh @daionor @muttmom @stargazing-dragon @mosswyrm @digitallyfanged @steven-chase @flamezart @rawringcrafts @pizzasoldier @tahuma @laviarray @renard-pomblog @carbisari @heardbook @killaexotic @dorkitty @electricplatypus @skookspls @randomaccess64 @fraggingfox @yurglemeyer @subject27 @kadethefox @karltoons @crizone-aura @robinthegay @cindyquilava @nadathesloth @thevgbear @theokid @orsonfoe @spoiledmysterymeat @pomfpanda @pupster3000 @animealicia @vgjustice @speckledzen @readasaur @dememod @dustidustbunni @arkanik7th @nightmew @kandifur @slowbrodawg @thatmew @mintyfreshgirl @silentman0 @okami154 @sonicx64ls @naominaps @murkmash @magearna @cosmiccounty @nosyat @klondork @networksubset @hollowpiont @charliedecat @telain @katie-pup @soulofseifuku @ferrumanulum @thebuttkingpost @pontata @draggysden @whitejaywolf @kiara-cutie @briannasbooty @unitedfurs111 @st3v3nstuff @ask-buxton @lonthemouse @loodovono @twee-lil-lass @thedesertpro07 @dton8 @pstart @deepbluefeeling @xevadia @glyrenthebear @ashdeer @lostrosak @rocketnia @impish-desires @demoniclustkitty @keishinkae @renoitotta @glowingjay @twaxiedraws @creepsartcorner @yourfursona @coffee-cerberus @eggsandbaacon @cerpony-and-keira @morgluxia @radioactive-nuclear-waste @ss1234l @ichirosden

and of course the many, many anons


It’s been about a year since I tried Style Imitation -w- As a bonus I drew each of y'alls modpone myself too for ya guise~ (as an apology for borrowing your modpone and style)

(Edit: Ah forgot to add … ! Make sure to check out these awesome artists too~ The drawings on the right are ‘their’ style after all :P)

(Oh yea also I draw right-to-left since I’m left-handed so that’s why the title “Artist Style Imitation + Gift” is kinda at the right)

willisninety-six // Ahhh about a year or two ago I told you I’d make you a birthday present/ // sHOT DEAD

ANyways // here’s a thing of Lamby because she’s a sweetheart //
happy super belated/early birthday lmao

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