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Minor Sophmore Rant

Originally, players bought scenes with their LI or minor backstory scenes for the characters. Diamond scenes were leisure time and at most sources of revelation.

So what PISSES me off about The Sophmore is how we have to pay for the character development of 5 different individuals.

What Pixelberry is doing now is putting us in a position whereby the progress of the story is dependent on our willingness to pay diamonds.


What’s worst is I can’t even get angry while reading it. I’m just bored.

please know that this is not a call out post

just a thought that hasn’t left my head at all for the past week, but it does involve a post someone else made that I will not be linking to here cause (for starters I’m not an asshole) the post was apparently requested by someone else. 

the post uses Shakespeare’s quote “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness trust upon them” and sets up parts of the quote over Midoriya, Todoroki and Bakugou. This is fine but I have been over-thinking it for a while (btw I am aware of this quote being a dick joke but let’s take it seriously for a moment); I believe that the characters chosen for each part of the quote are the incorrect ones, here is why:

Todoroki is the one who was born great, this is such an important part of his character that it is a part of his backstory that his father had children for this purpose alone, he wanted one of them to be born great, to be born greater than he himself is. Endeavor essentially played breeding Pokemon style in order to have a “quirk marriage” that would give birth to a child potentially greater than he is by having an even more powerful quirk than Endeavor’s. You could say that he had greatness “trusted upon him” or rather “forced upon him” but he was still born into it. 

Midoriya had greatness trusted upon him. While Izuku by himself was already a very good person and had all the makings of a good hero with the moral compass he got from his mother and admiration for All Might, his technical thinking, and willingness to pay attention to everyone around him; the greatness of the “one for all” quirk was trusted upon him by All Might rather than him being born with it. Yes a case can be made that he still achieved greatness with it but as Sir Nighteye pointed out other people who know what “one for all” is don’t have to acknowledge him as a worthy successor just because All Might does, but they can grow to respect him. All Might himself was after all, trusted with “one for all” by Nana Shimura. 

Bakugou would be, in my opinion, the one who achieved greatness. why? he is the one doing it by himself as not only is his family a very normal one but the other pro-heroes don’t have the same/or similar powers. All Might, Gran Torino and Sir Nighteye all know about  how “all for one” works and can potentially help Izuku with both personalized and general training. Todoroki also has this option by working with his father, visiting his mother, and living with his siblings; he is surrounded by family who can help him control better his quirk (for better or worse) since part of them can use fire and the other part ice. Bakugou’s control over his quirk comes from him training by himself and the training he gains from school and internships is essentially, only the general kind that all the other heroes get. 

Now please understand I am not undermining anyone’s hard work, if anything the story does an excellent job at portraying everyone as capable of greatness regardless of what quirk they may have. From Uraraka, Tooru, Kirishima and Mirio who have quirks that are only potentially useful based on how they use them; to Iida, Momo, Tokoyami and Tsuyu who have quirks that are useful from the get go. All of them are shown to work hard in order to become pro-heroes.

I am also not undermining the original post, just overthinking as usual. Thanks for reading. 

Firefly: Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Mal is influenced more than anything else by his internal ethnical beliefs; he acts first on what he believes to be right. He is a passionate individualist and tells everyone around him so; he is disgusted by the upper-crust lie of the party in ‘Shindig’, of the dishonesty in Inara being paraded around like her date’s prize, he tells Jayne firmly that Saffron has a name (ie, is an individual) when Jayne offers to trade for her and letter tells Saffron herself that she should do what she wants with her life. He takes on Simon and River because it’s the right thing to do, even though it’s impractical and will get him in deep trouble with the Alliance (and frequently does.) He returns the shipment of medicine to the small town in “The Train Job” because he believes it to be right, even stating that in that position he doesn’t have a choice, despite the fact that doing so will get a homicidal maniac on his trail. He fought the Alliance as a young man because he passionately believed in their cause; he still does believe in it, even though they lost, and will still fight for what he believed then and still knows to be right. He forms deep emotional attachments, to both people (Inara, Zoe, his crew) and things (Serenity), and will remain deeply loyal and committed to those people and things no matter what happens. He keeps his powerful feelings on the inside, acting on them but never discussing them. His own emotions, internal ideas about right and wrong, and a sense of each person’s innate individuality: That is Mal’s primary defining characteristic.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mal’s Se is fairly obvious. He lives a rough-and-tumble, flying by the seat of his pants lifestyle that requires him to never know from day-to-day what will happen next, and likes it that way. He throws punches in the heat of the moment, regardless of consequences. He takes quick and immediate action to fix his problems, usually by shooting, whether that be shooting a man mid-stride or kicking a threat into the engines of his ship. He’s quick to judge what he sees (Fi) and primarily observes what’s going on around him in the present tense. He’s sharply observant and takes notice of many small details about his surroundings. He utilizes his environment to his advantage frequently in confrontations; in the pilot (”Serenity”) he uses all aspects of the terrain to ensure he has some upper hand in the confrontation with patience. He takes advantage of his opportunities and acts on them, quickly and decisively. He makes many impulsive, heat-of-the-moment decisions that often get him and those around him into trouble. He generally lives in the moment, in a world of harsh reality with little sugar-coating or sweet-talk or willingness to pay compliments.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He’s often the man with the plan, the guy who sizes up those he has to do business with (like Badger in the first episode) and guesses many things about them just through intuition or gut feeling. He’s got most people figured out fast; he picks up on things about them using the Se/Ni axis, develops an idea about them and acts on that idea. When he needs to make a plan, he does so; neatly and immediately coming up with a long-term idea of how to talk the materials he has and utilize them to combat the enemy he’s dealing with. Sometimes he identifies with the symbolic ideas of higher Ni characters like Inara (ENFJ) and River (ENTJ) (”Is it bad that what she just said made perfect sense to me?”) He is nearly unshakeable from a goal once he’s acquired one; his Ni can be incredibly stubborn and refuse to budge from a certain intended point. He usually utilizes his Ni for practical purposes, like making plans and setting goals, rather than theorizing or imagination. He lives his life by a few strict principles (”I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed”) that are unbending and unyielding. Mal’s plans have little room for flexibility, and often wind up having trouble adjusting when things go a different direction. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Mal almost never does the pragmatic thing, the logical step that would keep everything under control. He won’t turn in Simon and River to the Alliance, even though they’re trying to fly below radar. He won’t do the job that will hurt other people and compromise his morals even though his crew needs money. He does make plans, but they often turn out to be impractical. He’s sharp and to the point; his Te is often unhealthy and shows up in crude, cutting remarks (”You’d be like a sheep on it’s hind legs” - to Kaylee about her dress) that accomplish nothing but are what Mal sees as unblemished truth. He struggles to accomplish anything in the long-term, any kind of pragmatic end or life goal. He’s not the most organized and the ship is often short of basic goods or practical needs because of this. He does play the role of authority figure, giving commands and direction to his fellow crewmates and taking quick action to solve his problems.

Going Casual

Thick neck armor, tight heavy outfit, … nnnnn~no. I wouldn’t want to wear that kind of outfit unless I have to. And you couldn’t be on a run 24/7 right?

So, in Eiger’s case, sooner or later she would want to get out of that bullet resist body-fit armor and pick something lighter for a change. Judging from her willingness to pay “a fortune” for a genuine leather jacket, I bet she does pay attention to what she wears and how she looks, although she understands it has to be function over fashion. (I am still wondering what her huge goggle is for).

Well, this is what I thought she would look like. Oh, and she does have a cyberarm on her right one, most likely the aftermath of her KSK disastrous mission.

2goldensnitches  asked:

How do tree grafts work, and Why are they so widely used for growing fruit?

Odds are, almost every fruit you have ever eaten is from a grafted tree.

What we call ‘cultivars’ of fruiting trees in horticulture are usually clones of a single seedling. Take the ‘Gala’ apple: it was a single tree planted from seed in the 1930s. This one tree yielded such desirable fruit, that since the 1930s, pieces of it can been kept alive as ‘scions’ and grafted to ‘rootstocks,’ which are seedling trees, or rooted clones. The original ‘Gala’ apple tree seedling is long dead, but there are pieces of this tree still growing all over the world, yielding the same fruit.

In the orchard business, this means producing trees with predictable dimensions, fruiting style, branching habits, harvest dates, yield, and levels of disease resistance. Clones are a much less risky investment than seedlings, which can vary widely. Clones have a name and ‘brand’ that is established and likely to find a reliable marketplace.

In terms of mass-production of food, this practice of grafting trees produces fruit of a reliable size, shape, texture, and flavour, which makes them easily transportable and marketable. Consumers prefer to know a ‘name’ of an apple they like, as opposed to examining or reading about the characteristics and uses of a type of fruit, and will consistently purchase fruit from a favourite well-branded cultivar. 

The importance of the name of a new apple cultivar in marketing is evident and supported by research at Cornell, where exciting names led consumers to spend more money for the same variety with a “generic” or non-exciting name (Rickard et al., 2011). Willingness-to-pay auctions are indicating traits of interest to consumers willing to pay a premium, and they are often variety dependent. In addition, the response from buyers is also being examined relative to new varieties and fruit size premiums (Carew et al., 2012). [x]

I’m not saying this industrialised side to it is good, but it’s just how fruit production has become.

I graft my trees with scion wood that I have traded or purchased in order to get a wide variety of high-quality fruit, and so in the future, I can cross high-quality cultivars with each other and plant seeds. My hobby – and the main subject of the site – is planting from seed. In that respect, I like to get seed from ‘pedigree’ parents, because there is so much written about these trees.

Those pieces of wood – scion wood – are from other cloned trees: some of the scions I worked with this year are from trees that were planted in the 1700s, but are kept perpetually alive today by being grafted.

I also graft a number of my trees with multiple scions, so that a single tree produces many cultivars of fruit (I call them my “frankentrees”), which is a better economy of space for a home gardener: my red-fleshed apple tree, pollarded apple, ‘family tree’ of cherries, multi-grafted pear, multi-grafted pear 2, almost all of my plums and apricots, or my almond tree that is grafted with peaches and nectarines are all multi-grafted trees.

As for how it works, biologically, and other reasons for doing it, you can refer to the following posts:

I also have an archive of everything I’ve ever posted on the subject if you want to read more: #grafting.

I hope that answers your question!

asbraveasrobb  asked:

I read your post about how the Riverlands have wealth that doesn't reach Riverrun, and how if it was better managed could also yield way more fighting men. If you were Lord of the Riverlands during a period of peace, what would you do to fix the issues it has to make it wealthier/more powerful?

Excellent question. The question sort of depends on the period, but let’s drop me in as a Tully of Riverrun. They’re in a pretty good position, being right on the Red Fork and the River Road, but they don’t have too many resources - however, the relatively undeveloped nature of the Riverlands means that a canny lord could acquire more. 

I’ve often thought that the mouth of the Trident is a hugely unexploited resource, so one of my first moves would be to build a second Riverrun (complete with a moat to wall off the third side) at the confluence of the Blue Fork and the Red. With a sufficient riverrine navy (which I would put no small amount of money into) and marine support from Riverrun, that position should be unassailable and allow me to dominate traffic on all three Forks, which should give me the upper hand on the lords of the Trident and the more easterly parts of my dominion (odd that the Lords Paramount of the Riverlands are so far away from the center of their region) and a major source of revenue from increased tax collection and a modest tariff. Riverrun-2 is also an excellent place for a cadet branch of the family and ensure that supernumerary brothers and sons can be made useful. 

Next, I would work to combine regional alliances with regional development. :

  • a Blue Fork to Ironman’s Bay canal would hugely increase trade, to the benefit of House Mallister and my own (since the ships would have to pass by Riverrun-2), and allow House Mallister to better check the Freys (although I’d definitely insist that the Mallisters put some of the extra cash into more oceangoing ships - I want them to be the Riverlands Redwynes). At the same time, Riverrun-2 should ensure that the Mallisters’ new dependence on riverrine trade means a certain deference (make sure those ships’ keels are too long for the canal).
  • An extension of the River Road from Maidenpool to Lord Harroway’s Town would do a similar thing with House Mooton (which is too far in King’s Landing’s orbit thanks to the Rosby Road, as we saw during Robert’s Rebellion). In addition to boosting trade along the River Road and improving access to seaport trade, this also means that I can move my armies faster to the eastern Riverlands - historically a region where the Kings of the Trident have struggled to project authority. 
  • Finally, I would put some money into the improvement of the defenses of Stony Sept, both by improving the fortifications of the town and by building a canal to link the Red Fork to the Blackwater (which also provides some competition to the Mallisters) to allow me to move reinforcements down from Riverrun and create a water barrier along the southern border. Indeed, if I can manage it, I’d try to take 
  • and creating a new center of gravity in the southern Riverlands since Harrenhal is such a deadweight.

All of these things should be paired with marriage alliances between House Tully and Houses Mallister, Mooton, Roote, etc. Hopefully, these links to these strengthened Houses would give me a constituency to back me against the likes of the Freys, the Blackwoods and Brackens, etc.

Third, political reform. Given so many fractious and divided vassals, I would institute a Great Council of the Riverlands as a permanent legislative assembly. This would serve multiple purposes - first, having a voice in consensus-building increases willingness to pay taxes; second, it allows me to play Houses off against each other through patronage; third, it hopefully puts some hostages in my grasp a la Versailles and Edo; forth, as we’ve seen from Alayne, lesser Houses eat up drama and pageantry. (Possibly look into a knightly Order of the Trident to further encourage this?) At the same time, to bolster my power vis-a-vis the lordly houses, I would establish city charters for LHT, Seagard, Stoney Sept, and Maidenpool as a way to create new direct relationships between House Tully and the merchant class of those places and further boost trade and economic development (and city militias are a good way to improve military readiness). 

After that, technology and culture would be key. Import Myrish and Braavosi artisans and merchants (encourage them to bring theater and the like with them), establish guilds of artificers and engineers, build some watermills. Lobby the High Septon to upgrade Stoney Sept to a Great Sept with a Most Devout, maybe build up Humphrey Teague into a Riverlands quasi-saint a la Baelor the Blessed and encourage pilgrim traffic. Build church schools in the cities and towns to expand literacy. 

anonymous asked:

Untrue. Equal levels of wealth does not equal equal willingness to pay for housing. People have differing utility functions which determine how much they are willing to pay in rent in exchange for proximity to [x] and barriers to entry for [y]

True, but then it’s a fair preference trade off: you give up your house to the person who really wants to live there so you can live in a less optimal house but have more resources to devote to your passion for hang-gliding, or whatever.

That’s far from the gentrification complaints that people have in our world today.

Never. EVER. Doing unpaid work ever again. Especially if I’m working alongside people that are being paid for the same job. Especially if I’m even doing more than some of those people. It’s such bullshit and now it’s over and it was a learning experience. Avoid working for leaches that are willing to abuse the enthusiasm of a recent graduate who was just excited to start working in the field regardless of pay. It was never about the money. But willingness to pay is also a sign that they will also respect you and the work you do for them.


I want to explain to LOVEs what happened today so that you can understand. I just want to let you know that if THE SHOW were purely Chinese, NU’EST would have won. But it’s not. It’s 50% Korean and 50% Chinese and that’s how the scoring works. And NU’EST does very badly in Korean scores. It just goes to show how NU’EST has a much, much larger international fanbase.

Another thing I want to say is that in all of the areas that we international fans can manipulate; we beat Red Velvet. Imagine how much of an accomplishment that is, given that Red Velvet’s international fandom is so much bigger. We beat them in Tudou and we beat in them in Laifeng votes. We should be very happy about that :)

First of all, the last line, the pre-score, is 50% Tudou, 50% Korean score. Generally, if the group gets first on Tudou and charts the highest digitally, then the group automatically gets 7000 points, the maximum points for that criteria. We got first on Tudou, but we’re not even in the top 1000 of Korea’s main digital chart. Red Velvet is number 3 on that chart for crying out loud. Although we beat Red Velvet on Tudou, that does not mean that Red Velvet did not do well on Tudou. They did well on Tudou and slayed the Korean score. We did well on Tudou but flopped really badly on the Korean score. That’s why Red Velvet’s pre-score is much higher. NCT did not do well on Tudou, but they did okay on the Korean score, so that’s why their pre-score is close to NU’EST’s.

The second line, Laifeng votes: we won that one. This is all thanks to your willingness to pay for the votes and all of your donations and efforts. Thank you so much for spending the money, and please don’t feel like it was a waste. It wasn’t at all. NU’EST won in a category against an SM group thanks to the fact you spent money. We literally proved ourselves a strong fandom in the face of a much, much larger fandom. NU’EST are probably so thankful for that, and it probably gave them a lot of hope for the future. So although your money did not give them a win, it did give them hope, pride and it proved the strength of our fandom, so please don’t feel like it was a waste; it was not a waste at all!

The first line, the Korean text votes… pretty obvious why we’re the lowest there. NU’EST’s Korean fanbase is just really small, and so there aren’t enough people voting for NU’EST in Korea, which is why we got less than both NCT and Red Velvet. Another thing to consider is that last week, when we were running against VIXX, we got almost twice the amount of text votes we got this week. This is probably only due to the help from other Pledis artists in encouraging people to send in the text votes last time.

Anyways, altogether, that’s why Red Velvet beat us by such a long way. We beat Red Velvet in the Chinese score, but Red Velvet did very well on the Chinese score and slayed the Korean one, so they rose to first place. NU’EST slayed the Chinese score, but flopped really hard in the Korean score.

If we get another comeback, what would improve NU’EST’s score is a bigger Korean fanbase and better digital scores. So streaming on MelOn would really help. There’s not much else we can do to be honest, but I pray that Pledis works on growing their Korean fandom and that we get another chance to help NU’EST win.

Fighting LOVEs!

On Value vs Price

In America, an AK-47 has an equilibrium price of around about $650. This has been determined by market forces of supply (a function of the costs of rifle production and the many government regulations surrounding it) and demand.

In Afghanistan, that same AK would have an equilibrium price of about $120. (actually probably less because the American one is SA only). This too has been determined by the market forces of supply and demand.

I would be willing to pay $300 for a single AK-47. If I had one already, I would only be willing to pay $120.01 to have a second one. For a third, maybe $72. I cannot imagine myself ever truly needing four different Kalashnikovs in a world with so many other varieties of firearm, so while I would happily take a fourth one if it was free, I would not spend even a single cent on it, as the remainder of my money, I feel, would be better put towards ammunition.

Value is not determined by anything but my own subjective determinations of the utility I would gain from obtaining an item, versus the amount of utility I would lose from spending the money. Market forces have nothing to do with this. The free market has nothing to do with this.

When I am in America, the price may be $650, but the value, to me, is only $300. The end result of this is that I do not own an AK. When I am in Afghanistan, the price is only $120, but the value, to me, is still $300. (Actually, the fact that I’m in Afghanistan may cause me to desire an AK significantly more and whatever amount of cash I have on hand significantly less, but ignore that for a moment.)

Assuming that I actually went out to buy the Afghan AK, the difference between how much I paid ($120) and how much I value it ($300) represents the consumer surplus ($180). If I decided to buy a second AK for $120, then the consumer surplus is now $180.01, because I was willing to pay a cent more than I actually did the second time around.

In this current state of the world, I only value an AK at $72 dollars. However, the equilibrium price remains the same. Unless these Afghani arms merchants are going to engage in some price discrimination (which is admittedly possible, as no doubt Pashtuns are quite OK with the concept of haggling), I am in much the same situation as I was in the US, namely, that I am not going to purchase an AK.

However, no matter how much or little I value an AK, this has no effect on the price, because the two are distinct variables. This is of course if we ignore the fact that the presence of a large African in the arms bazaar using American currency to buy more rifles than he can hold may well cause people to re-evaluate the utility of owning an additional rifle at that moment, much as my evaluation of the utility of owning a rifle might have changed the moment I set foot in Afghanistan.

Back to haggling, note that not once in this scenario did I bring up the profits of the arms merchant. Assuming that I was able to haggle my way to a $72 AK, this means that that particular merchant, much in the same way I was willing to spend more than I actually did, was willing to sell his AK for less than he actually did. In this case, his producer surplus for the first two transactions was a total of $96 ($48 per sale), but for the final transaction, there was no surplus whatsoever for either of us, because I bought at my exact willingness to pay, and he sold at his. Producer surplus and Profit are not the same thing either by the way. The merchant may only have $60 in input costs, but decide that unless he can make $12 in accounting profit from the sale, then he’d rather just keep the rifle.

In other words, price tells you absolutely nothing about any individual person’s completely subjective valuation of a good or service, and their decision to purchase or forgo tells you nothing except whether or not that valuation is lower or higher.

Chapter 9: Home, Sweet Home {Tony + Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: (Y/N) has been a street kid since, “the incident.” After the Battle of New York, she made a very unlikely friend that might be able to help her out.

Warnings: cursing

“Oh, come on, Frank! Just one more day! I don’t have anywhere else to go!” (Y/N) pleaded with her landlord (but, don’t get that confused with begging. (Y/N) did not beg. Ever).

“I’ve given you an extra three days, (Y/N). Time’s run out, so, you’re out!”

“I just need another seventy-five bucks, then I’m on a plane to Amsterdam, alright! I’ve got a couple coming to see my last four paintings this evening, so just, please, wait.”

“(Y/N), I’ve got a reputation-”

“Remember that time I caught you stealing that X-Box from the Jacksons down the hallway?” (Y/N) asked.

“You cashed that in this morning when you stole that croissant from my office!”

“I was hungry!” (Y/N) waved her hands. “That’s in the past, now.”

“Exactly, so pack up your shit, and get out!”

“You know, you’re mean without your morning croissant,” (Y/N) stated, not at all helping her situation.

“Out by two, then I won’t call the cops,” the complex owner concluded, marching his fat ass out (Y/N)’s door.

“Glad I stole your croissant! You don’t deserve it!” (Y/N) called after him, knowing it was over. She didn’t care. The streets have been her home for years now. She was just lucky to have a friend who worked at Michaels down the street who smuggled her paint and canvas. She made good money. She was very talented, with a mind full of vivid colors and free roaming spirits despite her dark, dreadful past. She should have taken a cheaper apartment more inland, but she had her mind set on Amsterdam, so the studio apartment was a necessity. It was one of the very fewest places she had never been. So, she had to go. 

  ‘Guess, I’ll just sell them to those vendors a few blocks down, and hope I don’t get caught,’ (Y/N) thought to herself.

(Y/N) began to pack her few belongings: two jackets, three t-shirts, a grey tank top, a few pairs of Levi shorts from Goodwill, black skinny jeans, a pair of black and white Converse, all-black, used Doc Martins (used a lot), a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, some drugstore lotion, mascara, Chapstick, paintbrushes, wallet, and some smuggled snacks.

Oh! And her absolute, would die without, portable record player complete with The 1975, Guns N’ Roses, Stevie Nicks, Green Day, Rolling Stones, and Elvis Presley vinyls.

Can you guess where most of her money goes?

The day dragged on as she watched the sun travel slowly across the sky over the Long Island City skyline from her favorite spot in front of the wide-open windows of her apartment, sunlight dancing on her already tanned skin in rainbows of color. She’d been here in Long Island City  three weeks, called by her friend Eleanor that apartment a few blocks up from her was vacant and in need of a tenant. The price had been so good, (Y/N) worked three odd jobs in Berlin, despite the family whom she had been staying at’s willingness to pay for her plane ticket to New York, as not to overwork her, but (Y/N) did it anyway, seeing herself already as the burden staying in their home.  Two and a half of those weeks in Long Island City had been spent simply attending her local coffee shop to chat with either Eleanor, her father, or one of the employees such as Derek or Sharon, all normally giving her breakfast reduced or free. Such good friends. She would miss them. Then, she would paint the rest of the day, dancing, a lot, and selling her work for $30-$120 per piece, gathering the money to travel to her next destination.

But there were two days that just…didn’t seem real. (Y/N) thought she had maybe passed out after not eating for three days after the thing that may or may not have happened.

She had saved New York City (and technically the world, but whatever).

She was contacted by a group of agents called SHIELD who initiated her into the Avengers Initiative with Iron Man (a guy who built robot suits for himself with his billions upon billions of dollars to fly them around and fight crime), Captain America (who should’ve been dead, but merely zombied himself back into life after 70 years), The Hulk (a man turned into a raging green monster that had feelings), Thor Odinson (a Demi-God from a different “realm”), Black Widow, and Hawkeye to take down Thor’s half-brother, Demi-God of an asshole because he wanted to rule the Earth with a glowing blue stick.

Oh, yeah. That totally happened.

But then, she looked down at her fingertips which were glowing silver. Glittering magic lifted into the air as she casted a ball of silvery-blue light in front of her and released it into the ceiling.

‘Huh, maybe…

‘Nah, that’s fucking crazy. Captain America did not drive you to your apartment on the back of his vintage motorcycle. Fucking, no.

‘Maybe I got drunk on that cheap Tequila Derek has…’

(Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Well, actually it was more of a pounding. She sighed and lifted herself from her favored spot in her windowsill, taking in the New York skyline one last time. 'God, I’m gonna miss this view.’ She picked up her bag, but was startled by two more pounds in the door.

“Christ, Frank! I’m coming! Don’t get your tampon in a twist!” She heard a muffled laughter from behind the door.

“See, I told you she was great!” The voice complimented from the hallway. (Y/N) cocked her head to the side like a puppy-dog ('why do I always do this?’), then opened the door to find…

“Tony! You’re not above knocking on the door! I am not your personal-” The woman stopped mid-sentence, then straightened herself up and introduced herself to the bewildered girl. “Sorry about that. He’s just- Anyway, my name is Pepper Potts of Stark Industries, and-”

“Pepper, she’s not a damn client. She’s a good friend,” Tony signed emphatically, interjecting Pepper. “Sorry, (Y/N). We came a bit early,” he winked.

“Tony? What are you… the fuck are you…wait, how did you know about my eviction?” (Y/N) asked, still beyond bewildered that he actually knew her. (‘So, that means I actually…’)

“Well, you told me…and everyone else your-damn-self when you ran out of the Schwarma joint, leaving a very nice Schwarma barely touched by the way, rude. You screamed, 'Oh my god! I’m getting evicted today!’ Then ran out of that place like a bat out of hell,” (Y/N) just stared at him, completely baffled and letting it show, which never happened. “Plus, you’re carrying a bag, so- is that really all you have?!” Tony exclaimed, now him just as bewildered as (Y/N), but he snapped out of it faster when Pepper slapped him on the shoulder.

“Hello?” Tony continued. “Earth to (Y/N)? We’ve got a problem. You’re finally being evicted today.” 

(Y/N) shook her head, composing herself.

“So…if you knew, why didn’t you come that day to…wait, what are you here for?”

“We’ve got a home for you! Well, a room, at least. Back at Stark Tower. I asked Jarvis to search up your apartment to see what was happening with the eviction, and where it was. Sorry if that was invasive, but eh. So, I saw your landlord took your key and implemented a new Craigslist ad for your apartment. That sucks, but we’re here, and you can just live at the Tower, no charge,” Tony finished, glowing due to his good deed. (Y/N) just had a dead look in her face again.

“Okay, (Y/N). Tony had an idea. Well, it was my idea too,-”

“Only 12% of the idea,” Tony interrupted, again. Pepper just ignored him.

“We thought of making the Stark Tower a base for the team, The Avengers. We’ve invited Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and yourself to live at the Tower with us-”

“Yeah, and there’s plenty of room. Nobody has to share a bed, unless Steve-”

“Oh my god!” (Y/N) snapped, everything coming back to her in a new sense of reality. In-prompt-to skydiving out of the Quinjet, taunting Loki, getting blown up on the Helicarrier, fighting the Hulk, having a small thing with Steve, taunting Loki again, Tony carrying (Y/N) through New York City, blowing up Chitauri with Thor, Tony almost dying…then taunting Loki again.

“What?!” Tony and Pepper both exclaimed.

“…damn,” (Y/N) paused, “…I taunted Loki a lot.”

“Yes. And also me, and Steve, and Thor, and basically everyone. Not that I’m complaining. It was great, but I’d like to hear more. So, what do you say, roomie?” Tony opened to (Y/N).

“Roomie?” Pepper asked.

“Tower-ie. Whatever.” They both stood, a huge grin on Tony’s face as they waited for (Y/N)’s response. (Y/N) almost slammed the door in their faces to dissapparate the deluded visions before her.

“Are you serious? I mean, thanks, but you don’t have to take me in. I can take care of myself-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, (Y/N),” Tony waved his hands before him. “You think I’m just going to let you live…wherever, when I have more than enough space back at the Tower? Do I come off as that much of a dick?” 

Pepper mouthed a 'yes’ behind Tony, but he didn’t notice.

“…is that a rhetorical question, or…” (Y/N) asked.

“(Y/N), this is not a charity case. We would be so happy to welcome you into the Tower along with the rest of the team. Please accept our offer,” Pepper concluded with a genuine smile on her face, probably due to (Y/N)’s response to Tony a second before.

“And hey! If worse comes to worse, I’ll pay for your first-class ticket to Amsterdam myself,” Tony offered.

“…First off, this 'Jarvis’ thing gives you more information than any person should ever have,” (Y/N) proposed and Pepper nodded, while Tony just narrowed his eyebrows. “Secondly….first-class, you say?” Tony was about to argue further, but (Y/N) just laughed. “I’m kidding. I’d be glad to accept your offer.”

“Good choice! So, do you need a moving truck, or…” Pepper and (Y/N) swatted each of Tony’s shoulders at the same time, then laughed as they walked past him and started talking about how annoying he was.

“You know, I’m right here! (Y/N)? Pepper?” They both ignored him all the way to the roof where a jet was landed. (Y/N) just laughed.

“Deja vu,” she stated as Tony walked up next to her.

“I told you I’d send you a plane,” Tony whispered.

“It’s a jet,” (Y/N) whispered back.

“Close enough,” Tony shrugged as they all boarded the jet back to the Stark Tower.

Steve and Bruce had already unloaded their possessions into their rooms when (Y/N) arrived. Apparently, Natasha and Clint were off on a mission together, so they had not unpacked their boxes yet.

“So…” (Y/N) started. “Why the hell was I the last one invited?”

“Because I like you the least,” Tony answered sarcastically as he retrieved an apple from the refrigerator, like any asshole would. It reminded her of Draco in Harry Potter.

“Tony would you just- It’s due to your impressive skills in talking people out of stuff,” Pepper explained.

“It was an experiment. We wanted to see how long you could go for,” Tony finished as he took a chunk out of his apple.

“Huh…to be honest, I could’ve gone longer had I not sent the Janitor into the apartment above me’s room while they were having sex,” (Y/N) hypothesized while Pepper and Tony stared at her. “What? I wanted them to stop. They were killing my Stevie Nicks vibes, which is never acceptable!” Tony almost died laughing, dropping his apple on the tiled floor. 

“Or, you could’ve not stolen the guy’s croissant. He posted that in his tenant report on you this afternoon,” Tony continued laughing after that.

“Goddammit! You see? Too much power. Show me this 'Jarvis’ thing, p-”

“Yes, I am Jarvis,” (Y/N) fell onto the floor as if a bomb exploded in the tower, searching the ceiling with wide eyes.

“The ceiling just spoke! The ceiling just fucking spoke!” (Y/N) yelled, ass glued to the tile.

“What! What’s going on?” Steve ran in, prepared for a goddamn war, Bruce right in his tail, only to find (Y/N) screaming about the ceiling talking from the floor, Tony dying laughing almost underneath the counter top, and Pepper rolling her eyes with a grin on her face, shaking her head at Tony and (Y/N).

“(Y/N), calm down,” Pepper got on her knees next to (Y/N) and put a hand on her shoulder. “Jarvis is Tony’s computer program. He’s programmed basically everywhere the electricity runs in Tony’s life.”

“Everywhere,” Tony affirmed, finally composed and on his feet next to (Y/N). “He didn’t mean to scare you. He’s just used to having free-range with only Pepper and I in the Tower.”

“Truly, my apologies, (Y/N). It will not happen again.” Jarvis apologized.

“It knows my name,” (Y/N) whispered to Pepper.

“'It’ is a 'he,’” Tony defended. “And he’ll be speaking freely quite often around here, so you might want to get used to him.”

“Uh, huh, yeah. Perfect. I got that.” (Y/N) stuttered as Tony and Pepper helped her up.

“So, you want a tour, or do you want to unpack your things?” Pepper asked.

“No, I think she’d like to just roam, right (Y/N)?” Steve asked her, remembering their journey through the Helicarrier.

“Hell yeah!…hm, where to start though?” (Y/N) searched the room, eyes landing on the elevator. “Ohhh, yeahh,” she began to walk towards the door and pushed the button. She turned back expecting someone.

“Steve?” (Y/N) asked, her forehead crumpled in mock confusion.

“Oh, right!” He jogged to meet (Y/N) as the doors opened. They walked in as (Y/N) inspected the elevator buttons for a second. “So, which floor?” He asked. (Y/N), then, graced her hands down the entirety of the buttons like the scene from “Elf,” pressing literally every button inside the elevator.

“I don’t fucking know?” (Y/N) shrugged. Steve just laughed as (Y/N) waved back to Tony, Bruce, and Pepper.

“Just stay away from floors 8 and 79!” Tony called out as the doors were closing.

“Thanks, mom,” (Y/N) responded sarcastically, sticking her tongue out at Tony.

Sooo…this is how (Y/N) almost got kicked out of the Stark Tower on her first day there.

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The Choice of Patriotism

We hear a lot about patriotism, especially around the Fourth of July. But in 2016 we’re hearing about two very different types of patriotism. One is an inclusive patriotism that binds us together. The other is an exclusive patriotism that keeps others out.

Through most of our history we’ve understood patriotism the first way. We’ve celebrated the values and ideals we share in common: democracy, equal opportunity, freedom, tolerance and generosity.

We’ve recognized these as aspirations to which we recommit ourselves on the Fourth of July.

This inclusive patriotism prides itself on giving hope and refuge to those around the world who are most desperate — as memorialized in Emma Lazarus’ famous lines engraved on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

By contrast, we’re now hearing a strident, exclusive patriotism. It asserts a unique and superior “Americanism” that’s determined to exclude others beyond our borders.

Donald Trump famously wants to ban all Muslims from coming to America, and to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out Mexicans.

Exclusive patriotism tells us to fear foreign terrorists in our midst — even though almost every terrorist attack since 9/11 has been perpetrated by American citizens or holders of green cards living here for a decade or more.

Exclusive patriotism is not welcoming or generous. Since the war in Syria began in 2011, we’ve allowed in only 3,127 out of the more than 4 million refugees who have fled that nation.

Republicans in Congress reacted to the Orlando massacre with a proposal to ban all refugees to the United States indefinitely. Rep. Brian Babin of Texas wants to place “an immediate moratorium on all refugee resettlement programs … to keep America safe and defend our national security.”

With El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua convulsed in drug-related violence, thousands of unaccompanied children and nearly as many mothers and children have fled northward. But rather than welcome them, we’ve detained them at the border and told others contemplating the journey to stay home.

Another difference: Inclusive patriotism instructs us to join together for the common good.

We’ve understood this to require mutual sacrifice — from frontier settlers who helped build one another’s barns, to neighbors who volunteered for the local fire department, to towns and cities that sent off their boys to fight wars for the good of all.

Such patriotism requires taking on a fair share of the burdens of keeping America going — including a willingness to pay taxes.

But the strident voices of exclusive patriotism tell us that no sacrifice should be required, especially by the well off.

Exclusive patriotism celebrates the acquisitive individual and lone entrepreneur. It tells us that taxes on the wealthy slow economic growth and deter innovation.

Trump wants to reduce the highest income tax rate to 25 percent from today’s 39.6 percent. No matter that this would result in higher deficits or cuts in Social Security, Medicare and programs for the poor. They’re supposedly good for growth.

A third difference: Inclusive patriotism has always sought to protect our democracy — defending the right to vote and seeking to ensure that more Americans are heard.

But the new voices of exclusive patriotism seem not to care about democracy. They’re willing to inundate it with big money that buys off politicians, and they don’t seem to mind when politicians create gerrymandered districts that suppress the votes of minorities or erect roadblocks to voting such as stringent voter ID requirements.

Finally, inclusive patriotism doesn’t pander to divisiveness, as does the alternative patriotism that focuses on who “doesn’t belong” because of racial or religious or ethnic differences. Inclusive patriotism isn’t homophobic or sexist or racist.

To the contrary, inclusive patriotism confirms and strengthens the “we” in “we the people of the United States.”

So will it be inclusive or exclusive patriotism? A celebration of “us” or contempt for “them”?

Inclusive patriotism is our national creed. It is born of hope. Mean-spirited, exclusive patriotism is new to our shores. It is born of fear.

Let us hope that this Fourth of July and in the months and years ahead we choose inclusion over exclusion, hope over fear.

How I earned the nickname Killer today.

So I work for a very limited area cable, phone and internet provider. Basically you wouldn’t have ever heard of us unless you worked there or you lived somewhere you can have the service.

Anyways, today I had this older customer call in. He’s been with us for 3 months, hasn’t made a single payment, obviously his services were shut off. At this point we can’t turn the services back on until the customer pays AT LEAST the past due balance for the 2 months of service they have already used. He owes like $240 but wants to pay $100 to have the bare minimum turned back on for his elderly parents. I go back and forth with him for a good 5 minutes explaining why we can’t do it even though I would’ve wanted to and him continuously asking if he can. Lather, rinse and repeat.

So it gets to the point where he’s yelling at me and saying we don’t care about our customers and their financial issues and he “didn’t know he had to pay because nobody called him on the due date.” He very obviously knew because he called in multiple times disputing the bill and he was advised of the due date. So he’s demanding a manager so they can put in an override code and I explain to him that not even a manager can because he doesn’t meet any of the qualifications for the exception to turn it on without the full amount. (6 months as a customer, some sort of payment history, willingness to pay)

This is where I earned the nickname. First, he tells me I’m THE WORST agent he’s ever spoken with. Then, he says that when his parents have no cable and they’re forced to stare at a wall all day they’re going to DIE and its going to be my fault because I won’t turn his cable back on.

At this point he hangs up. I take my break early because I’m dying of laughter at the fact that this man tried getting me to turn his service back on by trying to convince me his parents will actually die if they don’t have it. Several of my coworkers and managers are now calling me The Killer and even made me a sign for my desk.

whynopotat  asked:

Indeed, what you are describing has been studied. When you are describing the extra money that wealthy people have left over when they would have payed more for something, this is known as consumer surplus. It's the different between the equilibrium price (your "balance point," an equilibrium based on supply and demand) and the willingness to pay of the consumer. However, there are still some amount of consumers who have a willingness (or ability) to pay that is lower than the equilibrium.

I feel like Consumer Surplus is studied in terms of it’s affect on the market, but not in terms of it’s affect on inequality. 

anonymous asked:

There needs to be an au with the souls thing specifically because that would be rlly cool

You’re right, anon. *responding 8 days later*

Let’s kick start this AU into overdrive.



Bill Cipher was fifty-two when he first saw him.

“You- You are Bill Cipher, correct?” The human was barely in his twenties, body shaking as weak hands clutched the scroll that was worn with age. Panicked eyes showed his fear, and his willingness to pay. “Well?”

“Aw, this your first summoning, Pine Tree?” Bill wasn’t sure what was more hilarious, the vessel’s reaction or the soul’s. While the vessel tilted his head in confusion, questioning the strange name, the soul seemed to shiver, as if sensing that there was no hiding from the being in front of them. “You really should leave things like this to the professionals.”

Another confused look, which, yeah, omnipotence. Right. Helpful for some things, but a bitch when trying to be sarcastic to beings who were thousands of years too early to understand the jokes. Which was a shame, because some of the sarcasm he had was great.

“I- I wish to make a deal!”

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You people are so fucking determined to defend one nasty, dime-a-dozen ship that you will weaponize your pain. 

To defend one nasty, dime-a-dozen ship, you will weaponize your sexual orientation. 

To defend one nasty, dime-a-dozen ship, you will disregard the experiences of thousands of women of men who behave exactly that way. 

To defend one nasty, dime-a-dozen ship, you will disregard the knowledge gained from a long time of examining how assault happens. 

To defend one nasty, dime-a-dozen ship, you will take the risk that other people will suffer as you have suffered. 

To defend one nasty, dime-a-dozen ship, you will happily cheer on raising the risk that other people will suffer as you have suffered. 

I understand the harms that produced you. But I cannot accept your willingness to pay it forward.