willing to go the distance


Title: Interrupted  

Words: 2,339      

Warnings: Suicide + Self Harm Mention

A/N:  My first request! Sorry if it took too long to get to the point, but i hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for the request xxx (If you notice any mistakes please feel free to let me know so i can correct them!)

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Reaction to You Leaving Korea. . .

Anonymous said: Hello, are requests open? If yes, I would love to see a reaction for got7 and iKon when you have to leave to go back to your country after studying abroad and you had met them in the process-but you weren’t dating, try just really liked you (and of course you could speak korean) thank you sweetie❤

Reaction to You Leaving Korea… 

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A/N no. thank you babe… lol


He would be incredibly annoyed. Like, he finally met someone who met all his ideals, and now you were leaving. He would put up a front, mainly for his own benefit, knowing if he let his emotions loose, he wouldn’t be able to control them. So to you, it would seem as if he didn’t care, but really, he cared too much for his heart to handle. He would be a bit selfish in coming to the conclusion that you two should no longer be in each others lives. So the day you leave Korea he wouldn’t reach out to you, the memory of you being too painful. He would drown himself in work, not letting his mind wander to you.

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He would make sure that you two stayed in contact for sure. He already travels so much, which he would use as an excuse that you two would definitely see one another again some day. He would make sure that your last days in Korea were filled with just the two of you, whether that means bringing you to the studio, practices or waiting for him at a nearby cafe until he’s done with an interview or photo shoot. Somewhere throughout the days, he would confess to you. It would be after him spending time torturing himself about whether he should tell you or not. Then he would remember that there are other guys that would fall for you too, and that’s what would push him to confess to you.

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He would think  through this practically, and wouldn’t tell you he likes you, but he would want to keep in touch, so that maybe when some day you guys meet again, there would be more of a chance that you guys can be together. It would hurt him more than he lets on, but he would try his very best to not let others see how in pain he is about this. He would make sure that he spends as much time with you in relaxed ways so that your memories together are happy, with hope that those memories will make you want to come back to him.

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This would really hurt him. The idea of you one day not being there with him, not joking with him, not just relaxing with him looking at funny pictures on his phone would make him feel lonely before you even left. He would make sure to take a lot of pictures with you, and some when you were oblivious to him snapping a quick picture of you and saving it to his phone instantly. He never really thought that you were going to disappear from his life, so in someways he always took you for granted. He would instantly regret that and would make sure your last days together were far more meaningful than that of any others. He would confess to you, and ask, with the most pleading eyes you have ever seen, for you to be his girlfriend. He would know that it would be hard, with long distance, but he would be willing to go through those hardships if it meant he could be with you.

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This would really affect him. He wouldn’t let it known to others though, he would be good at acting like his usual happy self, for your benefit. He would believe that if he acted sad, then you would feel guilty, and he wouldn’t want that. Your happiness came first to him. He wouldn’t tell you about his affection towards you though, believing that would just be holding you back from happiness you could find with someone who could give you what you wanted and needed, that his idol life wouldn’t allow him to do.

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He wouldn’t tell you about his little crush on you, but would up his flirting with you tenfold. If you caught on, great, but if not, then he would need to just accept you as a friend. He would want to stay in contact with you, he liked you, and what you brought out in him, and he wouldn’t be able to just let that go. He would make sure that your last days were filled with fun and good memories of him, in hopes that you would want to visit him again. The sadness of you leaving would only be let out when he was alone, not wanting to let it seem like its affecting as much as it really is on the inside.The last thing he would want you to see before you leave is his ‘weak’ side. Therefore with you and the other members he would act more silly and smiley just for you.

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He wouldn’t know how to deal with this. He would talk to his Hyungs. He didn’t want to act selfish and tell you his feelings if that meant it could possibly hold you back from finding the happiness you so deserve in his eyes. However, he didn’t want to think of you moving on and leaving him behind when there could have been something. He didn’t want you to forget about him, that’s the most painful thought that continues to circulate through his mind every time the topic of you leaving comes up. He would try really hard to act cheerful to keep you happy in your last few days before you leave. If he decides to confess to you, he would make sure to do it in the most romantic way possible with the help of his Hyungs. Though,  if he decides not to confess to you (the choice I believe he would choose) it would be because he’s not mentally prepared for a long distance relationship, especially with his already chaotic idol life. Though he would choose to stay in contact with you because he doesn’t like saying goodbye to people who once meant a lot to him permanently.

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Bad foxhole court AUs: Disney edition
  • Hercules 
    • Neil is Hercules wanting a place to belong and willing to go the distance; also a Zero to Hero
    • Andrew is Meg singing passionately about how he won’t say he’s in love out loud JUST THINK ABOUT THIS LONG AND HARD.
  • Little Mermaid 
    • Neil is Ariel, wanting to be a part of the exy world 
    • Triton is Neils mom, afraid for his child who wants to venture into the dangerous world of exy/humans 
    • Ursula is Neils dad. 
  • Tangled #1
    • Kevin is Rapunzel, trapped in an abusive relationship and unsure of how to get out of it. 
    • Riko is Mother Gothel wanting Kevin only for his talent 
    • Andrew is Flynn, Kevin’s way of escape and freedom
  • Tangled #2 
    • Andrew is Rapunzel, trapped in a figurative tower of isolation bc of abuse
    • Neil is Flynn, constantly on the run but willing for a life w Andrew to be his new dream
    • Kevin is Maximus lmao
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Going up super early because Ms M and Ms M Jr have to attend a school function this evening.

Moon in Aquarius, void of course 6:33 pm MDT

Maybe a little more tame and staid than Tuesday and Wednesday, but I doubt it. In fact I think a little fanaticism will come into play, as well as willfulness. When we can distance ourselves a little bit from what’s going on, we can come up with brilliant solutions from the past; unfortunately a lot of what happens today is based in our feelings of alienation.

Sun/Taurus sextile Chiron/Pisces, 2:06 am MDT

A calming and healing aspect, whose influence I hope will carry us through the wackier parts of the day. Spending time outside would be beneficial, even if you live where Ms M does and you’re expecting 1-2 inches of rain.

Transiting Venus out of retrograde zone, 4:50 pm MDT

Blog post here.

Last Quarter Moon, 28:14 Aquarius, 6:33 pm MDT

Well, yes, alienation and feeling disconnected. We may also question any commitments we’ve made, especially if they seem to have been made too hastily or if they limit our freedom. In essence we need to turn away from (Last Quarter) whatever makes us feel (Moon) alienated and disconnected - and at the same time, we need to call our own shots.

Moon enters Pisces, 9:52 pm MDT

Sweet dreams. At least to start with. People who aren’t going to sleep through this may find themselves communicating easily. It’s a good time to soothe oneself with music and art.

Saturn Rx/Sagittarius trine Uranus/Aries, 12:14 am (Friday)

Second of two. Ideally it’s going to bring out the best in each placement, i.e., the depth/breadth of understanding from Saturn/Sag and the quest for truth from Uranus/Aries. The danger is the ease with which it can proclaim “My way is the only good way.” Work on the “tolerance” piece of these planets.

Looking ahead to Friday: busy and confused

Ok no but you know what Merlin said about whispering complaints into his ear?

Imagine if it’s actually something Merlin always says when a recruit/technician/whatever would talk shit at him and that would usually stop them dead on their track and of fucking course no one would actually go closer to Merlin and they would feel properly chastised and ashamed of not having the balls to do so.

But thing is, as soon as he starts saying his by now oh so familiar line, Merlin knows, he just knows that Eggsy won’t step down from what is clearly a challenge. And well even if the boy does need to get that chip off his shoulder, Merlin cannot say he’s not in some kind of weird admiration over the fact Eggsy is the first one ever who refuse to submit to him.

And like just imagine afterwards, everytime Eggsy wants to call Merlin on his shit, he actually goes right up to him and does exactly as the man had told him, actually whispers how bloody stupid/ridiculous/whatever Merlin’s currently being at the time. And it’s one of the main reason he gains the respect of the others Knights so quickly because, while they’re not afraid of Merlin per say (they totally are), someone willing to go and essentially piss off the man while in stabbing distance is incredibly ballsy.

(But Eggsy knows no harms will ever come to him from Merlin, as soon as the man had deploy his ‘chute that day after the sky diving test. He might exasperate him to no end, but Merlin would be hard pressed to deny the fondness he feels for him. Because thing is about being at whispering distance? It allows you a pretty good look into someone’s eyes too.)

(And I imagine their first kiss happens a bit that way: Merlin is being his usual frustrating dick self and Eggsy is fed up and goes to him to tell him exactly what he thinks of him, but he’s suddenly stricken by the fact that even if he kind of want to punch him in his smug face, he’d rather just kiss the smugness right out of him. And those around them who see Eggsy freeze thinks that this is it, Merlin’s gone too far and Eggsy will finally snap and he might get a hit in, but Merlin will probably clean the floor with him. So they’re kind of in for a surprise when Eggsy decides that yes, he’ll indeed try to kiss the smugness right out of Merlin.

Turns out it’s really satisfying to be the cause of Merlin’s shocked expression.

But not as satisfying as it is to be kisses right back once Merlin processes what happened.)

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hey, what gender is niko? if you're curious, how far are you willing to go to find out? if you're willing to go any distance, strip 'em down and find out

“I’m a boy!”

Possible Foreshadowing?

I’m sure everyone remembers what Zeref was thinking after Natsu punched him during their encounter at Tenrou Island:

We know that Zeref wishes for death, and that Natsu (E.N.D) is the only one who can defeat him. However, during the Tenrou Arc, Zeref believes that Natsu doesn’t have the ability to do that yet.

We are not told why Zeref thinks that Natsu isn’t capable of killing him. I think it’s safe to assume that it’s because Zeref feels that Natsu isn’t powerful enough to defeat him. However during this chapter, we see a glimpse, for the first time, of the distance Zeref is willing to go in order to get Natsu to kill him.

He is willing to hurt Natsu by taking away Master Makarov, someone who is close to him. His unsuccessful attempt may lead him to go after those closest to Natsu. A blue exceed and specific girl come to mind…

These two are special to Natsu and for that reason, they could be the ones that give Natsu the ability to finally destroy Zeref. That, of course, would mean that something would need to happen to them. And with that said, I can’t help but think back to that idea that Mashima had planned for the Grand Magic Games Arc:

We know how protective Natsu can be towards Lucy; it is clear that she means a lot to him. With that and Mashima’s previous idea, it is more likely that something will happen to Lucy…

I really hope Mashima wasn’t foreshadowing that with this week’s chapter.

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Could you write a Cid (Final Fantasy) x Reader dating headcanons, please?

-He’s a person who’s committed to a relationship, willing to go the distance if that’s your type of style.

-He’s very relaxed in a relationship, meaning he isn’t the strict up type. He’ll let you have your freedom and go have fun with your friends.

-He can be your drinking buddy and best friend to go to with your problems. Either, he’ll be there.

-He always goes through with his promises and refuses to leave anyone hanging. He might not seem like it, but he will always stay by you.

-This guy is the type to choose his s/o over other’s. Don’t betray that trust, because if you do, he won’t ever forgive you.

-He’s pretty affectionate, with a sling of the arm around the waist or shoulder or cheek kisses (occasionally) in public.

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People always ask, how can there be a God?

How can there be a God when the world is full of destruction?

How can there be a God when the best of hearts are full of corruption?

How can there be a God when people are taken too early from their loved ones

This happens everyday?

Because of this, there’s no God they say…

Because of every mans greed and evil.

Because of murder and rape.

Because of the man with his finger on the trigger who doesn’t hesitate.

Because of the genocides and suicides.

Because of the child with starving eyes who’s barely staying alive.

Because of the men who abuse their wives.

Because of theft and infidelity.

Because of the mother of four whose lover just walked out the door.

Because of the girls broken heart who fell victim to the boys lustful scheme.

Now pay attention do you not notice a common theme?

It’s us.

Everything imperfect in this world is because of us.

God gave us the ability to choose in our lives in hopes that we would find Him.

But we use our ability for ourselves, betrayed our creator, and turned to sin.

How can there be no God?

How can there be no God when something as beautiful as a sunrise happens everyday?
How can there be no God when dark times are painted with bright stars?

We’re struggling but we’re still eating.

We’re crying but we’re still breathing.

The most beautiful things happen everyday.

Because of this, there’s a God I say.

Because how can lives be changed by something that’s not real.

Because lives can be defined by a touch that you can’t physically feel.

Because hearts can be filled by a love you can’t kiss.

Because the eyes of the blind can be opened.

Do you hear me God there are still people that believe in your existence.

That are faithful, loyal, and pursue you with persistence.

That love with all their hearts and for you are willing to go the distance.

Why do we get so scared…

Even when we can’t see the sun we know it’s still there

Even when we don’t He’ll still care

How can people explain something they don’t believe in

God can’t be described He can only be experienced

But saying something isn’t real

Is really acknowledging the possibility of its existence 

Let me tell you about love, that silly word you believe is about whether you like somebody or whether somebody likes you or whether you can put up with somebody in order to get something or someplace you want or you believe it has to do with how your body responds to another body like robins or bison or maybe you believe love is how forces or nature or luck is benign to you in particular not maiming or killing you but if so doing it for your own good. Love is none of that. There is nothing in nature like it. Not in robins or bison or in the banging tails of your hunting dogs and not in blossoms or suckling foal. Love is divine only and difficult always. If you think it is easy you are a fool. If you think it is natural you are blind. It is a learned application without reason or motive except that it is God. You do not deserve love regardless of the suffering you have endured. You do not deserve love because somebody did you wrong. You do not deserve love just because you want it. You can only earn - by practice and careful contemplations - the right to express it and you have to learn how to accept it. Which is to say you have to earn God. You have to practice God. You have to think God-carefully. And if you are a good and diligent student you may secure the right to show love. Love is not a gift. It is a diploma. A diploma conferring certain privileges: the privilege of expressing love and the privilege of receiving it. How do you know you have graduated? You don’t. What you do know is that you are human and therefore educable, and therefore capable of learning how to learn, and therefore interesting to God, who is interested only in Himself which is to say He is interested only in love. Do you understand me? God is not interested in you. He is interested in love and the bliss it brings to those who understand and share the interest. Couples that enter the sacrament of marriage and are not prepared to go the distance or are not willing to get right with the real love of God cannot thrive. They may cleave together like robins or gulls or anything else that mates for life. But if they eschew this mighty course, at the moment when all are judged for the disposition of their eternal lives, their cleaving won’t mean a thing. God bless the pure and holy. Amen.
—  Toni Morrison, Paradise
Make it work || MURPHY x READER - part 1

Hey! So yeah, still not the Bellamy imagine I’ve been promising… I’ve written that one already but wasn’t satisfied with the result so I started writing a new project. This one can be counted as part 1 to the nsfw-imagine I’ll write sometime in the future.
The plot is real simple, the Reader arrives at the lighthouse alongside Murphy, and while fighting with tiredness and the cold, well, they distract themselves.
Warnings: none yet, a few curse words. Grammar mistakes, probably.
Enjoy, and please, give me some feedback, like, reblog, send me a message, it means a lot to me! =)

(Also: I’ve passed 300 followers the other day. Thank you very much, yay, it made me so happy. :D)

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Distance means nothing...

Distance means nothing? Funny, because distance means I can’t talk to him whenever I want. Distance means I can’t see his smile that I love so much, everyday. Distance means I can’t hold him in my arms, when I need him the most. Distance means not knowing how his hand feels in mine. Distance means poor internet connection preventing us from talking during the only time we are free. Distance means I’m left thinking about how much I miss him, without being able to do a single thing about it. Distance doesn’t mean nothing. Distance means everything. But despite it all, I wouldn’t choose to be with anyone else. Because you have to be willing to go through everything for the one you love the most. So yeah, distance may not be nothing, but it sure has got nothing on us. 

You like the flower that I won’t let die
Right before your petals start to wilt
I choose to give you one last try

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment (Warm Enough) 

J.Cole sets up his verse by comparing a female to a flower. Flowers have a short life expectancy like relationships but he doesn’t wish to end it prematurely and tries to preserve it before age or mishaps occurs.

Even through tough times, he’s willing to go the distance.