willie mack


“No Mas” Match:
Mariposa Vs. Sexy Star

Lucha Underground
[May 4th, 2016]

The word “war” doesn’t even do this match justice. Sexy Star, although never doubted by fans in AAA, Lucha Underground, or anywhere on the planet, has solidified herself as a warrior through many matches, but this one pours concrete all over that foundation. Through a bloody battle, Sexy Star fights for survival against the veteran Mariposa (also known elsewhere as Cheerleader Melissa). These two fight from pillar to post in the Aztec Temple and prove that no boundary exists for anyone who’s willing to go the distance in pro wrestling. Hands down, one of the best matches of 2016 thus far.


The (Willie) Mack vs. Johnny Mundo (aka Nitro, Morrison, Hennigan) for the stipulation rights to their championship match.

JOH-nny CU-lo! 👏 - 👏 - 👏👏👏