willie mac

“Have you really got to go, Mac?” he asked, in a very small voice.

“Aye, I have.” He looked into the dark blue eyes, so heartbreakingly like his own, and suddenly didn’t give a damn what was right or who saw. He pulled the boy roughly to him, hugging him tight against his heart, holding the boy’s face close to his shoulder, that Willie might not see the quick tears that fell into his thick, soft hair.

Willie’s arms went around his neck and clung tight. He could feel the small, sturdy body shake against him with the force of suppressed sobbing. He patted the flat little back, and smoothed Willie’s hair, and murmured things in Gaelic that he hoped the boy would not understand.

At length, he took the boy’s arms from his neck and put him gently away.

“Come wi’ me to my room, Willie; I shall give ye something to keep.”

“Here. Keep this, too, to remember me by.” He laid the beechwood rosary gently over Willie’s head. “Ye canna let anyone see that, though,” he warned. “And for God’s sake, dinna tell anyone you’re a Papist.”

“I won’t,” Willie promised. “Not a soul.” He tucked the rosary into his shirt, patting carefully to be sure that it was hidden.

“Good.” Jamie reached out and ruffled Willie’s hair in dismissal. “It’s almost time for your tea; ye’d best go on up to the house now.”

Willie started for the door, but stopped halfway, suddenly distressed again, with a hand pressed flat to his chest.

“You said to keep this to remember you. But I haven’t got anything for you to remember me by!”

Jamie smiled slightly. His heart was squeezed so tight, he thought he could not draw breath to speak, but he forced the words out.

“Dinna fret yourself,” he said. “I’ll remember ye.”


Great that the Divas may get a better deal after this #GiveDivasAChance thing with AJ Lee calling Stephanie out and Vince McMahon responding and whatever but niggas are still either shuckin and jivin in the WWE or being kept off TV all together. This is so fucked. And this has been after the issue got some decent coverage a while back and nothing’s changed. Y'all did notice how it’s been Black History Month and they’ve put out a few bullshit vignettes and clips of old school black wrestlers that they recycle every year and have seemingly just let the month run it’s course unnoticed after a while. The New Day’s gimmick is still bullshit and embarrassing with the preach shit and Vine reference(“Do it for the Day” or whatever the fuck they say). Shit, they haven’t been seen much or made any sort of headway since their inception. Prime Time Players are back but it looks like they’ll probably go nowhere too. R-Truth was on RAW on commentary for absolutely no reason besides coonin’ and buffoonin’ like a “Good R-Truth”, so to speak. And Mark Henry too old and frail to be hot in these streets anymore so he ain’t helping matters. Shit is fucked up. 

Shit, if you look at NXT, they got mad folks that are deemed the future of the WWE. Luckily we got Sasha Banks who’s been holding it down but who else is there? That one nigga that was a college wrestler, Angelo Dawkins, they had him be a pure wrestling jobber for a while then turned him into a coonin’ hypebeast jobber with a shitty entrance theme that didn’t make sense, then they ain’t know what else to do with him so they just through him in a tag team that may or may not go anywhere. Sadly, ion see that Jason Jordan nigga ever getting hot too seeing as he got immediately thorwn in a tag team with Tye Dillinger who may still not make it after his second shot at making it in the WWE and that’s a shame. Shit, I’m praying that Uhaa is that “one in a ten thousand” nigga and becomes a superstar in the WWE, I can only hope. I had hope with Willie Mac but sadly WWE cut him loose so quick but I can’t shake the feeling that he would’ve been fucked there anyway. 

Shit is still fucked in the WWE on every conceivable level. Niggas getting disrespected at every turn and everybody tryna turn a blind eye. #GiveDivasAChance? Shit, #GveBrothasAChance too. And don’t get me started on WWE’s problem with Asians………..