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Willie Jetts - Commercial Free

There is nothing I appreciate more than an artist that continues to improve on his/her craft.  With Willie Jetts, he’s has been one artist that I’ve seen improve vastly over the short time (about a year and a half) I’ve been aware of him.  I like Commercial Free a lot, not just because of the improvement over his last release, but the fact that it’s a really good project in it’s own right.  It’s a very short project, even though it is 11 tracks in clocks in at around 25 minutes.  I guess that’s why it’s called Commercial Free, no filler, just raw raps. Definitely give this joint a listen, it’s very worth it.

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Willie Jetts - Elder Toguro

Grazed is back after a seasonal sabbatical. There’s been tons of great music released in the past 4 months and it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. We'll continue to keep you hip on the old and new. First up we have a new track from Willie Jetts, collabing with the sampledelic Sealab 2012. Jettson sounds vulnerable over a somber melody bearing light on recent events. Willie Jetts recently moved from Maryland to Ohio, a move that isolated him from the life he once knew. But music is still his main focus and he doesn’t seem too concerned about dwelling on the past. Speaking of the past, Willie Jetts recently released the impressive Commercial Free mixtape, documenting his growth as an artist. 

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Willie Jetts - Payday

Willie Jetts drops off this lofi visual to the standout crank Payday from his Parachutes tape. Clips from Thugs Thursdays past and music sesh’s, Payday is a slight look at the life of Willie Jetts if only through shots of smoke and games of Dragon Ball Z. Jettson directed this himself too so props that. Give Parachutes a listen if you haven’t yet.