*  = Smut

Oberyn Martell

Pleasure *

Perfect just the way you are COMING SOON

Changing opinions * COMING SOON

Catching her attention * COMING SOON

Fleeing the city COMING SOON

Sansa Stark

What’s stopping you *
If you insist *
Join me *

I adore you * COMING SOON


Always meant to be w/ Jon COMING SOON

Dominating beauty * COMING SOON

Betrothal and reveals * COMING SOON

Petyr’s intentions w/ Petyr COMING SOON

Benjen Stark

Ranger among the wall COMING SOON

Eddard Stark

First born son

The sword of Arthur COMING SOON


Lyanna Stark

Creating Jon Snow * w/ Rhaegar Targaryen

Passion lies within w/ Robert Baratheon COMING SOON

Different times * w/ Robert Baratheon & Rhaegar Targaryen COMING SOON

Robb Stark

Naughty girl *
Playing dirty
War is war
As you wish, your grace *
Threesome * w/ Jon Snow
A challenge
Wild, rough and dirty *

Rainy days

Awkward arrangements

A princess in winter * COMING SOON

Bumping into each other * COMING SOON

Proclamation of love COMING SOON

Be careful * COMING SOON

Jealousy isn’t always ugly * COMING SOON

Secrets and orgasms * COMING SOON

Three is a crowd * COMING SOON

Daddy kinks gone wild * COMING SOON

The Greyjoy of Winterfell * COMING SOON

Bran Stark

A vision in white COMING SOON

Possessive instincts COMING SOON 

Magic Mouth * COMING SOON

Sleepy words COMING SOON

Rainbow after the star COMING SOON 

Jon Snow

Ghost or snowy  


Threesome * w/ Robb Stark

I can handle it *

The brothel *

Elevator trips

The Ice Queen Part 1

Outstanding mouth sills

The Ice King Part 2 COMING SOON

Restored peace * COMING SOON

Dayne Goddess COMING SOON

Never too much love * COMING SOON

Life long protection COMING SOON

Finally together again COMING SOON

Reunited w/ Catelyn Stark COMING SOON

Thigh desires * COMING SOON

Three is a crowd * COMING SOON

The mother of Jon COMING SOON

Please Miss, punish me * COMING SOON

A Dragon for a Direwolf COMING SOON

Always meant to be w/ Sansa COMING SOON

Secret reunion of siblings * COMING SOON

Margaery Tyrell

Who she belongs to COMING SOON

Robert Baratheon

Different times * w/ Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark COMING SOON

Passion lies within w/ Lyanna Stark COMING SOON

Jaqen H’ghar

“I can’t do it” COMING SOON

A girl is lonely * COMING SOON

Love and adoration * COMING SOON

Catelyn Stark

Reunited w/ Jon Snow COMING SOON

Khal Drogo

Mafia trouble Part One

Peace offering * COMING SOON

Tattoos and flowers COMING SOON

Mafia trouble Part Two COMING SOON

Roose Bolton

From alliance to love * COMING SOON 

Arya Stark

History of lovers COMING SOON

Meera Reed

Travelling can get tedious COMING SOON

Tommen Baratheon

Opposites attract COMING SOON

Making an heir COMING SOON

Petyr Baelish 

Petyr’s intentions w/ Sansa COMING SOON

Theon Greyjoy

Rescue mission COMING SOON

Not completely useless * COMING SOON

Yara Greyjoy

Special dragon * COMING SOON

Daenerys Targaryen

I would never leave you
Anything to make her happy *

Rare diamond *

A gift from a dragon * COMING SOON

Threesome *  w/ Viserys & Rhaegar Targaryen COMING SOON

A true born COMING SOON

Viserys Targaryen

The beginning - PART ONE
Prove you’re worthy - PART TWO
Wake the dragon *

Owning titles


Flirty Dothraki * COMING SOON

Threesome * w/ Daenerys & Rhaegar Targaryen COMING SOON

Daddy Dragon * COMING SOON

Gentle love * COMING SOON

A wedding night to remember * COMING SOON

Rhaegar Targaryen

Creating Jon Snow * w/ Lyanna Stark

Beauty at its finest *

Seduction * COMING SOON

Threesome * w/ Viserys & Daenerys Targaryen COMING SOON

Different times * w/ Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark COMING SOON

Runaway love COMING SOON

Ramsay Bolton

Pain and Pleasure *

Playing with fire * COMING SOON


Evil never leaves COMING SOON

Jaime Lannister

Up for some fun *

Sugar daddy * COMING SOON

Just a maid? * COMING SOON


A few steps too far * COMING SOON

Sneaking away * COMING SOON

Gregor Clegane

The mountain has a weakness COMING SOON

Tormund Giantsbane

Wilder than a wildling COMING SOON

Not her usual type * COMING SOON

Dolorous Edd

New found fire

Joffrey Baratheon

Forbidden desires

Split personalities COMING SOON

Whores like him COMING SOON

GIF imagines

Robb Stark - Betrayal     - Do you forgive a cheater? COMING SOON

Sansa Stark - Apart

Daenerys Targaryen - Inconvenience

Ramsay Bolton - Reek’s obsession

Jon Snow - Years of travel

Bran Stark - Always COMING SOON

Head cannons

What it would be like to be Robbs wife COMING SOON

Jealous Joffrey would include COMING SOON

Gendry’s wife would include COMING SOON

Text Imagines

Secrets Revealed


  • Sophie Turner
  • Maisie Williams
  • Y/N LastName


  • Kit Harington

Confessions - COMING SOON


  • Richard Madden
  • Y/N LastName


  • Arrangements between future lovers 


How they react to you being a trained combat fighter

How they react to a variety of goodbyes

How they react to jealousy provoking situations COMING SOON

Game Of Thrones Actors

Natalie Dormer

Sexy surprises * COMING SOON

Richard Madden


Acting or feeling?* COMING SOON

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Hot memories and love scenes * COMING SOON

Kit Harington

Tension, Love & Misplaced feelings COMING SOON

Dean Charles Chapman

Extra special COMING SOON

Sophie Turner

Never leave


Peaky Blinders

Fascination - Thomas Shelby

So wrong * - John Shelby COMING SOON

Harry Potter

Accept me or leave - Hermione COMING SOON

Thirteen Reasons Why

Together * - Jeff Atkins COMING SOON


Flowers of The Night Oracle Unboxing

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise to perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”     -Sarah Williams

I ordered this deck back in November of last year from Etsy, before the decks had printed, but after the Kickstarter had ended. It was a lovely surprise to come home to, today.

Cheralyn Darcey, the deck’s creator, is a pure ray of sunshine. If you watch even half a minute of any of her YouTube videos, she’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. She’s a lovely human being, and you can see the goodness radiating from her. I love her, and she is precious. Protect her at all costs.

That being said, I turn my attention back to the deck. I’m quite surprised this deck hasn’t been catching more attention from the Tumblr community… As soon as I saw it on Etsy, it was an instant attraction. My first inclination, is that this will be a good oracle deck for shadow-work and introspective meditations. The poem that I placed under the heading for this post is from the guidebook, and I think it beautifully characterizes the deck.

“Come into the Night Garden and explore your powers and passions with this dedicated oracle deck of flowers coupled with the animals, insects, birds and places their original environments.”   -Descriptor on the deck box.

The deck consists of 44 Flower reading Oracle Cards. Some cards also feature an animal or insect along with its flower. The guidebook is conveniently sized, with well-thought descriptions and meanings. Each card also has the proper name of the flowers and animals that appear on them.

The box is excellent! The lid is hinged and sturdy… I don’t think I’ll be making a wallet for these cards, but rather let them live in their original, beautiful home.  As you could guess, the deck comes with a guidebook and a post card where Cheralyn wrote a thank you. 

I really love this deck, and I can’t wait to start working with it!

If you think you might want one of your own, I suggest you head over to Etsy and secure one, as this is a one time run deck… after they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Etsy listing –> Here <–

New Moon Incantation

“ Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. “ 

From The Old Astronomer by Sarah Williams

I use this to sort of meditate on New Moons. Its a beautiful poem to space out and listen to, but this quote especially says to me that though it seems a little hopeless right now, let of your worries and remember that they aren’t so terrible while they are here, and will go away eventually anyways. It’s sort of a mental cleansing for me. You can use it as a journal prompt, to meditate, as an incantation for a cleansing spell, anything you can think of!

Games & Flames (Rivals AU Playlist)

I made a playlist a few months ago to release some of the feels from reading @kazliin​‘s Rivals AU fanfic, Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches (which is seriously one of the best Yuri on Ice fics written out there and yOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ IT!!!!) but then the companion fic came, and the feels dam just fucking exploded again. I just kept hearing songs that sounded like they’d go nicely with the fic, and I knew I had to make another playlist.

And so here we are! I call this playlist Games & Flames because Viktor seems to like playing mind games and playing with fire hahaha rEAD THE FICS AND YOU’LL UNDERSTAND WHY. also because I like rhymes. Here’s a link to the series again for reference! Details on the playlist and more of my ramblings about why I chose the songs are under the cut~

YouTube | Spotify*

*One of the songs in my list is not on Spotify, I’m so sorry!

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Joyner Lucas - I’m Sorry.

Hits you right in the feels.
Listen to this dudes songs, he deserves way more attention than he’s getting right now.

Go ahead and call me a coward and say I’m not strong
Because I’m not like you
Go ahead and call me crazy cause I live in a maze
Tell me how about you?
I think I live in my head, sometimes I think that I’m dead
I hide behind my youth
No, I been losing my mind and I’m a little behind
Step inside my shoes
Cause I’ve never been happy with myself
And I don’t need no one feeling bad for me
Trying to offer me pity and throw jabs at me
Wanna give me advice and then laugh at me
Behind closed doors
Just close the door, let me be by myself
Just me and myself
I’m tired of living, I cry, I hear it’s easy to die
I wanna see for myself
And I know that sounds crazy to everyone else
But I’m depressed as fuck
Stressed as fuck
Ain’t no medicine that could cure what’s the test as drugs
I mean, I need extra love
And that ain’t even enough
‘Said that ain’t even enough
And where the fuck is God? (God, god)
Damn, maybe I ain’t believing enough
And today we gonna see if he’s real
And if he is, I guess I’m probably going to hell
Look, I ain’t wanna die like this
I ain’t picture my life like this
They don’t know what it’s like like this
Pretending I’m happy so I can smile like this
And laugh like you
Sometimes I wonder if I ever act like you
Could I finally fit in and maybe relax like woo
Or would you feel lost without me?
Cause honestly, I think the world is better off without me
And my mind’s spinning, this is the line finish
Truth is, I don’t care how they feel about my feelings
I made up my mind, I’m going out like Robin Williams
I guess I’m not the Ordinary People of John Legend
And I’ve been suicidal since the day I was nine, shit
Okay, the day I was nine
I’ve been tired of being bullied, cuz, stay out the fire
Grandma told me I should take it one day at a time
And damn it, look at me now, fuck
Fuck, pens runnin’ out
Shit, fu- *sigh*
*scrapping paper*
Look, just know it’s a new day
But if you reading this
Then it’s probably too late! *gunshot*

Just make sure you tell my family
It’s okay, I’m sorry
But it’s too late, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
I don’t wanna live to see another day, I’m sorry
But I can’t stay, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
Just make sure you tell my family
It’s okay, I’m sorry
But it’s too late, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
I don’t wanna live to see another day, I’m sorry
But I can’t stay, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
[Verse 2]
I hope you got what you wanted
I hope you finally happy
It’s too late for you
Been going out of my mind
You don’t know how many times that I done prayed for you
I hope you hear me, goddamn it
Cause I got so much shit that I wanna say to you
I used to shine, now I’m all in the dark
I remember I used to tell you to follow your heart
But goddamn it, look at you now, it’s all of your fault
How could you?
Maybe it’s my fault
I shoulda paid more attention to what you been doing
Maybe I should have been more of an influence
I can’t believe that you’re dead, I fu-
I read your letter and all I could do is have mixed feelings about it
But I’ll forever be attached to you, damn
Part of me feels bad for you
A part of me feels like you weak and I’m mad at you
And I don’t mean to be insensitive
But I don’t understand how we couldn’t prevent this shit
You took the easy way out
Goddamn it, you dead
I mean, look what you did
I’m so fucking upset, how could you be so selfish?
Nigga, how could you be so selfish?
Now you’re gone, you done left me so helpless
I wonder what God thinks
I hope you in God’s place behaving yourself
Yo, what the fuck you gotta say for yourself? (say for yourself)
Look, I really feel lost without you
I hate the fact you think the world is better off without you
And my mind’s spinning, this is the line finish
Truth is, I don’t care how you feel about my feelings
And I’d be lying to you if I told you I’m fine, listen
I know that you can hear me, all I need is like five minutes
I just wanna reach inside the casket and pull you out
I’m sorry this isn’t something that we both could figure out
I wish I could hear you now
Is your soul missing?
I wonder if you could do it again, would you do it different?
Tell me what death is like
Was it meant for you, brodie?
Did the heaven support it?
Are you fucking happy now?
Did you get what you wanted?
Isn’t this what you wanted?
I feel the temperature falling
And you’ve been suicidal back day you were nine?
Yeah, even back then, you was nine
We was living on the edge, couldn’t stay out the fire
Grandma told us we should take it one day at a time
And damn it, look at you now
Shit, but it’s a new day
And if you can’t hear me, it’s probably too late

[Hook x2]
Just make sure you tell my family
It’s okay, I’m sorry
But it’s too late, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
I don’t wanna live to see another day, I’m sorry
But I can’t stay, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
Just make sure you tell my family
It’s okay, I’m sorry
But it’s too late, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me
I don’t wanna live to see another day, I’m sorry
But I can’t stay, I’m sorry
So much weighing on me

Season 5: the Good, the Bad, and the Meh

We made it to the end of the season!

Originally posted by lifetimetv

There was a time when I wasn’t sure we would. There was a time I thought “can we just fast forward the next few months and get there already?” And crazy cliffhanger that I willfully ignored could actually happen aside, I did believe we’d end up here. Yes, even back at the start of the season. I knew we’d end with Olicity back together and Oliver fully evolved. I think that’s the most important thing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So I’m going to do a post on the Good, the Bad and the Meh about this last season. And since it’s my post, I have the right to post these things out of order. Let’s start with the Bad, simply because I like getting bad news out of the way first.

The Bad

Susan Williams
I think we can all agree that she was the worst of this season, regardless of if you liked season 5 or not. Listen, the showrunners can say until they’re blue in the face that Susan wasn’t meant to be shady or that she was a good person but I know what I know. And Susan was shady. And she was a terrible person. And nothing I ever saw on the screen ever dissuaded me of that. She came on the screen in such a way that the audience was immediately against her. No one, save Oliver, seemed to like her. Even Lance kinda curled his lip at her mention. She was researching a story behind Oliver’s back and we never really got a good resolution for that. The actress didn’t have great chemistry with Stephen, Oliver looked like he’d rather chew his arm off than lay in bed with her in 5x12. The breakup was anti-climactic and downright cold. I just am not sure what the point of her was, outside of being a love interest for Oliver. (More about the whole love interest thing under “The Meh”)

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howinthehelldidigethere  asked:

Hi. I've seen your work and your absolutely amazing. And well I'm not really sure how to ask this but, where would you suggest getting started..? I've been drawing all my life and now I'm trying to get into animation and I've researched and even tried jumping headfirst into animating but I don't really have any direction. How did you first start out..?

Hi there! Thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry for the very late reply, I have been very busy with work lately - but I’ve always been dying to answer this ask for a while now.
Like you, I didn’t really have a direction when I first started animation. Growing up, the study of animation was never a popular field with my south east Asian friends  - so there was no real access to any professional animation desk and tool there. I’ve experimented with Flash a lot, making stick figure fight scenes, little skits and animatics, and just mere tests. I’ve always surfed around online communities with people who also shared a similar interest in animation. I think that helped a lot, and it gave me a more niche focus on the medium itself. So from my education and career so far, here’s what I can advice how non animators can get into animation.

1. Get a software or equipment to animate with.
When I started animation, I’d say it was with Flash. Flash for me was accessible, and it could do the things I needed it to do. It wasn’t until later on, I studied traditional animation and focused more on a classical training. However - if you just want to just start animating and experiment with the medium, I’d say get a software first. Experiment with timing, sequential drawing, poses, just get the hang of the medium itself. Flash (now called Animate CC) is a popular choice within the internet, but you can also animate in TVPaint, Photoshop and Toonboom. I have been trying out the open source software that Ghibli and Dwango released for free (its called OpenToonz, I’ll def make a video for that someday), and for it’s value; it can be a pretty good animation software! I’d say just try it out digitally with a drawing tablet, and see if its something you still want to pursue - then I’d recommend studying it traditionally! The reason I say this is because that one requires a lot more patience and discipline, so I’d recommend people to try it without investing too much on it before you are really interested.
You can practice animation basics like the bouncing ball, the squash and stretch, arcs - just to get that feeling of animation in general. 

2. Get the Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams
I don’t usually recommend books because the goals of one book can be different from the ones that are reading it. However, Williams’ Animator’s Survival Kit is basically that - a Survival Kit. It’s my go to book when I need help on timing tips, spacing, walk cycles - there’s a lot of basic yet useful information in that book for both beginners and adept animators. I still use it time to time. The great thing about that book is that it breaks down the mechanics of why good animation works - and shows how you can achieve the same thing. There’s a lot of great things you can refer to from that book when animating. 

3. Study scenes from animation you like!

You can like the sakuga style of animation, the disney old school, the experimental, the don bluthy, the looney tunes, study the ones that inspire you. Things like basics and mechanics can be taught - but studying animated scenes you like will help you think more about placing your drawings. You can study them by redrawing the keys, watching it frame by frame, and breaking it down analytically. 

4. Join online communities!
This helped me a lot when I was still trying to find an interest to study after high school. The animation community online is so big - theres a lot of access to community help! Yotta Studios has recently set up online animation forum - and everyone there so far has been pretty swell to deal with. A lot of talented folks there too! You can post your work in places like those - tell them your goals and what you are trying to achieve - and im sure you’ll get some great feedback. The 11second club is an online monthly challenge where artists can animate to a line of dialogue (usually 11 secs long) and submit it for that month. There’s a forum there too - but I haven’t used it in such a long time.

5. Get a hold of animators you admire
This one is tricky because the folks you may admire might just as well be very busy. However, if you get a hold of someone you respect and ask them for their guidance, they can steer you in a direction that can help you grow. From my experience, I was told from my mentors that my work was too “all over the place” - so they adviced me to keep things more subtle, controlled, and less frantic. One of my mentors told me to think more about giving life than thinking too hard about the overall performance - and wisdom like that from a veteran animator can help a lot. Although some may never respond - it never hurts to ask!

6. Start getting the hang of drawing fast and loose
I’m not sure what one’s drawing background may be - but animation (especially hand drawn) requires a more gestural mind set. You’ll be drawing a lot more in quanitity than illustrating a fine detailed piece - and you’ll also need to draw bolder/graphic statements. Things like tying down and fine tuning a drawing can come later - but for hand drawn animation - they usually look for the performance in the acting, the timing, and how pushed the poses are.

I hope this helps! I find it hard to give advice for non animators because I have to think a bit more vaguely, but those are the top ones I can think of at the moment. I might have made it sound intimidating because it is in a way, a lot of work - but it is a fun medium to work with,



Inspired by Tyler The Creators IFHY feat. Pharrell Williams

I never would’ve thought that feelings could get thrown in the air ‘cause I accidentally caught that.

I need some new boxing gloves,shit got hectic whenever I fought back.For example,ten minutes can’t go past without you brushing my thoughts.That’s fourteen forty a day so I’ll say a hundred and forty four times I think about you or something like that;lost match.The fucking thought of you with somebody else,I don’t like that.

Pennywise peeks out through the storm drain,a deep frown set on his face as he watches you and tonight’s date walk to the car.
“You look incredible tonight by the way.” They compliment you as they open the passengers door.You give them a shy smile and nod your head as you take your seat,”You look nice too.Thank you for taking me out tonight…I really needed it.”
….I love you.
(Can we add some more color, um, like, some more, yellow? Yeah, tha
t’s good)

-He has a flashback of you two back down in the sewers-
You’ve finally given into his requests of letting him watch you as you painted,as he’s always admired how focused you get with each stroke of the brush.He stands off to the side,not wanting to make you nervous as you paint one of his favorite “souvenirs” as he called them; a yellow rain jacket.You peeked over at his curious gaze and smiled.”What do you think? My style is mainly…I don’t know how to describe it but if you see here,you’ll see it floating in the sky surrounded b-b-by….” You bit your lip and frowned at yourself.A raincoat in the sky,surrounded by clouds? How childish is that? Did you really think a being like him would actually accept something so…innocent?
“I don’t mind.Please finish it.Anything painted by you will always be admirable to me.It’s a piece of you that I get to keep down here while you’re gone.Please finish it.”
-His flashback ends as he hears the car drive off down the street and into the city

I fucking hate you but I love you.I’m bad at keeping my emotions bubbled.You’re good at being perfect,we’re good at being troubled.Yeah,I fucking hate you.

Penny has been following you for days now.He can even feel himself grow somewhat weaker as he’s put following you above hunting—something he’s never done before but he doesn’t care.No feast he can have or has ever had will satisfy his need for seeing you again despite your requests for him to leave you alone.
You two had gone back and forth,back and forth.It wasn’t that he wasn’t understanding why you were ending things,it was him not wanting to accept it.You were the first human he has ever gotten attached to and he wasn’t going to let you go anytime soon.He could lose everything he had,which wasn’t much,just his immortality,but not you.Never you.

__________________________________________________And you’ll see the meaning of stalking when I pop out the dark to find you and that new dude that you’re seeing,with an attitude.Then proceed to fuck up your evening,make sure you never meet again like goddamn vegans ‘cause when I hear your name I cannot stop cheesing.I love you so much that my heart stops beating when you’re leaving and I’m grieving and my heart starts bleeding.Life without you has no goddamn meaning.Sorry I’m passive aggressive for no goddamn reason.

You take a deep breath as you wait for your date.Sighing as you stay put on the park bench,you let your eyes wander around as you try your hardest to think about the person you’ve been seeing lately.Trying to to keep your mind off of the one person-or being-who made you feel like you were actually cared about,a love that wasn’t platonic love.
No.This was almost rapturous love.No matter how hard you tried to push away those painful memories,your last day with him felt like no other pain you’ve felt before.You couldn’t do it though,you couldn’t let what you two developed grow into anything stronger than it already was.He was going to have to go back into hibernation again one day and you knew damn well that you wouldn’t be able to handle it then.Before you knew it,you were holding back a sob.Why was the universe letting you hurt so bad?

“You okay?” a concerned voice asks from behind you.Wiping away tears and clearing your throat,you forced a smile as you turned around and saw your date standing there with a bag of your favorite snacks.Why was it so hard for you to form some kind of attachment to them? They remembered the smallest details about you.From the way you hummed while your read your favorite parts of the books you’ve been reading over and over to the way you always straightened your clothes when you two sat down.Oh who are you kidding? You knew why.

See I get jealous (fuck) and if I see that bastard,if I see him,I just might kill him.
(Look I wanna strangle you,’till you stop brea

Everything happened in an instant.It was almost as if you’ve blacked out only to wake up to your back pressed against a chain linked fence,your bloodied hands covering your eyes from the sight in front of you but that didn’t even matter.The sound of horrified screaming mixed with the snarling growls coming from one of the largest animals you’ve ever seen filled the air in the alleyway.
Shaking,you peek through your fingers and lock eyes with it.The intense yellow glow was all too familiar to you.Tears streamed down your face as you looked down at the sweet,now lifeless person you’ve been trying so hard to commit to.What a way to die when you your biggest fear was mans best friend.Despite the situation,you knew your tears weren’t of fear or sadness for the one you just lost.They were tears of relief as the one your entire being so desperately needed has finally returned back to you to take you home.



  1. March of Mephisto - Kamelot
  2. Let me Entertain you - Robbie Williams
  3. I Want It All - Queen
  4. Everybody wants to rule the World - Lorde
  5. Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine
  6. Come Little Children - Kate Convington
  7. Come As You Are - Nirvana
  8. Hallelujah - Panic! At The Disco
  9. Jerk It Out - Caesars
  10. Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
  11. I’m Bad - The Last Vegas
  12. Highway to Hell - AC/DC
  13. Circus - Britney Spears
  14. Still Counting - Volbeat


  1. Welcome to the Show - Britt Nicole
  2. Extreme - Valora
  3. This is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco
  4. Hedonism - Percival
  5. Bitter End - Rage’n’Bone Man
  6. Rise - Abused Romance
  7. Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
  8. Reasons - The Nearly Deads
  9. Covered by Roses - Within Temptation
  10. Watch You Walk Away - Stellar Revival
  11. We’re All Liars - Sent By Ravens
  12. Wasteland - Against the Current
  13. Black Heart - Stooshe
Favourite characters

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In no particular order:

Chandler Bing

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Tenth Doctor

Simon Bellamy

(I ain’t sorry).

Ben Wyatt


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Page 4 of my sketches and more notebook // 2. April 2017

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
- Sarah Williams

I actually started this drawing a few months ago but never got around to finish it, but now it is done.

~Please ask for my permission if you want to use my photos (and give credit)!~


i will not lie to you one of my favorite “embarrassing” things to admit about myself with PRIDE is the fact that i am an ORIGINAL BEE MOVIE FAN. i will never joke about this. get fucking ready. there is a major headcanon at the end too so this is important

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