Here’s the heartbreaking story of Danney Williams, the secret son of Bill Clinton.

30-years-old Danney Williams, a father of 5 children, claims to be Bill Clinton’s abandoned son. 

The former president of the US slept with his mother, Bobbi Anne Williams, who worked as a prostitute on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas, when Clinton was just an Arkansas governor. They spent 13 nights together and she received seven $100 bills each month delivered by a state trooper.

Williams was raised by his aunt Lucille Bolton. She said she once took Danney to the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock in a bid to confront the Clintons but they were chased off the grounds. 

Williamse got no help from the Clintons during his upbringing, but at another he says his mother regularly got ‘seven $100 bills’ placed in her mailbox and he received Christmas presents from the former first family. 

“To know that my father was the president, it hurts. Try to imagine that your own father refused to love you, refused to say that you exist. Knowing who my father was and he was so close, yet so far away made my part unbearable.”

A DNA test reportedly conducted by Star magazine in 1999 said that Danney couldn’t be Clinton’s son but there remain questions about the test’s precision. Williams says no such test was ever taken. ’I would love a DNA test to be done,’ he said.

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Fuse includes CL on ‘21 Musicians As Powerpuff Girls’ Article!

Move over Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, there are some new heroes in town. From Justin Bieber and Kanye West to Beyoncé and Twenty One Pilots, here are your favorite stars run through the #PowerpuffYourself generator.

Are you as pumped about the Powerpuff Girls reboot as we are? To celebrate, Cartoon Network has launched PowerpuffYourself, a website where you can create your own character in that adorable universe. We couldn’t help ourselves—we had to see what our favorite musicians would look like as anime actors. Flip through and enjoy! Then make your own here. Be sure to tune in on Monday, April 4 to see the Powerpuff Girls return in all their badass glory.

Source: FUSE

List includes the ff artists (in no particular order): 

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Jeff Williams
aluminum i-beam, gallium, Plexiglas, video projection
54 x 12 x 4.33

The gallium on the aluminum slowly eats away at the top of the sculpture while the bottom features a projection of the form before the destruction. A less gallium-eaten version of this is on view in Surf Club at Vox Populi.

What if… Danny has to go to NJ, a murderer’ll confess only to him. Steve tags along, of course. 3rd day there, they got involved in another case as Danny showed Steve around. Then Clara asks them to stay 2 more days, sister’ll be there in 4 more, Eric wants to go say hi as well; all Williamses put on smiles that gradually become more real as the impromptu vacation stretches. “Say, Danny–” “You already got Grace a ticket, didn’t you?” Steve smirks, they got a lot of leave accumulated after all.