williamsburg walk

My mom died last night. I held her hand as she passed peacefully in a hospice in Tucson. I will miss her forever. We took the photo above at the Brooklyn Museum back in March. Walking through Williamsburg that day we passed a man in a miniskirt. “I love New York,” I remember her saying. “Everyone is free to be what they want to be here.”

My mom loved to play tennis and sing in the church choir. She loved to travel, and her favorite cities in the world were Paris and Vouliagmeni, Greece. She loved to read and talk about books. She loved Christmas. She loved to laugh. She was kind and forgiving and empathetic. In her final hours, a nurse at her bedside said my mom was “literally the strongest person I’ve ever had the honor of caring for.”

She lived a life full of love and gratitude. Several days before she died, she took a few moments to stare out of a window at the bright, warm morning. Someone asked her what she was thinking about. She said, “How lucky I’ve been.”

If you’d like to read more about her, I wrote about her once here.

I was walking through Williamsburg yesterday when I noticed two lines of firemen, standing in salute outside of their station. A man in a wheelchair was passing between them. When I inquired as to the occasion, I learned that it was a common practice for the firehouse to invite wounded veterans to lunch.

nemeoublie  asked:

Oh no, I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you gave me. I live in the south and here is called the Bible belt and being the only Jewish kid in a school can be just as hard as being a black kid. I was made fun of for fasting, and during

WW2 lessons, the teacher said that Jews started the turmoil in Germany by banking and helping their Jewish friends with money. Haven’t you learned about how ww2 began? Black people have all the opportunity in the world because people fear being

Called racist. I mean, look at Oprah, one of the most richest beings in the world but feels in some way oppressed because she’s black. And if a white person gets an advantage, it’s not always white privilege. Please don’t feel oppressed, embrace it.

  1. You win for the day’s worst most baseless message
  2. Oprah is one of the richest people ever but was still literally racially profiled because she’s Black
  3. “white people don’t have white privilege” “you ‘feel’ oppressed” “don’t feel oppressed”
  4. “Black people have all the opportunity in the world”

Do we really?

Stop with the fucking “Jewish People Have It Worse / just as bad” argument today it’s not a god damn competition, oppression isn’t fun. You also contradicted yourself. And stop invalidating Black people’s experiences with racism with literally baseless 5 year old arguments that make absolutely no sense..  What is today? Why is this happening today lol?

only tumblr staff will get this: i saw a guy with a tumblr sweatshirt walking through williamsburg today and i asked if he worked for tumblr and he did. so yeah.