williamsburg mural

A mural with a message

A group of 12 young black and Latino men designed and painted a mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that affirms their value as youth of color. 

This is the third mural by Groundswell’s all-male Making History mural team that explores the relationship between the criminal justice system and young men of color.

People of color were oppressed by white people throughout history, and it’s a shame that we still live in a world that still has that oppression and we are slowly coming out of it.

By being proud to be colored, they are defying the white man’s rule of not being allowed to be proud at all, not proud to be colored, not proud to be human. 

Change is slow, but these people do want it.
Today they are being proud to be different but equal to the white man, tomorrow they will be proud to be one and the same as the white man.


October 25, 2016



Time has taken its toll on this 2014 work by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, but if you look carefully you can still find the boxing gloves wielded by Andy Warhol and Haitian-American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. With the 2013 whitewashing of graffiti mecca, 5 Pointz, and the demolition over the following months, Respect Magazine reported on the concerns of the art community and commented “We can only hope that one of the primary factors that makes New York culture what it has been for the past 30+ years doesn’t get stripped away.” Kobra, immediately recognizable for his kaleidoscopic portraits, painted this defense of street art near 9th and Bedford Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. @kobrastreetart @respectmag @scenesfromthesidewalk


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Just got published in XEX Mag with my boo @shesryan 

Im so glad that this story is finally out and I can share this with you guys. This was Ryan & I’s first time working together and we clicked so well! From there we became friends and I truly love this girl! She is so talented and the world is NOT READY. Sheldon styled the HELL out this as usual. He had the vision of making Ryan a Banji version of Patra. I think we totally succeeded! Love my team Much love to my photo assistants that day Mark & Mutara. 

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