williamsburg fashion

colonial gown trivia

things we learned from abby the milliner, who wears colonial clothing every day at work:

  • women’s stays are generally quite comfortable if they’re worn correctly. if they’re laced wrong or they’re slightly out of place, they can be so uncomfortable that it’s impossible to focus on anything else. the reenactors in the shop will actually go into another room and completely undress in order to correct their stays. 
  • stays are great for improving your posture. a lot of the reenactors get aches when they first start wearing them, because they’re using certain stomach and shoulder muscles all day. 
  • the kerchief that women wear around their necks and tucked into their gowns isn’t normally a problem, but it can prove bothersome when a corner in the back comes untucked. the women in the shop called this “getting a draft,” and it’s enough of a problem that a friend of abby’s in the shop (who had no idea what we were talking about when abby called her over) warned abby off of touching her kerchief with a sharp “don’t untuck my kerchief!!” 

and, finally, my favorite fun fact:

  • stays creak in warm weather

Do you normally wear a tie?
“No!! I was at school.”
When did you start skateboarding?
“Just this year.” (Note: he was a VERY good skater - super fast and weaving through traffic like a pro. Nearly killed myself just trying to keep up.)
Bonus points: listening to music throughout, he was basically dancing while he skated past the police precinct on Lorimer. Be sure to check out his Tumblr, it’s a good one: lnrboy
Style Rider on Lorimer St in Williamsburg