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16-year-old Emma Walker and 18-year-old William Riley Gaul from Tennessee had been dating for several months when she decided to call the relationship off. Unable to accept Emma’s decision, William stalked her incessantly for two months before his stalking reached calamitous heights. On the 20th of November, 2016, William took his grandfather’s gun and drove to Emma’s home. Once here, he stood outside her bedroom and watched her sleep. He then produced the stolen gun and shot Emma through her bedroom window.

The following morning, Emma’s parents were horrified to discover her deceased in her bed, saturated by her own blood. Several hours later, William professed his love for Emma on his social media accounts, completely unaware that police had already suspected him in her murder. 

He was released on $1 million bail on 31 January, 2017, and shall remain free until his trial.


Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, were first reported missing by their families in Delphi Indiana on Feb. 13 after they did not return from a hike.

The close knit Delphi community of only around 3,000 people were horrified when their two bodies were discovered near deer creek early Tuesday morning just a day after they had gone missing. According to Indiana state police sergeant Kim Riley Based on “the way the bodies were found,” the police believe the girls were murdered

The seemingly innocuous photos above were posted on Germans snapchat story which portrays a scenic bridge and Williams walking across. These two photos were the last time the pair were seen alive


Crime scene photos of four of Herbert Mullin’s victims. On February 6, 1973, the four teenager boys, David Allan Olliker, Robert Michael Spector, Brian Scott Card and Mark John Dreibelbis, decided to set up a tent an go camping in the woods. Mullin had been walking around in the area before making his way to the boys. He had been having a normal conversation with the teenagers, but claimed to be a park ranger after a while. He shout at the boys and ordered them to leave the woods due to pollution, but eventually ended up in shooting the four. The bodies were discovered one week later.


In 2008, 11-year-old Hana Grace-Rose Williams, from Ethiopia, was adopted by Carri and Larry Williams, a couple from Sedro-Woolley, in Washington. The couple purchased a book called “To Train Up a Child” by Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl. This book literally encourages child abuse, telling parents to withhold food, to spank children with plastic tubes, to give children freezing cold baths, and to put them outside in bad weather as punishment, all of which Carri and Larry did to Hana before she sadly perished on 11 May, 2011.

Hana was discovered naked and face down in their garden. She was severely malnourished and had her head recently shaved. Her tiny body was riddled with contusions, bruises, and scars. The couple had another adoptive son from Ethiopia, Immanuel, who told authorities that the rest of the family, including the couple’s 7 other biological children, had watched and laughed as Hana had stumbled and fallen around the garden before falling over for one last time and not getting back up. She had been outside in the cold for at least 8 hours and at one point, Carri had sent two of her sons outside to whip her with a plastic tube.

Hana was pronounced dead at the hospital and the cause of death was hypothermia compounded by malnutrition and gastritis. An investigation uncovered that Hana had been abused from the day she was adopted. She was regularly beaten and locked inside a closet. She was also denied food, clothing, and was forced to sleep outside and shower with the garden hose. Carri, who was said to be the mastermind behind the abuse, was sentenced to 37 years while Larry was sentenced to 28. They were also found guilty of assaulting Immanuel, their other adoptive child.


Gregory Allen Barnes (left) was a columbine massacre survivor, but shortly after, hung himself in his garage with an electrical cord while listening to Adam’s Song by Blink 182 on repeat. On May 4th 2000 he took his own life after struggling with the depression and aftermath of witnessing the murder of William David Sanders (middle) and his friend, Matthew Joseph Kechter (right), at Columbine High School.


The message left on the wall by The Lipstick Killer. Although William Heirens was convicted of the murders, there are people who believe he was innocent. In 1994 Dolores Kennedy formed a team of forensic experts to look into the murders and they found several inconsistencies, most notable was that Heirens’ confessions didn’t fully match the evidence. Heirens claimed that he was forced to confess by the police, and this is also supported by other evidence. They also concluded that the handwriting of the lipstick message and that of the ransom note were not the same and that neither matched that of Heirens. In 2007, Heirens once again applied for parole and was denied it. On March 5, 2012, Heirens was found dead in his cell, apparently from natural causes. For now, the true identity of ‘The Lipstick Killer’ remains a mystery.


Dark Skin Casting Ideas for Riri Williams: Sierra McClain, Diamond White, Skai Jackson, Coco Jones, Keke Palmer, Gracie Marie Bradley, Riele Downs, Reiya Downs

The Alday Murders

“…one of the most gruesome murders in American history.”

On May 5th,1973, a group of three inmates (William Isaacs, Wayne Coleman and George Dungee) escaped from a Maryland penitentiary along with 15-year-old Carl Isaacs, half-brother of William Isaacs. The four men drove to a small southern Georgia town called Donalsonville with hopes to fill up on gas, but when it was discovered that there was no pump, all four decided to break into the open trailer near by. The trailer was owned by the Alday family who then unknowingly approached the trailer as it was being burglarized. With guns stolen from the trailer, the four men shot and killed six members of the Alday family as they drove up to their home on May 14th. The victims who were killed were Chester, Jerry, Ned, Jimmy, Aubrey and Mary Alday. Mary, who was about 7-8 months pregnant at the time, was raped twice by Carl Isaacs and Wayne Coleman and was subsequently killed and dumped in a heavily wooded area a few miles away. 

After murdering six members of the Alday family, the four men fled to Alabama where they were later arrested in West Virginia after they confessed to the murders, the rape of Mary Alday and the stolen guns. 

On May 6th, 2003, Carl Isaacs was executed by lethal injection in Georgia. William Isaacs, in exchange for providing the police with information about his brother, was given 20 years and paroled in 1993. Wayne Coleman and George Dungee received life sentences after years of appeals. 


After the murder of Kristen French, Karla Homolka became convinced someone was watching her, and she consulted a woman she had befriended that worked in a flower shop next to her job named Lori D’Ascenzo, who she believed had psychic powers. Karla mentioned her husband’s personality had changed before asking if Lori thought there could be a spirit in their house. Lori told her she sensed it was the ghost of a woman that didn’t like her husband, and the person didn’t know she was dead because she died suddenly or violently. Karla then asked what could be done to get it out of her house, so Lori suggested she dump ammonia down every drain and gave her an amethyst to carry around in her pocket. At night, she instructed that Karla should place it on the east window to allow the sun to absorb all of its negative energy. Lori additionally recommended putting holy water and consecrated ashes in every corner of her house, along with a pink carnation in the front window. Karla returned around two weeks later cheerfully reporting the ghost was gone and there was no more fighting between her and Paul.

Similarly, serial killer couple Gerald and Charlene Gallego became paranoid within days of their third double murder when the back door of their van mysteriously flung open. They were sure Stacy Ann Redican and Karen Chipman-Twiggs came back to haunt them, and Gerald immediately questioned whether the girls were actually dead, but he didn’t dare return to the crime scene. Charlene suffered terrible bouts of morning sickness and believed their vengeful spirits actually inhabited her body. Her superstitions caused her nightmares, where her baby was born with Gerald’s body and the head of one of the victims, while another featured a Frankenstein type doctor holding up a bloodied object, laughing hysterically that there was something wrong with her baby. As Charlene’s condition worsened, Gerald tried to rid the van of their ghosts by filling it with carbon monoxide and burning lilac incense inside of it, but those efforts failed. He then sought the help of a former acquaintance who practiced voodoo and for 50 dollars, the man cleansed the van. To Gerald’s astonishment, Charlene had completely recovered when he returned home and was stuffing her face with Kentucky Fried Chicken. After a few months, Gerald sold the van because they had now used it in eight murders.

A book bound in the skin of 19th century murderer William Burke, who, along with his accomplice, William Hare, killed 16 people in 1828, in Scotland. Burke and Hare sold the corpses of their victims to Doctor Robert Knox for his dissections and anatomy lessons. The book is kept on display in Surgeons’ Hall Museum in Edinburgh.


“He was probably the most efficient killing machine that we’ve seen amongst the serial killers we’ve studied. With his ability to articulate how he made certain choices, why he let certain people live and die, he’s become a standard by which other serial killers are measured.”

- FBI Profiler William Hagmaier on Ted Bundy, who he interviewed and studied while he was on death row.