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Christmas Tree

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“You’ve never had a Christmas tree!?”

Damien flinches at William’s loud, startling yell, tucking his knees under his chin and bringing his cup of hot chocolate to his lips to avoid looking at him.

“He said he never got to decorate one, dummy”, Mark corrects, dragging the massive box of decorations into the room, grunting as it begins to slip from his small fingers. “Help me with this?”

William sets his mug down and goes to help him, easily hefting the box up. No surprise, he’s the strongest of the three and the eldest by a few months. The two set the box in front of the massive tree, even bigger than the one back home. Damien doesn’t feel bad about leaving Celine alone with their parents, not when he knows their parents love his half-sister more than they ever would him.

It’s why he’s here, in Mark’s home, watching his two best friends bicker about which set of lights they should use. It’s his first Christmas without Celine and his heart aches for his sister, her present tucked under her pillow and his safely wrapped and hidden away in his pocket, but she’d insisted he go have fun.

“C'mon Dami, we’re putting the red and blue lights on the tree!” Mark calls, picking at a knot in the lights. Wilford grumbles as he puts away the pink ones, upset at losing their brief game of rock-paper scissors. Damien is happy to tangle the lights around the tree with Mark and William’s help, giggling when William effortlessly picks him up to throw the lights higher.

Mark bundles his arms with little bobbles and trinkets to hang on the the branches, bouncing and babbling as he explains which constellation is his favorite. William rolls his eyes at him, but it’s fond, not interrupting because even if he tried, Mark would bowl on as if he hadn’t heard him. Instead, William pounces on him to tickle him into submission and Mark accuses Damien of being a traitor when he laughs instead of helping him fight off William.

The three of them fall asleep on a pile of blankets and limbs near the half-decorated tree, and for a night, Damien doesn’t suffer nightmares.


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Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

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 Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x OC (Elentári) 

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Chapter 5: Ignorance

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Elentári hissed through her tears as she sat on the shore of a small river into the woods. The elleth was trying to clean the wound on her arm after she had pulled the wooden stick out of her flesh. She couldn’t help but wonder how a simple stick was able to pierce her skin so deep as her blood quickly soaked her white shirt and her hands. Elen finally stopped the bleeding after a while but her tears kept falling down her flushed cheeks even if she tried everything to stop them from falling. Elen washed her hands in the cold river then bandaged her arm with a cloth as tightly as she could. After that, she simply sat on the shore, looking at her own reflection in the crystal-clear water. Thorin’s words keep repeating in her head, again and again. She didn’t know why his words had hurt her so much… Or at least, she thought that she didn’t know. Deep down, the elleth knew that her heart started to beat harder for the dwarf king. She knew that his rejection hurt because of how much he meant for her. She felt a constant pull toward the dwarf, as if some divine force decided that theu needed to be close to each other. However, Elen would never admit what she felt because admitting it would be her downfall. She could not love someone who will never return her feelings. Her heart would break and she would fade away. She would die of a heartbreak like other elves before.

Elen closed her eyes as she felt her lungs clench in her chest. Why couldn’t she be loved? Her shaky hands desperately tried to dried her tears but nothing could do. Seeing Elen in such a state, Shadowfax trotted next to his friend and nudged her shoulder, trying to comfort her. Elen gasped for breath but looked up at the young horse. She reached a hand and stroked his mane slowly. The horse seemed to stare into her eyes with compassion and Elen smiled sadly at him. After a few more minutes, the elleth finally calmed down and started to realize that she wasn’t that far away from the company as she thought she was. Elentári frowned when she realized that even hurt she couldn’t be too far away from him. She groaned and ran her cold hands over her face, a newfound anger boiling in her heart. How was it possible to feel so many emotions at the same time? Her eyes slowly trailed up to look in the direction she came from, wondering if she will ever find the strength to face the company ever again.

Thorin couldn’t help but worry. His eyes were focused on the path Elen had ran off to as he sat away from the others. He had refused to eat or to join them as they all ate around the fire. He felt guilty for the way he had treated the elleth and also for his poisoned words. The dwarf king sighed and finally looked away from the woods as Balin made his way towards him. Thorin looked up to see his friend and adviser approach and stop next to him.

“I don’t know if we will ever see the lass again…” Balin quietly said, his voice laced with remorse. Thorin winced at the old dwarf’s words, guilt gripping his heart even more tightly. At this moment, he might even have been choking on his guilt as his throat tightened in a painful grip.

“I don’t know what to say…” Thorin spoke up for the first time since Elen left, his voice hoarse with guilt.

“Why did you lash out on her, lad?” Balin asked in a sigh as he sat next to Thorin who shrugged his shoulders.

“I do not know…” Thorin looked away from Balin. “She… she’s… I don’t know how she makes me feel. It is so… confusing that I can’t help but be angry at her for…” Thorin’s voice trailed down and he sighed as he closed his eyes.

“For the way she makes you feel?” Balin finished for his friend.

“Yes.” Thorin admitted, his eyes landing on Balin once again. “I don’t know what I feel but she is so different from the rest of her kin.”

“I think that deep down you know, laddie.” Balin answered the king. He reached up and laid a warm hand on Thorin’s shoulder, giving him an understanding smile. Thorin sighed and shook his head.

“I know that I crossed a line this time Balin, she will never forgive me. Why should she? I don’t deserve her pardon.” The dwarf looked down in shame, he knew that his behavior had been uncalled-for. All Elentári had tried to do was help since the first time he met her and he made her ran away thinking that she could never be loved when he… Thorin’s eyes widen as realization hit him.

Love? Was it ‘love’ that he was feeling?

“A simple apology will not suffice this time, lad. But I am sure that Elentári will find the strength in her heart to pardon you at some point. Show her that you didn’t mean a single word you said.” Balin advised wisely.

“I will try…” Thorin answered absently. His brain racing and fuming to try and understand how this could be possible. Was it fate? Or maybe Mahals wishes? Then, Thorin came to realize that Elen ran away, alone and in the wild. Anything could happen to her. Anything! He brought her to such danger because of his actions when it was his duty – as the leader of the company – to protect her and ensure her safety. “I should go after her and apologize.” Thorin declared as he got up quickly but Balin’s hand stopped him.

“No lad. It might not be a good idea…”

“But…” Thorin was about to protest when Fili bolted into camp, a frightened and agitated look on his face as he tried to catch his breath.

“Trolls!” He screamed. “There are trolls nearby! They got our ponies and Bilbo! Kili went to help him!”

Bilbo looked behind him in confusion as he tried to repeat what Fili and Kili had told him.

“Twice like a barn owl, twice like a brown­­once like a brown? Are you sure this is a good idea?” The hobbit turned around but the Durin brothers where nowhere to be seen.

The hobbit frowned and mentally cursed the young dwarves for leaving alone with three monstrous creatures. Bilbo observed the three trolls while still hiding in the bushes nearby. Tom, Bert, and William, were sitting around a fire on which a cauldron of something disgusting-looking was cooking. Tom was the troll who brought the ponies to their camp. William had some kind of dirty vest on and Bert was the cook. The last one was wearing an apron; ‘Quite odd for trolls.’ Bilbo’s hobbit mind observed as he slowly made his way towards the ponies.

“Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don’t look like mutton again tomorrow.” Bert growled, his voice sounded horrible to the poor hobbit’s ears.

“Quit yer’ griping. These ain’t sheep. These is West Nags!” Tom hissed in Bert’s direction when William added his comment in the argument.

“Oh, I don’t like `orse. I never `ave. Not enough fat on them.”

“Well, it’s better than the leathery old farmer. All skin and bone, he was. I’m still picking bits of him out of me teeth.” Bert told him, sounding rather disappointed. William suddenly sneezed into the pot they have boiling over a fire.

“Oh, that’s lovely, that is; a floater.” Bert exclaimed.

“Oh, might improve the flavor!” Tom pipped in.

“Ah! There’s more where that came from.” William said as he began to sneeze more, but Bert grabbed him by the nose to make him stop. Bilbo, unseen, got behind them as he tried to get to the ponies.

“Oh no you don’t.” Bert exclaimed in anger as he threw William down on the floor.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” William whined in pain.

“Sit down.” Bert ordered. William sneezed again, this time into a handkerchief he pulled out from behind him. He sniffed for a long time as Bilbo, reaching the pen in which the ponies are held, attempted to untie the ropes. Suddenly, William turned towards him and Bilbo hide as best as he could. “I hope you’re gonna gut these nags. I don’t like the stinky parts.”

Bert hit William with his ladle, and William squealed in pain once again.

“I said sit down!” Bert growled once again.

“I’m starving! Are we `aving horse tonight or what?” Tom complained.

“Shut your cakehole. You’ll eat what I give ya’.” Bert seemed to be the leader of the three trolls, however Tom seemed a bit rebellious, trying to challenge the leader.

As William pulled out his handkerchief, Bilbo was able to see that the troll if wearing a long knife in his belt. The hobbit, unable to untie the ropes restraining the ponies, attempted to get the knife from the troll. It was a tricky task even for the small hobbit and Bilbo couldn’t help but

“How come ‘e’s the cook? Everything tastes the same. Everything tastes like chicken.” Tom complained once again about Bert’s cooking skills.

“Except the chicken.” William added with a disgusting chuckle.

“That tastes like fish!” Tom approved.

“I’m just saying, a little appreciation would be nice. ‘Thank you very much, Bert,’ ‘Lovely stew, Bert’; how hard is that? Hmm, it just needs a sprinkle of squirrel dung.” Bert answered his fellow trolls, indignation lacing his voice. William picked up a mug of a nasty looking drink trying to add it in the stew, but Tom got mad at him.

“There, that’s my grog!” He roared in anger.

“Uhh, uhh, sorry.” The other answered in slight fear.

All the while, Bilbo was trying to get the knife from William’s belt. Even when Bert made William tastes the stew, claiming that it was ‘beautifully balanced’. However, suddenly stood up and scratched his bottom. Bilbo felt completely and utterly disgusted by the trolls and he also cursed Fili and Kili for leaving him alone with the vile creatures.

“Me guts are grumbling, I’ve got to snaffle something. Flesh I need, flesh!” Growled Tom as William, about to sneeze, reached behind him for his handkerchief, but accidentally he grabbed Bilbo instead, and sneezed all over him. He then realized that he’s not holding any ordinary booger.

“Argh!!! Blimey! Bert! Bert! Look what’s come out of me ‘ooter! It’s got arms and legs and everything.” William exclaimed in fright and astonishment. The other trolls gathered around to look at the poor Bilbo.

“What is it?” Tom asked, watching the poor hobbit.

“I don’t know, but I don’t like the way it wriggles around!” William seemed afraid of the poor Bilbo in his hand as he shook him, covered in snot, off the napkin and onto the ground.

“What are you then? An oversized squirrel?” Tom asked suspiciously.

Bilbo looked at the three trolls, not really knowing how to handle the situation other than to be honest.

“I’m a burglar­­ uhh, Hobbit.” Bilbo caught himself just in time.

“A Burgla­Hobbit?” William repeated, his stupidity evident on his hideous face.

“Can we cook `im?” Tom asked, only interested in eating something other than the ponies.

“We can try!” William exclaimed and tried to grab Bilbo in his nasty hands but the hobbit dodged, only to be cornered by Bert.

“He wouldn’t make more than a mouthful, not when he’s skinned and boned!” Bert said as a matter of fact

“Perhaps there’s more Burglar­Hobbits around these parts. Might be enough for a pie.” Tom said, looking at Bilbo.

“Grab him!” The cook ordered but Bilbo did his best to escape their hands.

“It’s too quick!” William protested. As the trolls tried to catch Bilbo, he ran around trying to dodge them. Bert accidentally hit William with his ladle while trying to hit Bilbo. However, the hobbit was eventually caught by the legs by Tom, and he hold him upside down in the air.

“Come here, you little… Gotcha! Are there any more of you little fellas `iding where you shouldn’t?” Tom accused.

“Nope.” Bilbo answered quickly, looking around himself in search of something to do to escape.

“He’s lying.” William hissed.

“No I’m not!” The hobbit answered, slightly offended.

“Hold his toes over the fire. Make him squeal.” William added, making Bilbo look pale but suddenly Kili ran out of the bushes and cut William in the leg, making him howl and fall down on the ground.

“Drop him!” Kili ordered in a shout.

“You what?” Asked Tom in an astonished voice.

“I said, drop him.” Kili repeated, ready to fight.

Tom threw Bilbo at Kili and Bilbo landed on Kili, knocking them both down. That is when the rest of the Company charged out of the bushes yelling and brandishing their weapons. They began fighting the trolls, hacking, slashing, and hammering the troll’s legs.

Thorin let out his anger on the trolls, secretly hoping for Elen to be there by his side. A troll grabbed Ori and Dwalin landed on his knees just in time for Thorin to use his back to jump in the air and cut at the troll’s arm, making him drop the youngest member of his company.

As the dwarves fought, Bilbo made his way toward the ponies and grabbed William’s knife to cut the ropes, freeing the ponies. Tom, seeing this, grabbed Bilbo who wasn’t focusing on the battle anymore. The dwarves stopped fighting when they saw the trolls holding Bilbo by the arms and legs. The poor hobbit was frightened, he looked down at the dwarves, almost pleading them to do something.

“Bilbo!” Kili screamed and advanced in his direction with his sword ready but Thorin gabbed his nephew’s arm to stop him.

“No!” The king ordered.

“Lay down your arms, or we’ll rip his off.” Tom threatened the company. Thorin looked at Bilbo in frustration, then planted his sword in the ground. The others dropped their swords and weapons as well, Kili throwing his sword on the floor in anger and Ori doing the same with his slingshot.

Elen was still sitting in the dark, close to the river when she heard the sound of a horse approaching. Her ears caught the noise from far away but she waited to move from her spot on the riverbank. Her usual sword was tied up on Shadowfax so Elen reached for the one tied on her back and removed the cloth that was covering it. It was a beautiful sword; the design was odd for an elvish blade but yet only the metal it was made of was elvish. The design had been made by one of the finest smith among dwarves, one who was rather different now. The blade was long but perfect for the elleth’s small height, the color of the blade was almost white and some pointed and sharp design had been used near the handle. The horse stopped behind the girl, a low grumble following. Suddenly, Elen took the sword out of its sheath and turned around to face her opponent as she got up on her feet. However, her eyes widen as they landed on the grey wizard.

“Gandalf?!” Elen’s broken voice asked as she lowered her sword.

“My dear… look at you! What happened? Is everyone alright?” Gandalf asked as he dismounted his horse to reach his friend. Elen looked away but nodded her head.

“When I left, everyone was fine.” She told her old friend.

“Why did you have to leave?”

“Why did you in the first place?” Elentári answered the wizard with another question.

“Thorin…” Gandalf muttered knowingly. “My dear, whatever the stubborn dwarf had told you…” The wizard tried to say but Elen stopped him with a roll of her red and puffy eyes.

“He meant what he said.” She said bitterly. “Trust me, I know he hates me. That’s an understatement.”

“Thorin does not hate you, Elen.” Gandalf sighed, his face showing how done he was with the both of them. Elen and Thorin were both extremely stubborn and they both needed to understand the true meaning and feeling of loving someone and of being loved.

“He said that I was no member of his company, that I had no place among them, that he didn’t care of what I think. He said that now that you were gone he would send me away to roam the word alone. He said… that no one could ever care for someone like me…” Elen’s voice trailed off as Gandalf looked upon her with widen eyes.

“He did not!” The wizard exclaimed, outraged.

“Oh, he did.” Elen shook her head and turned away from the wizard, walking in her horse’s direction. She put her sword back on its sheath on her back, her hands painfully trailing over the leather on the handle. “I can’t go back there, Gandalf.” She whispered but the wizard sighed.

“I’m afraid you have to. I’m afraid that we both have to.”

“What do you mean?” Elen asked as she turned around to glare at the wizard. “I won’t go back to be treated like dirt. I won’t go back to be hurt once more. I cannot give my love to someone who could never return my feelings!” As soon as the words left her mouth, Elen’s eyes widen in shock and embarrassment.

“I mean…”

“This is exactly what you meant, my dear.” Gandalf told her with a kind smile.

“I can’t see why you are smiling, Gandalf.” Elen said bitterly.

“Oh, you will soon understand.” Gandalf gave her a knowing smirk and Elen just rolled her eyes but all of a sudden, the wizard and the elleth wiped their heads in the direction of where the company had set up camp. They both felt this odd shift in the air around them, as if something bad was about to happen.

“I am afraid that we really have to go back. And quickly.” Gandalf said sounding rather agitated. Elen sighed but got on Shadowfax anyway.

“I’m going for the company and Bilbo not for him.” She hissed but Gandalf smirked as he knew that deep down Elen couldn’t be away from Thorin for too long.

The trolls had tied Dwalin, Bofur, Dori, Ori and Nori onto a spit and were trying to roast them over a fire. Dwalin was roaring at the trolls as he tried to free himself, the others trying to do the same. The rest of the company, including Thorin, Kili, Gloin, Bombur, Balin, Oin and Bilbo, were tied up in sacks nearby the fire. The looked like a pile of fools, laying in different positions in their sacks and waiting to be eaten alive. Thorin looked rather calm for the situation they were in, he was trying to rip open the sack with his teeth as the others wiggled around desperately.  

“Don’t bother cooking them. Let’s just sit on them and squash them into jelly.” William suggested, impatient to eat something else than horses.

“They should be sautéed and grilled with a sprinkle of sage.” Bert affirmed to the two other trolls. On the spit, the dwarves started to shout.

“Is this really necessary?” Dori asked, still politely considering the situation.

“Ooh, that does sound quite nice.” William answered Bert, ignoring the dwarves.

“Untie us, you monsters!” Oin shouted, making the others shout in agreement.

“Take on someone your own size!” Gloin roared as well.

The dwarves on the spit and in the bags, all started to make loud noises and shouted to each other in fear. Bilbo looked as frightened as the dwarves but he staid quiet, listening to the trolls.

“Never mind the seasoning; we ain’t got all night! Dawn ain’t far away, so let’s get a move on. I don’t fancy being turned to stone.” Tom said, getting impatient.

Bilbo, hearing what Tom had said, had a sudden idea. His eyes widen and the hobbit mastered all his courage to speak up as loudly as he could.

“Wait! You are making a terrible mistake.” Bilbo said, catching the trolls’ attention.

“You can’t reason with them, they’re half­wits!” Dori argued as he rolled on the spit.

“Half­wits? What does that make us?” Bofur answered, keeping his teasing nature even while being roasted over a fire.

Bilbo managed to stand up, although still tied up in a sack. He faced the trolls with courage as the dwarves watched him, wondering what on earth the small hobbit was trying to do. Deep down, Bilbo knew that he had to buy some time. He had faith in Gandalf and Elentári, he knew that they will come back to help them at some point.

“Uh, I meant with the, uh, with, uh, with the seasoning.” The hobbit told the trolls, an unsure expression on his face.

“What about the seasoning?” Bert, the cook, asked looking suddenly interested in what Bilbo had to say.

“Well, have you smelt them? You’re going to need something stronger than sage before you plate this lot up.” Bilbo said, knowing that his choice of word would outraged the dwarves but they also deserved it. At least, Thorin did for the way he treated his new friend. The dwarves yelled at Bilbo and Thorin even called him a traitor, screaming it over the other dwarves’ insults. The ones in sacks even tried to kick him.

“What do you know about cooking dwarf?” Tom asked suspiciously, he seemed to be the more intelligent one of the three. Or maybe he was just more careful.  

“Shut up, and let the, uh, flurgaburburrahobbit talk.” Bert snapped, turning back to Bilbo.

“Uh, th­­the secret to cooking dwarf is, um­­” Bilbo stuttered, trying to find something to answer. After all, he knew nothing about cooking dwarves.

“Yes? Come on.” Bert said, getting impatient.

“It’s, uh­­” Bilbo couldn’t find something to say, the poor hobbit seemed suddenly at loss of words.

“Tell us the secret.” Bert insisted on knowing what Bilbo had to share.

“Ye­­yes, I’m telling you, the secret is … to skin them first!” Bilbo said in a half-teasing voice. Maybe it was payback for Thorin’s words.

“Tom, get me the filleting knife.” Bert seemed to smiled and wiggled his hand in the knife’s direction. The dwarves shouted once again at Bilbo.

“If I get you, you little­­” Gloin threatened but was quickly out of the hobbit view as he rolled over on the spit.

“I won’t forget that!” Dwalin added as he pointed his forefinger at Bilbo.

“What a load of rubbish! I’ve eaten plenty with their skins on. Scuff them, I say, boots and all.” Tom growled, doubting Bilbo’s words. This is when the hobbit saw Gandalf and Elentári slipping behind some trees nearby, on the higher ground over a huge rock.

Gandalf lead Elen in the threes, her eyes were watching the scene that was taking place before her eyes. She couldn’t believe it, she was gone for two hours and there they were! Captured by trolls! ‘Those stupid dwarves…’ She thought, stopping next to Gandalf as they reached the high rock that overlooked that trolls’ camp.

“We have to do something.” Gandalf whispered. “Bilbo is buying time but dawn is still too far from us.”

“Well… if you ask me, I find the situation rather amusing. And Bilbo is doing great, we do not need to pipe in right now…” Elen said as she leant against the rock and crossed her arms over her chest with an amused smirk on her lips. She watched as Thorin was tied up in a bag, he was trying to free himself but it was no use. Elen chuckled to herself.

“Elen!” Gandalf scowled at the chuckling elleth.

“What?” Elen scoffed. “Why can’t I have some fun for once?”

“`e’s right! Nothing wrong with a bit of raw dwarf! Nice and crunchy.” Elen heard William suddenly say and her eyes widen as she saw the troll grab Bombur, who was also in a sack, and dangled him upside down over his mouth. He was about to eat him! Elen took out the sword tied on her back and got ready.

“Not­­not that one, he­­he’s infected!” Bilbo shouted at the trolls and Elen watched as William turned around in shock.

“You what?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, He’s got worms in his … tubes.” Bilbo said, his face showing his own confusion at his words. Elen had to cover her mouth to contain her laughers, that hobbit was definitely the most amusing member of the company. William dropped Bombur back into the pile of Dwarves in disgust, squealing at the thought of eating an infected dwarf.

“In­­in fact they all have, they’re in­­infested with parasites. It’s a terrible business; I wouldn’t risk it, I really wouldn’t.” Bilbo quickly added, shaking his head in disagreement.

“Parasites, did he say parasites?” Oin asked in utter shock as he turned to look at Kili.

“We don’t have parasites! You have parasites!” Kili shouted, hurt by Bilbo’s words.

“What are you talking about, laddie?” Gloin asked in complete confusion.

The rest of the dwarves chimed in about how they don’t have parasites and how Bilbo is a fool. Bilbo rolled his eyes as the dwarves mess up his plan. Elen couldn’t help but slap her hand on her forehead at how obvious the dwarves were to Bilbo’s intentions and Gandalf sighed. However, Thorin understood Bilbo’s plan and kicked Oin and Kili who were before him on their sack. They turned around and by only sharing a look with their king, they understood and got along with it. All the dwarves began proclaiming about how they’re “riddled” with parasites and Elen couldn’t help but laugh in her hands.

“I’ve got parasites as big as my arm.” Oin shouted.

“Mine are the biggest parasites, I’ve got huge parasites!” Kili shouted as well.

“We’re riddled.” Nori screamed.

“Yes, I’m riddled.” Ori added.

“Yes, we are. Badly!” Dorin shouted.

Tom growled and turned to look at Bilbo. The other trolls looked lost and confused.

“What would you have us do, then, let ‘em all go?” Tom asked Bilbo, not buying it.

“Well…” Bilbo muttered.

“You think I don’t know what you’re up to? This little ferret is taking us for fools!” Tom roared and went back to the spit to make it turn quicker.

“Ferret?” Bilbo exclaimed, outraged.

“Fools?” Bert asked.

This is when Elen decided to act, she looked briefly at Gandalf and got up on her feet.

“Alright… my turn.” She said with a small smirk and Gandalf sighed out in relief. Elen got up on the rock and tapped her sword on the hard surface, making everyone look in her direction.

Bilbo’s eyes widen but a bright smile appeared on his lips while the trolls looked up at the elleth. The dwarves shouted her name, some relieved to see her safe and ready to help, others – like Thorin – scared for her safety if she got caught by the trolls.

“What is it?” William asked, talking a few step closer to the rock.

“A female!” Tom exclaimed.

“Catch her!” Bert shouted but Elen pushed herself up and jumped in the air.

Her body flew through the air higher than a normal being could and she brandished her sword over her head in a swift movement. She was too quick for the trolls as she rocketed down on William, her sword connecting with the troll’s shoulder and plunging into his skin and shoulder blade. The troll screamed in pain as Elen pushed herself in the air, using Williams back to push with her legs and took the sword out of his shoulder as she landed on the floor with a backflip. She looked up at the trolls, her hair falling over her face but the smirk was evident on her features.

The dwarves looked at her in awe, Thorin’s eyes following her every move with admiration. How could she be so agile? Elen suddenly ran in Tom’s direction who tried to grab her. She dodged his hand and slid on the ground and under the troll’s stomach, she pushed her sword up and sliced at his knees, making his shout in pain and fall down on his knees. Elen turned her body in the action and stopped her movement by pushing on her feet. She directly started to run in Tom’s direction once again and used his back to jump in the air, she pushed her body so turn in the air and brought her sword down on Bert’s face then landed on his shoulder. She jumped down on the floor, ready to stab Bert in the stomach when Gandalf appeared on top of the large rock above the clearing. Elen quickly ran toward Bilbo and grabbed him to pull him away from the three injured trolls.

“The dawn will take you all!” Gandalf shouted, appearing as a shadow as the sun blinded the company’s view.  

“Who’s that?” Bert asked, forgetting about Elen.

“No idea.” Tom answered as he looked up from his kneeling position.

“Can we eat `im too?” William asked. Then, Gandalf stroke the rock with his staff, splitting it in half, allowing the sunlight behind it to pour into the clearing. When the sunlight touched the trolls’ skin, they began turning into stone amidst loud screams and howls of pain. Within seconds, there were three stone statues of trolls in the clearing and Elen smiled up at the wizard. All the dwarves cheered for Gandalf and Elen. Of course, the dwarves on the spit, including Dwalin, still looked uncomfortable and the elleth chuckled when she heard Dwalin shout.

“Oh, get your foot out of my back!” The warrior screamed to no one in particular.

Elen ignored the dwarves on the ground and decided to free Biblo first. As soon as the bag was off the hobbit, he threw his arms around the elleth in a tight embrace. Elen’s eyes widen but she quickly hugged Bilbo back.

“You are back!” The hobbit exclaimed as he pulled away. Elen smiled at him and nodded her head.

“I couldn’t leave you alone with a bunch of dwarves, could I?” She said with a teasing smirk. “It was really clever to buy time, Bilbo. Thanks to you, the company is still alive and not missing any limbs.” Bilbo chuckled but looked rather unsure.

“I couldn’t do a single thing. We are alive thanks to Gandalf and thanks to you.”

“Don’t underestimate your courage Bilbo, nor your worth.” Elen smiled and squeezed the hobbit’s shoulder before running off to help the dwarves on the spit. She also wanted to avoid Thorin at all cost, she could feel his eyes on her back as she helped Dwalin down but she tried to hide her embarrassment.

“Thank you, lass.” Dwalin told her as she handed him his clothes. Elen smiled sadly at the warrior and turned to leave but Dwalin grabbed her arm, careful not to touch her wound.

“Uhm… I know we did not start on a positive note, lass but I wanted to apologize. I shouldn’t have been so… well… uhm I’m not good with apologies.” Dwalin mumbled, his cheeks flushed. Elen smiled warmly at him and nodded her head in understanding.

“Do not fret, Dwalin. Like I told you in Bilbo’s house; we did not know each other back then.” The elleth said, making Dwalin nod his head.

“You’re a valiant warrior, lass. I’m sorry I doubted your skills and your intentions.” His words touched Elen and she smiled at him then chuckled softly.

“Why thank you, master dwarf.”

“Don’t think that you’re making soft though. I’m still a better fighter than you.” Dwalin added to cover up his feelings. Elen laughed and shook her head.

“Is this a challenge?” She asked teasingly.

“Maybe it is…” Dwalin answered with a teasing smirk as well.

From his spot next to Gandalf, Thorin watched the elleth and his best friend. He couldn’t help but think that maybe if she had forgiven Dwalin so easily she would forgive him as well. Thorin teared his eyes away and turned to look at Gandalf.

“Where did you go to, if I may ask?”

“To look ahead.” The wizard answered.

“What brought you back?” Thorin asked.

“Looking behind.” Gandalf said and Thorin half-smirked at the wizard and bowed his head slightly in gratitude. “Nasty business. Still, they are all in one piece.” The wizard added.

“No thanks to your burglar.” Thorin’s voice spat bitterly.

“He had the nous to play for time. None of the rest of you thought of that.” Gandalf answered with a scoff and Thorin looked repentant. “And I think that there is someone who deserve an apology from you…”

Thorin looked shocked at the wizard’s words.

“I…“ He started but Gandalf wasn’t done with him yet.

“Elentári is one of my oldest friend, Thorin. She is entirely pure and loyal. She is a gentle, old soul but also one that you don’t want to anger. She is more than you think she is and you will kick yourself for the sadness you brought over her heart. You don’t know her like I do, you don’t know what she’s been though and what kind of rejection she suffered in the past. Your words had opened a wound in her heart that she has been trying to heal for decades…” Thorin looked down, feeling his own heart clench in his chest.

“I did not mean a single word I said… I do not know what came over me.” Thorin admitted to the wizard.

“It will take time for her to forgive you. However, her heart is pure and gentle. She will find the strength to pardon you.” Gandalf whispered as he saw Elentári walk in their direction. Gandalf and Thorin quickly turned toward the trolls and examined the statues.

“They must have come down from the Ettenmoors.” Gandalf said as Elen arrived next to him.

“I don’t like it Gandalf. Those trolls should not be there.” Elen said as she stared at the wizard, purposely ignoring Thorin.

“Since when do mountain trolls venture this far south?” The dwarf king asked in concern but his eyes were glued to the small elleth. She looked miserable, he could see that her eyes were still red and puffy from all the crying she must have done. Her injured arm must be throbbing in pain but she seemed to ignore it.  

“Oh, not for an age, not since a darker power ruled these lands.” Gandalf said gravely. Gandalf and Thorin looked meaningfully at each other and Elen clenched her fists.

“It cannot be…” She whispered.

“They could not have moved in daylight.” The wizard added, looking around them in search of a cave.

“There must be a cave nearby.” Thorin agreed and Gandalf nodded as he walked away. Thorin stayed behind, looking at Elentári and not knowing what to do. Then as she was about to turn away he called her name as gently as he could.

“Elentári…” His voice licked her ears in a soft melody, a fuzzy feeling gripped Elen’s heart but she quickly pushed it away. Elen did not answer the dwarf nor did she turn to look at him. Thorin sighed and hang his head low.

“I know that I don’t deserve your forgiveness… I don’t know why I said those things to you and I have no excuses but… you have to know that I did not mean any of those words.” Thorin said, looking at Elen’s back. “I am sorry, Elentári. I truly am.” The woman could hear the truth in the king’s voice but she couldn’t just forgive and forget.

Elen shook her head in disbelief and tried to walk away once again but this time Thorin stepped forward and took hold of her forearm as gently as he could. His touch sent a shock of electricity through Elen’s body but she quickly pulled her arm out of his grasp and slightly jumped away from the dwarf.

“Don’t touch me!” She shouted, now glaring at Thorin with her cold silver eyes. His own eyes held some kind of sadness and hurt as his hand was still hanging in the air. “Don’t you ever lay a hand on me again…” Elen whispered, dropping her eyes and look at the floor then quickly turned around and ran after Gandalf.

Thorin staid behind, shocked by how frightened and hurt she looked. The dwarf looked at his hands and couldn’t help but feel disgusted at himself, how could he hurt someone so gentle, so pure, so nice and sweet. Thorin closed his eyes but sighed as he felt Dwalin’s hand on his shoulder.

“Give her some time, lad.” The fierce warrior said as they both stared at the elleth from their spot next to the trolls’ statues.

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Control - Chapter Four

On Track

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

“William Howard Wright,” he flashed his pass to the evidence technician, “I need the Yagi-Rishi case files and evidence.”

The young evidence technician adjusted her large, round glasses and squinted at the pass. After a moment of consideration, she nodded and pressed the lock release with a polite smile.

The lock clicked with a loud buzz, and William yanked the heavy door open.

“Noriko Shuuka,” the technician introduced herself, bowing slightly. Her shoulder-length, tightly curled brown hair bobbed about her face, “You’re with the visiting team?”

“I am,” William echoed her bow.

“I figured,” she said, “You all are the talk of the precinct.”

“Oh?” William quirked an eyebrow at the small young woman. “Do I want to know?”

“It’s not that interesting,” Shuuka deadpanned with a shrug. “We just don’t get international teams often, and people enjoy a fresh conversation topic.”

William huffed but smiled politely. His quirk, Aura Sight, pulsed pleasantly at the back of his eyes. The black aura of truth overlaying the image of the woman remained constant.

A refreshingly honest person, he thought as he followed behind her.

“Just over here,” Shuuka said, turning around the last set of shelves, “Yagi… Yagi.. Ya- Ah, here.” She reached up, standing on her tiptoes, and pulled down a white, cardboard box. Something metallic inside rattled.

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A Marshmallow World (William x Reader Request)

Day 15 of Request Fest-ive Fanfiction 🍫

Requested by @tuyetnhivo  Fandom: SKAM

Prompt: 2. ‘I need hot chocolate and lots of it.’

Characters/Pairings: William x Reader, Eva + Chris.

Word Count: 697.

Masterlist     Request Fest-ive Fanfiction Masterlist

While I loved this time of year, I was not a fan of the temperature dropping. It was already cold enough in Oslo when the snow arrived. Eva, Chris and I were doing some present shopping. I started to look amongst the Men’s clothes department to try and find something nice for William. I held up a pinstriped shirt to the girls for their opinions.

‘What about this? For William?’

‘Very smart.’ Eva noted as she looked at t-shirts, most likely for Jonas.

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Wendy O Williams of The Plasmatics mug shot from January 28th, 1981 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Wendy O Williams was arrested on an obscenity charge for allegedly simulating a sexual act with a sledge hammer at The Palms nightclub.  During her physical arrest, Williams was injured and was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.  After her arrest she required medical attention and received multiple stitches above her eye. 

Grelliam day/Xmas Special: Secret Santa

Secret Santa

It was one of Grell’s most loved holidays, and one of her most hated. The sight of all that red was wonderful. However, paired with all that green…it was simply atrocious! Just plain, blech! There was also the added the expectation of being on her own for the holiday. No one to snuggle in front of a fire and drink hot cocoa with. Some things from their humans never changed in their new ones it seemed.

She had hoped upon waking in this new life that people would be more accepting of her sexuality, but this was not the case as many reapers still clung the virtues and beliefs drilled into their heads since infancy, hence her sour attitude most of her time at the academy. Her attitude had brightened considerably since meeting and subsequently falling on love with her exam partner, William T. Spears, however, he seemed to have no interest in her. Nor anyone for that matter. And perhaps she didn’t exactly love William at this point in time, she was definitely interested, if only he would give her a chance.

That’s why she was disappointed when she didn’t draw William’s name to be his secret Santa that year during their first Christmas as full fledged reapers. Instead she had drawn some Scotsman’s name who had a silly hair-do. She wondered who had gotten William’s, if she could persuade them to switch with her and if not, get something for William anyway. No one would tell her who they had gotten, so she ended up buying a cheap bottle of Scottish whiskey for her gift recipient. Not very imaginative perhaps, but she had other things on her mind.

She thought of possible gift ideas all day. Other ideas than putting a bow on her head and offering herself to him. She didn’t think that one would go over well.

It was the day of the gift exchange and she hadn’t come up with a single thing to get William. She did however, slip into dispatch early to try to catch her secret Santa leaving her present and see who it was. Alas, her gift was already waiting for her on her desk. Or, she assumed it was her gift. It wasn’t wrapped, but it seemed the person had decided last minute to slap a small red bow from the tree in the lobby on it.

Inside was a note and a (not red) glasses chain with (not red) silver skulls on it that hung just below her temples when she put them on her glasses. A few adjustments as she admired them from her compact mirror and it was perfect. It suited her perfectly. She then turned her attention to the note which said: Thought these might prove useful as you are always jumping about needlessly. Honestly.


William inwardly sighed as he read the name on the slip of paper he had withdrawn. There was no escaping this person, it seemed. Ever since their exam, the redhead had been pestering him. Not only was this whole exchange absurd, a waste of time and money, but he had not an idea of what to buy for that crazy redhead.

He heard many stories concerning Grelle Sutcliffe. He did not necessarily believe them, however, he wouldn’t deny their plausibility from what he had seen. But what had he seen? A flamboyant volatile man who could barely stand to be in his presence turn into this flirty fop at the mere sight of him all because William had what, bested him? Hit him? And now was craving his attention. What utter nonsense. What exactly was he supposed to gift to such a person? Honestly, they barely knew each other. As William wanted.

It was positively absurd. Yet he must conform, therefore, at his next earliest convenience (which it wasn’t) he took a seat in a convenient spot in the thick of a popular shopping district and watched the shoppers for some sort of an idea as to what he might purchase for Sutcliffe. He had thought to make it something useful instead of some meaningless knickknack or bauble that could serve no purpose other than to collect dust.

Daily office supplies were supplied by the Dispatch so it made no sense to purchase something readily supplied to him. He had briefly thought to buy him his own set of pens so he would stop “borrowing” William’s, however Sutcliffe would no doubt find a way around that as well and he could go fetch his own bloody pen. Blast, he was getting nowhere.

Getting up, he went home to sleep on it. As a means to relax, he started stringing together tiny black beads. His family had been in the jewelry business and naturally, he had learned the trade.

A he strung the beads together, he realized he could simply make Sutcliffe something, but he was still plagued with the question of what. Sutcliffe, though biologically male, was insisting lately that people address him as miss Sutcliffe. It stood reason that jewelry be a reasonable gift idea, if he were in fact female, however, he was not and men did not gift men jewelry. To William, such a gift was an intimate, or romantic gesture. To which he was neither intimate nor romantic with Sutcliffe or had any desire to be. He thought.

Yet he still continued to carefully string the beads with Sutcliffe in mind. A necklace perhaps? It was already too long for a bracelet. No. With the way Sutcliffe was always jumping about, he would likely loose the necklace somehow. With all the jumping about he did, William was surprised he hadn’t lost his glasses yet.

Now there was a thought.

William evaluated the length of the strand, and added a few more beads before attaching a tiny silver skull at each end. Ending with the appropriate finishing touches, William took one more look at his finished product. It would suit Sutcliffe perfectly, even though there was no red in it whatsoever. Satisfied, he placed it in a thin, plain jewelry case. There was no sense in purchasing a whole roll of gift wrap for just such a tiny present, so he did not bother wrapping it, but he did include a note inside.

On the morning of the exchange, he left earlier than usual with the present tucked in his pocket. Somebody had erected a large Christmas tree in the lobby and had it all decked out. Among the many decorations were little red bows. As William passed by, he paused and looked at the tree. Impulsively, he took a bow from the tree and when he placed the gift on Grell’s desk, he attached it. He walked away silently to get his morning coffee.

Grell had arrived by the time he mad it back, along with a few others and had already donned them. There was no possible way Sutcliffe could have known William was her secret Santa and yet she kept looking his way all the day long. More than usual it seemed. Someone had gifted William a mug that said, “#1 Prat” on it. Well, it was obvious what his Santa thought of him. Not that he cared much.

The day drew to a close. Thankfully Sutcliffe had left him alone all day despite the looks William had received, but now as they clocked out, Grell approached him.

“Evening, Will-darling,” she greeted.

“I’m not-”

“Did you know there is not one twig of mistletoe in this place?” she interrupted.

“I did not bother to look,” answered William, warily as he pulled on his overcoat and gloves. He reached for his scarf, but it wasn’t there. He wondered where it could have gone off to. He was certain he had placed it just there.

“Next year, we should rectify that, don’t you think?” she asked with a smile.

William did not answer. Instead he shoved his hands in his pockets and headed for the door, not all surprised when Sutcliffe followed. “Darling, where the devil is your scarf? It’s freezing out!” Grell mothered as they exited the building. Before he could reply, Grell had wrapped her own scarf around his neck. She quickly secured it and pecked him on the cheek. “Merry Christmas, keep warm!” she bid as she took off like a light before William could protest.

William would have taken it off and thrown it on the ground, if it hadn’t been so warm. And soft. And smelled like her, he noticed as he breathed her scent in deeply. He shook his head hard when he realized what he was doing. Besides, it didn’t belong to him and he should return it as soon as possible.

He didn’t.

TITLE OF STORY: Exceptions to the Rules
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A year after the events of What’s Yours is Mine, identical twins Thomas and William Hiddleston have fully acclimated to each other’s lives; William becoming a larger part in Thomas’s cartel, Thomas lending a hand in the family Hiddleston Corporations. Another important, albeit unexpected part of their shared livelihood is the inclusion of a bit of happiness in the shape of a woman: their employee, Amanda Tremaine.

Running out of hope that Thomas could ever be fully invested in a relationship with her, Amanda turns elsewhere, leaving Thomas with feelings that he cannot fully describe. But her new relationship brings out unforeseen circumstances that Thomas and William can’t ignore, leading all three of them down a path that will test each of them in their own way.
WARNINGS: explicit language, violence, drugs, sexual content
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and cheers-mrhiddleston and the sequel to What’s Yours is Mine. We’ll be alternating writing the chapters again, so make sure you’re following Madison if you aren’t already and stay up to date with the entire twins universe here

“I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for your ass to show up at the restaurant.” Thomas waltzed into William’s office, not even bothering to knock. “Get your ass up, I’m starving.”

William’s head popped up, blinking in surprise as he looked between his twin and the twin. “Shit.”

“Yeah, shit. Come on, little brother. Enough work, I’m hungry.” He waved impatiently before he stopped, realizing they weren’t alone.

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Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost coffee Mug