Probably the best new years ever this year..

I didn’t get too drunk, i spent it with the best people, pixie, esme, chris, ryah, joe, james, jess, sam, katie, ella, hayley and then saw my best friend willy at the countdown, best fucking night it was great, the atmosphere on the highstreet was fucking amazing so many drunk cheery people, saw so many people i hadn’t seen in ages it was amazing :D

Today i took something to my best friends house for another friend, my best friends going away for 3 days and i swear to god we are the cutest friends, i gave him a huge hug when he opened the door told him i loved him and was going to miss him he promised to text me and when i was walking away he said he missed me already.. why is my friend the best fucking person in the world!!

Not being able to talk to my best friend for one night is horrible.. and hes not back till saturday.. D:

I miss you so much willy! I hope your having fun and you buy yourself lots of pretty things in London, and don’t you dare buy me a birthday present i have told you no! I love you come back!!!!!!