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Why aren’t y’all the prettiest folks Columbia Paris has ever laid eyes on! We are so grateful to have you here with us to discuss many things! Welcome, Welcome!

Thank you for joining the BFS Family, and may you enjoy your stay among us! 


Don’t Starve Pen Sketches 3

Round 3! Here we go!

Maxwell in the house… The creep. I had fun drawing him. He’s got an interesting facial structure. So yeah just Maxwell just being sneaky and stuff… and causing Wilson to be ticked off. (That’s my favorite sketch of this batch. Just…. Wilson’s face.)

Heeeeere’s Woodie! XD He was a tough one to draw. It’s mainly his facial hair that gave me grief but got over hat pretty quickly. Just Woodie being Woodie… and giving Wilson some advice. And random were beaver doodle.

And here we have Webber. He was an interesting one thanks to his head. So yeah, fun experiment… I feel bad for this kid. Got freaking eaten by a spider. So just got Webber doodles, Webber playing with a spider and a rough concept of what he looked like pre-getting eaten by a spider/mutated into a spider monster.

And to finish it off we have Wickerbottom. Just some sketches of her and a doodle of her reading stories to Webber. (Because Wickerbottom is best grandma.)

And that’s it for now. Storm and I are making progress on our upcoming project so stay tuned for more stuff involving these guys.