I already answered this– oh. Well. Probably a whole lotta this:

The most frustrating things for Bones at this stage is the fact that he just REALLY, REALLY WANTS TO KISS HIM and like, they have enough supplements and a few ways around the issue of sex to satisfy that, but like–

every time you really want a kiss a person for what they do, all he can do is put his thumb to Will’s lip to ‘pretend’ kiss and what exactly is romantic about that? (Bones grumbles what a dumb thing to be frustrated over.)

Though it might not last for long…

William’s love of death and necrophiliac tendencies don’t exactly just go AWAY just because he and Bones have feelings for each other? He still gets urges. It is indeed Bones he cares about at this stage. But he might be even more tempted to 'cheat’ because god, he’s so alive how gross. Where is the skeleton I fell in love with.

He would try very hard.

And Bones would probably just make out with him a lot. BECAUSE YES I CAN TOUCH HIM every time I get angry because he’s so endearing and he shouldn’t be the little weirdo.

When William and Bones get to the stage of the relationship where they’re so grossly lovey dovey and shit and everyone in the DEO knows so the coroners rolls their eyes when Bones and William are whispering to each other when talking over a body in the morgue.

And they’re actually doing this rly gross flirting like ‘You’re getting the couch tonight if you make out with this one.’ 'Oh I’m saving myself for later.’ 'Am I going to get you off to the thought of someone else’s skull?’ 'You’re the only skull for me.’

A thick handkerchief spread over his jaw, the outline of flesh that didn’t seem to be there coming to view. A pale hand flattened the fabric of all creases, feeling the full, soft lips through the covering. Only with slight hesitation did he dip down, pressing his own thin lips to them. Savoring the moment, before pressing the kiss deeper until he could feel teeth. The things they did, desperate for intimacy.

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why's william into gardening?

Well, after a long string of stressful events, William needed a new hobby. As I already said, being in such fertile Earth makes him happy, he’s closer to the ground and it’s little moments where he’s imagining being buried himself in it.

And he likes taking care of the plants. It’s a very non-stressful thing he can do outside their home without having to interact with anything breathing. Also his cats follow him and plop next to him.

He and Bones have tons of cats and William loves them because they bring him dead animals that he can stuff and ‘immortalize’ and it was originally only one outdoor cat but he turned out to be a she and she came home pregnant. THEY’RE CRAZY CAT PEOPLE.

That is if the neighbors don’t bother him.

Or their awful children.

Who trip into his garden and stomp on things and— no, no, put down the shovel. You’ll get in trouble for it, for some reason, William. Maybe they’ll get hit by Mr. Cooper’s van. That would be lovely.

William’s other hobbies:

  • taxidermy obviously
  • violin
  • cooking
  • tv marathons (though this is what Bones does in his free time, it’s just rubbed off on him)

Bones was very surprised that William actually had!! other talents!! besides wanting to bang corpses!! when they first started living together.

HEY SO HELEN as i said there’s a few different options

  • blackest night happens and william kills bones before becoming black hand and then who knows what happens to will
  • blackest night happens and william kills bones AFTER becoming black hand and repeat of above
  • bones is assassinated as they’re leaving the DEO building and he’s right in front of William when it happens and just falls over and bleeds and oozes out over the pavement
  • william becomes sick again and they’re not able to cure it and william dies and doesn’t come back and bones had to be at his side for months of his pain
  • car crash and william dies and bones is left sitting there for hours waiting for him to revive before he realizes it’s not happening
  • they live out a long, fulfilling life together and then bones dies and william doesn’t, william is stuck in this torturous, living existence surrounded by ugly beings he hates and just goes off to little lala land living alone and hoarding bones’ skull with him and talking to it. sometimes the illusion breaks and he’s just stuck in a heap of angry shouting and crying and he’s basically unable to do the one thing he wants which is die

the last options is the one we talked with the most :’)

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wow pls get out of my life w/ur WILLIAMBONES aND MAKING ME WANNA SHIP FOREVER

#necrophilia #asphyxia #nsfw

A strong hand weighed heavy on William’s chest and held him down in the bed, just teasing his shirt open, exposing the skin to cold air as the other invaded his mouth. Gloved fingers pushed and prodded in and out, his tongue lashing against him. He felt like he was choking and kicked his legs weakly, tent pitching in his pants as Bones loomed over him.

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