Axis+Allies as animated text (aka: I should post something to show I’m not dead)

America/Alfred F. Jones

England/Arthur Kirkland

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China/Yao Wang

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Russia/Ivan Braginski

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France/Francis Bonnefoy

Canada: Matthew Williams

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Germany/ Ludwig Beilshmdit

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Italy: Feliciano Vargas

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Japan/Honda Kiku

Romano/Lovino Vargas

Prussia/Gilbert Beilshmdit

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Nicknames for You - Allies

America/Alfred】 Babe, dudette, sweetie, or my heroine are all very common names this American uses to refer to you. He’ll often use dudette in common conversation and he’ll call you his super sidekick whenever he wants to show his true love to you.

 England/Arthur】’Love,’ and ‘my dear,’ are the most common spoken names by this Englishman. He loves you dearly but never wants to call you anything crude, as he is a gentleman after all!

 France/Francis】Oh boy, the country of love has so many names for you. His names all include, ‘mon coeur,’ ‘mon lapin,’ ‘ma belle,’ ‘mon beau,’ ‘mon amor,’ and ‘mon ange.’ Those are just the beginning, he seems to have a new nickname everyday.

 Russia/Ivan】’Sunflower.’ It’s quite obvious this Russian has an admiration and love for these flowers. He thinks they’re beautiful, so it’s only fair to name one beautiful thing after another!

 Canada/Matthew】 ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘maple.’ He’s quite respectful in his names like Arthur. He loves maple leaves more than ever and loves calling you that as well.

 China/Yao】Yao often refers to you as his ‘little panda.’ He thinks pandas are cute, and so are you!

allies + axis pokemon go teams
  • Mystic: England (Arthur Kirkland, tragically), France (Francis Bonnefoy, tragically), Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt), Japan (Kiku honda)
  • Instinct: CANADA (MATTHEW WILLIAMS), China (Yao Wang), Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas), Russia (Ivan Braginsky)
  • Trash (Valor): America (Alfred F. Jones), Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo), Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt), Italy Veneciano (Feliciano Vargas)
Hetalia In A Nutshell

England: France no


Canada: America no

America: AMERICA YE- wait a minute, who are you?



Germany, Austria and Hungary: Prussia no


Everyone: Russia no

Russia: yes, da?

Germania: Holy Rome no

Ancient Roman Empire: I GOT THAT LATIN PASSION

America: Davie no

Davie: *dies*

America: Davie?

Spain: Romano no

Romano: *swears in Italian*

Seborga: Sealand and Wy, no


Turkey: Greece no

Greece: *herds the cat army* get rekt scrub

Finland: Sweden no

Sweden: …yea

China: Hong Kong no

Kong Kong: yo, wat up teach?

Pirate Spain, Prussia and France: England no


England: America no


England: *cries*

The Nordics: Denmark no

Denmark: VIKINGS

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How would the allies be as elderly people?

America/Alfred F. Jones- Wheelchair races/ constantly telling Mattie ‘when i was your age’.

Canada/Matthew Williams- Wheelchair race champion.

*note: Neither of them actually need wheelchairs they just like racing 

China/Yao Wang- Uhm…H-how much more elderly can he get?

England/Arthur Kirkland- Is he not already a grouchy old man that will complain if his tea runs even slightly cold? Iggy is already old. Only now people have to listen to him bitch because he has the years to back up the wisdom. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy- He looks fairly young thanks to all the years of dedicated and high quality skin care, so he acts the same too!

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- He seems more like a babushka what with his hours spent knitting, constant cooking, which you will eat and enjoy, and telling crazy stories. Like how he single-handedly stopped a tank…or jumped from a plane. 

Hetalia scenarios masterpost!

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios

Waking up next to him (America, China, England, France)

Waking up next to him (Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Russia)

First meeting (America, China, England, France)

First meeting (Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Russia)

When you’re sick (America, China, England, France)

When you’re sick (Germany, Italy, Romano, Russia)

Another country flirts with you (America, China, England)

Another country flirts with you (France, Germany, Italy)

Another country flirts with you (Japan, Romano, Russia)

Taking a shower… together (America, China, England)

Taking a shower… together (France, Germany, Italy)

Taking a shower… together (Japan, Romano, Russia)

Your birthday (America, China, England)

Your birthday (France, Germany, Italy)

Your birthday (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You’re on your period (America, China, England)

You’re on your period (France, Germany, Italy)

You’re on your period (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting your friends/family (America, China, England)

Meeting your friends/family (France, Germany, Italy)

Meeting your friends/family (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Christmas! Kinda (America, China, England)

Christmas! Kinda (France, Germany, Italy)

Christmas! Kinda (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He wants to cuddle (America, China, England)

He wants to to cuddle (France, Germany, Italy)

He wants to cuddle (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You fall asleep on him (America, China, England)

You fall asleep on him (France, Germany, Italy)

You fall asleep on him (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He sees you cry (America, China, England)

He sees you cry (France, Germany, Italy)

He sees you cry (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He has a nightmare (America, China, England)

He has a nightmare (France, Germany, Italy)

He has a nightmare (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Drunken flirting (America, Canada, China, England)

Drunken flirting (France, Germany, Italy)

Drunken flirting (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

First fight (America, Canada, China, England)

First fight (France, Germany, Italy)

First fight (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Canada special

Make up after the fight (America, Canada, China, England)

Make up after the fight (France, Germany, Italy)

Make up after the fight (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

The first “I love you” (America, Canada, China, England)

The first “I love you” (France, Germany, Italy)

The first “I love you” (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Goodbye at an airport (America, Canada, China, England)

Goodbye at an airport (France, Germany, Italy)

Goodbye at an airport (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He misses you (America, Canada, China, England)

He misses you (France, Germany, Italy)

He misses you (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Reunion at an aiport (America, Canada, China, England)

Reunion at an airport (France, Germany, Italy)

Reunion at an airport (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He’s staring (America, Canada, China, England)

He’s staring (France, Germany, Italy)

He’s staring (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Caught making out (America, Canada, China, England)

Caught making out (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Caught making out (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain) 

You wear his clothes (America, Canada, China, England)

You wear his clothes (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

You wear his clothes (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Valentine’s Day (America, Canada, China, England)

Valentine’s Day (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Valentine’s Day (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You can’t sleep (America, Canada, China, England)

You can’t sleep (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

You can’t sleep (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Finding out he’s a country (America, Canada, China, England)

Finding out he’s a country (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Finding out he’s a country (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting his friends/family (America, Canada, China, England)

Meeting his friends/family (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Meeting his friends/family (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Norway Special

Moving into his house (America, Canada, China, England)

Moving into his house (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Moving into his house (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He proposes (America, Canada, China)

He proposes (England, France, Germany)

He proposes (Italy, Japan, Prussia)

He proposes (Romano, Russia, Spain)

Wedding vows (America, Canada, China, England)

Wedding vows (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Wedding vows (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

How he kisses you (America, Canada, China, England)

How he kisses you (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

How he kisses you (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

The countries as youtubers (America, Canada, China, England)

The countries as youtubers (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

The countries as youtubers (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting the 2p (America, Canada, China, England)

Meeting the 2p (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

2p!Allies respond to puns:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Hey, Allen?”
“Yeah, Doll?”
“Why are chickens so bad at baseball?” You immediately get a strange look.
“Because they only hit fowl balls.”
“Fucking fowl ball!” He nearly chokes on the laughter as it left him. Allen really likes puns.
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“How did the polar bear stop the movie?” A blank stare.
“No.” He looks away, but he knows he can’t escape.
“…how?” And he his defeated.
“He hit’s the ‘paws‘ button.”
“Aren’t I funny, Mattie?”
“Matthew Williams.”
“Did you really just say that?”
Matthew is not amused.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
“Yes, darling?”
“Why is sex like a riding a bike?”
“I‘m sorry…?” You caught him a bit off guard, but you most certainly have his interest.
“You can do it by yourself, but it‘s not as much fun.”
“Oh? Well then…let‘s go have some fun then, shall we?”
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
“Oliver, hey, Ollie!” You beg for his attention, thinking your plan is full proof.
“Yes, dear?” He beams, not minding your sudden presence.
“Cup your hands.” You order, holding your hands behind your back
“What for Poppet?” He asks, but does the action. You plop an unused teabag in his hands, earning a questioning gaze. Quickly, you kiss his cheek.
“You‘re just my cup of tea.” He instantly goes red, nearly squishing the bag in his hands.
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-  
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
“Hm.” That’s it. That is all.  

(I. Fucking. Love. Puns.)
Allies and Axis as Quotes from my High School Teachers

America: “Give me an hour and I’ll explain the Hundred Years’ War to all y’all using just football metaphors.”

Canada: “Do I look like a waitress at Shoney’s? No? Then don’t you snap to get my attention. You raise your hand and wait.”

China: “I’ve taught here for thirty-six years and that is the first time I’ve heard that excuse; I’m impressed.”

England: “Oh go play in the streets or something!”

France: “I’m gonna teach y’all how to tell someone off without cussing.”

Russia: “The sound of batteries falling out of the calculator and rolling out of reach right before a test is music to my ears.”

Germany: “Just shut up and at least PRETEND to work for ninety minutes!”

Prussia: “Next time I have to come to school in a wheelchair I’m going freshman-bowling.”

Italy: “I don’t feel like teaching anymore. Let’s watch House.”


Japan: “One year someone brought a mini flame-thrower for their project, so I’ll be clearer about it this year: If it’s against school rules to have it on campus, you can’t use it in your presentation.”

The Allies dancing with their S/O

America (Alfred F. Jones):

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England (Arthur Kirkland):

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France (Francis Bonnefoy):

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Canada (Matthew Williams):

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China (Yao Wang):

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Russia (Ivan Braginsky) 

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Allies and Their Types of Kisses!

Canada/Matthew Williams: Soft and passionate kisses. At first, he’s a rather shy initiator. He’ll be tentative, but then, eventually, he will grow passionate with his kisses. They even get heated from time to time.

China/Yao Wang: His kisses are rather sloppy as he is not too used to doing them. He does initiate them pretty often though, and it’s pretty much up to his (s/o) to teach him how to kiss better.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Warm and innocent! Kissing with Ivan won’t get too heated; he takes the time to really feel the shape of his (s/o)’s lips and take in the warmth of them as well. He thinks kissing is amazing and initiates them whenever he wants.

America/Allen F. Jones: Surprise! His kisses are actually really great! They aren’t very sloppy and are always full of energy. He really likes holding the waist of his (s/o) while they swap saliva, and he is the one to often initiate kisses.

England/Arthur Kirkland: He doesn’t initiate very often, but, damn, he’s an amazing kisser. He can tie a cherry in his mouth, and has fun showing that off every now and then. His kisses tend to be a little rough.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Oh, his kisses are always so loving and romantic. It’s heaven kissing with him. He likes to occasionally nibble on his (s/o)’s lips. He isn’t an absolutely perfect kisser, but he is rather amazing at it.

The nations seeing a spider in their home


Russia: puts it back outside so he doesn’t have to end the poor things life

England: screams for a solid 5 minutes before he works up the courage to put it back outside

France: burns his house down

Canada: “I’m sorry” he says with no sympathy as he squishes it

China: gets Japan or someone to put it outside

Germany: gets a cup and cardboard and let’s it free

Italy and Romano: screams and clings to Germany and Spain

Japan: let’s it hang around his home

Prussia: YOU CAN’T SCARE THE AWESOME ME! He says as he gets Ludwig to kill it

Australia: puts it with his other spider pets