We NEED to talk more about Ben as William Pitt the Younger! Seriously we need to do this ASAP because damn he does not get enough credit for that marvelously understated role. Like seriously he was so young but he captured all that maturity and burden that comes with transitioning a country into the modern age and I can’t believe he did that so convincingly and that time when he says ‘we are too young to know that certain things are impossible. So we will do them anyway’ I ADORE the way he says that line and oh my god that entire character is just amazing thanks to him I wish he had a movie about William Pitt the Younger with Ben playing him through all the stages of his life. 


You don’t believe you and I could change things?

William Pitt became the youngest Prime Minister and led Britain against France and Napoleon. William Wilberforce led movements that abolished the slave trade and reformed the education system. They're buried near each other in Westminster Abbey. 

A British political cartoon depicting John Bull emitting an explosive bout of flatulence at a poster of George III as an outraged William Pitt the Younger (Prime Minister) announces he is a traitor.  The cartoon was created as a reaction to William Pitts threats to suspend habeas corpus the previous month.

Illustrated by Richard Newton, 19th of March, 1798.