Paul Drake

Here’s detective Paul Drake from Perry Mason! I’ve been branching out from comic characters a *little* bit lately, and since my mom got me addicted to PM, I decided my favorite character would make a great addition to my Pop collection. Here’s a picture of Paul (played by William Hopper) in his trench coat and in color for comparison:

I used Rorschach’s body and Scotty’s head to make him. I didn’t have a whole lot to change on either piece, but I did have the graying hair to contend with; I’d never tried to do an effect like that before, but I’m REALLY happy with the results (which is part of why I posted this custom)! 


Della and Paul in color.

It always amuses me how Della goes meta and partially breaks the fourth wall by saying she feels like they’ve reached the dramatic moment and Perry is about to explain what all the secrecy is about. Sounds like the writer was being very deliberately tongue-in-cheek about part of the show’s formula.

Happy 92nd birthday to Barbara Hale tomorrow!


The fandom life of a Perry Mason fan who prefers gen and friendship to romance can be a very lonely place. (To say nothing of one who also prefers the men for the State rather than the Defense, even though I love the whole cast!) I quickly discovered years ago that Perry/Della fans seem to be the most vocal of the fans who enjoy fanworks (fanfiction, icons, and the like). And that hasn’t changed much since then. I’ve tried to pioneer, as it were, the gen and friendship Perry movement, posting mysteries and other stories that celebrate many of the other fascinating relationships on the series (and examining Perry and Della’s interaction in a friendshippy, rather than a romantic, light).

I’ve found a few like-minded fans, both who prefer gen and friendship over all and some Perry/Della fans who are enthused about gen and friendship elements as well. I’m wondering if there’s enough of us all together to make it a good idea to create a little community or something specifically to gather and celebrate gen and friendship Perry fanworks. Are there any Perry fanworks fans on Tumblr who fit either of those categories and who would be interested in such a project? Like this post if you love gen and friendship on Perry Mason!

(Or also if you agree that it isn’t just on the Defense’s team where wonderful and handsome men are to be found!)