Mixtapes For Girls Who Don’t Exist #17 (Guest Mix)


  1. November Növelet - You Are Mine
  2. Ash Pool - A Sacrifice Consumed By Fire
  3. Danzig - Killer Wolf
  4. Sutcliffe Jügend - (Scene Two: The House) Act I: Fear And Anticipation
  5. Swans - Sex God Sex
  6. Thurston Moore - Stained Silk
  7. Cult Ritual - Death Valley ‘69 (Sonic Youth Cover)
  8. Scorpion Wind - Preserve Thy Loneliness
  9. Mayhem - Chainsaw Gutsfuck
  10. Tom Rapp - Love, Sex

Mix by William Cody Watson formerly known as Pink Priest

Art by Milo Manara


Excerpt from No Dreams/No Regrets by Scissoring.

No Dreams/No Regrets is coming out on cassette sometime in April.

Video by Clearing.


William Cody Watson- Her Tusk Is Adorned With Rose Petals

MIX// William Cody Watson - Bury My Body in the Desert Mix

This week’s mix is from William Cody Watson, musician on Bathetic Records with an exceedingly good taste in music.  

“The premise behind this mix was, basically, music that’d be good to play while cruising through the desert to dispose of a body of a close friend. Perhaps it’s something of my fascination with Gram Parsons’ death and the burning of his body at Joshua Tree by his road manager, Phil Kaufman. I just find that story to be very interesting. Also, perhaps driven by my recent obsession with the desert itself. I haven’t been to the desert since I was young; a trip with my father, who recently passed away. So, yeah, also maybe it’s a bit of my fascination with death, and 2013 has been a year of death, important death, impacting death, for me. So my brain has been fixated on these types of atmospherics as of late, and I guess I ran with that.”

Tracklisting: 01. *Pumice* “Beak Remedy” 02. *Gram Parsons* “A Song For You” 03. *Queens Of The Stone Age* “In The Fade” 04. *The Rolling Stones* “Sister Morphine” 05. *Mayo Thompson* “Good Brisk Blues” 06. *Sun City Girls* “Funeral Mariachi” 07. *New Wet Kojak* “Blue Magic” 08. *Royal Trux* “Shadow Of The Wasp” 09. *Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek* “Homecoming” 10. *Grandaddy* “Under The Western Freeway” 11. *Midori Takada* “Crossing” 12. *Robbie Basho* “Night Way” 13. *Sir Richard Bishop* “Romany Trail” 14. *Richard Buckner* “Boys, The Night Will Bury You” 15. *The Telescopes* “Singularity” 16. *Black Dice *“Things Will Never Be The Same” 17. *Headdress* “Babylon” 18. *ZZ Top* “Asleep In The Desert” 19. *The Rolling Stones* “Love In Vain” 20. *Mogwai with Roky Erickson* “Devil Rides”

“There were a few artists who didn’t make the mix (time constraints), and it was unfortunate… Sorry Taj Mahal, Primal Scream, Stars Of The Lid, Rafael Toral, Brian Eno, & Captain Beefheart… Maybe next time. Also, the two Rolling Stones tracks were essential. Yep.”   Bandcamp Bathetic   To submit a mix, visit this page.
NK53: William Cody Watson "Seafoam" c40 – SOLD OUT

There is something so terminal and climactic in each release by William Cody Watson. These sweeping, soul-shivering drone sonatas, invincible crescendos, are some of his finest, and were originally only available digitally. With field recording and piano contributions from John Kolodij (High Aura’d), this is music dedicated to the beach, music for extremities, border regions, the open ocean. 100 tapes, pro-dubbed / imprinted, special 4-color CMYK risograph artwork printed at Colour Code. Photograph by Rachel Rinehart. –SOLD OUT–


MIXTAPE MONDAYS! With mixes from Bathetic Records, Slumberland Records, The Find Magazine, and La 3h Heure!

Hope everyone had a fantastic time ringing in the new year. Day one of 2012 couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I spent most of it at the beach, so wanted to include a pic of my amazing day above. Below are some of the best compilations to come out recentlly, with an array of music and genres, so there is something for everyone. Enjoy!

Bathetic Records - Expressway Curated by Dirty Beaches and William Cody Watson

Bathetic Records just released a free 2012 compilation as a way to say thanks for a great 2011 and kick off 2012 with a bang. The mix was curated by Alex Zhang Huntai of Dirty Beaches, and William Cody Watson of Pink Priest. With contributions from both both Dirty Beaches and WCW, Lee Noble, Ela Orleans, Cough Cool, Speculator and lots more, it’s a fantastic way to celebrate 2012.


Bathetic Records | Website | Facebook

Bob42jh Films About Ghosts Mix for The Find Magazine

The self proclaimed “humanitarian for hip hop,” Youtube channel C-leb has dropped another fantastic mix for The Find Magazine. Earlier this year, Bob captured my heart with his 42 song compilation called Fallen Skies along with his label’s first compilation and release, Friends and Family. Bob focuses on jazzy instrumental tunes with lots of hip hop and Japanese influences. Obscure is an understatement, but nonetheless, there are always plenty of gems to be uncovered. Jamz from Evenings, Emancipator, Urban Romantic City, Paul Dateh and more on this mix.

DOWNLOAD Films About Ghosts HERE.

Bob42jh | Youtube | Facebook | Bandcamp

Le 3e heure! Best of December 2011 Mix

The French music blog that scowers the net for everything you could ever want when it comes to indie music, just posted a “Best of December,” Mix that I am really loving. I have discovered some new faves, and been reminded of some of the best music that came out this month. New tracks from The Weeknd, Silver Swans, Sun Angels, Planningtorock, and School of Seven Bells, plus a great Gang Gang Dance remix.

Stream the Best of Decembre 011 mix HERE.

Le 3e Heure | Blog | Facebook | Soundcloud

Slumberland Records Best of Winter 2012 Sampler

Looks like it’s shaping up to be an incredible year for Slumberland Records already. This new sampler of tunes is a perfect example. My faves on the mix so far have been from The Weekend, Veronica Falls, Neverever, Devon Williams and Sea Lions. Bring on 2012.

Stream Slumberland’s Best of Winter 2012 Sampler below.

Slumberland Records Website | Facebook


End Of Hiding
Always Bleeding

The material here was created over the span of a year, between September 2011 and September 2012. Collected and collaged and tweaked over the course of year, weaving in and out of a tumultuous head-space and reeling in romantic horror and frantic anxiety. 

In the beginning there was no real plan, no real agenda; I just wanted to make something, some kind of art. This started directly after the Bill Murray LP had been finished, and the clarity had been blurred, the lens smeared. I wanted to make something that felt pained and ugly, but also breathtaking at the same time.

The album came to represent my love and confusion of all things – romance, passion, humanity, death, religion. Will that come across? Who knows? I don’t care, that’s out of my hands… Essentially, it’s just tone and texture, meant to be interpreted however. Bill Murray didn’t entail my personal journey, They Will Destroy Us is the messy beginning to me understanding my own shit.

I finished the album and I left it sitting on a shelf, to age and I barely revisited it, but when I did, I enjoyed what it was, what it had become. 

Now I’m finally putting it out.

All Music by William Cody Watson.


(Self-Released / Workin’ Nights)


Brazilian Brothel (33 RPM)
Miami Trackmarks
The Widow
Fragrance B.C.
Bermuda Shorts
Costa Mesa (45 RPM)
The Headhunter
Acapulco Gold
Leatherette Agenda
Death Sentence
Bloody Money ‘76
The Ritual
Brazilian Brothel (45 RPM)
Costa Mesa (33 RPM)
Floridian Desolation
The Dreadnaut
Fragrance A.D.

Continuing on with the style and aesthetic of the Night Music For Driving releases, The Warlock Years is a burlier, more pulsing affair of cinematic, driving pieces – coming across the score to an imaginary, yet realized film.

Inspired by action films and the music of John Carpenter, Aphex Twin, Cliff Martinez, Angelo Badalamenti, and many others.

Originally released for free limited download via Workin’ Nights, it’s now available for unlimited streaming and download. 

All Music by William Cody Watson.