Jeremy Renner’s app - why I left and everything wrong with it.

First, I want to start this post making it clear that I will be not exposing names or sending hate towards anyone. I’ll merely talk about the reasons that made me choose to leave the app over the weekend. I will get into the topic of buying stars/boosts but I will NOT condemn people for doing it, as it’s not my problem what anyone does with their own money.

I joined the app on the same day it was released and I subscribed to it ($2,99/month). I was never very active over there, I would simply like the posts, make a comment or two and just watch people interacting and getting a hang of how things worked. And I wasn’t pleased. I will be writing this in topics, to make ir easier to understand. Things that weren’t seen by me or are just rumors will be marked as such.

1. The app itself: What it is and how it works;
2. Thecnical Problems;
3. Starts and Boosting;
4. The super fan label;
5. Bullying;
6. The “Clique“;
7. Contests/Replies ;
8. Favoritism;
9. Reaction from other fans;
10. What I think it should be done.

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