Tsc characters as high school stereotypes

Matthew Fairchild: the popular kid who quotes English poetry constantly to make himself look dark and misterious.

James, Cristopher and Thomas: the certified geeks (bet that if doctor who existed in 1920’s they would be obsessed by it)

Jace and Will: the hot and sometimes extremely annoying jocks.

Simon and Clary: the anime nerds.

Zara and her centurion squad: the mean girls.

Alec: the under the radar kid.

Magnus Bane: The lit one who goes to every single party.

Rafael: the kid who’s popular because of his sassiness.

Jem: the theatre kid.

Anna and Lily: the ones who’ve hooked up with nearly half of the school.

Cameron: the kid who constantly gets asked to third wheel.

Diana: the one that will beat the hell out of someone if they insult her friend.

Helen: the one three quarters of the school have a crush on.

Kit: the one who quotes vines constantly and makes memes about depression.

If Will ever met Alec

Magnus: Will Herondale, this is my boyfriend. Alexander Lightwood.

Will *looking at Alec*:

Alec *looking at Will*:

Will *looking at Alec*:

Alec: so its ni-

Will *shaking Alec’s hand vigorously*: Thank the angel!! I was afraid Cecily’s descendants would be damned to look like Gabriel until the end of generations!!

Also Will: Why are mine blonde, tho


“I just wish he were here to see this with us, just here with us one more time.”

She felt the rough silk of his black hair as he bent to kiss her fingers lightly—a courtly gesture from a bygone age. “He is with us, Tessa. He can see us. I believe it. I feel it, the way I used to know sometimes if he was sad or angry or lonely or happy.

She touched the pearl bracelet at her wrist, and then his face, with light, adoring fingers. “And what is he now?” she whispered. “Happy or wistful or sad or lonely? Do not tell me he is lonely. For you must know. You always knew.”

He is happy, Tessa. It gives him joy to see us together, as it always gave me joy to see the two of you.”

  • Jace: I am a Wayland
  • Will, in afterlife: no
  • Jace: I am a Morgenstern
  • Will: nO
  • Jace: I am a Lightwood
  • Will: NO
  • ...............
  • Kit: I am not a Herondale
  • Will: *sighs*
  • Will: I'm playing a new drinking game. It's called "Every time I'm depressed, I take a drink".
  • Jem: That game exists. It's called alcoholism.
poor herondales

Will: *peering down from heaven* I wonder how my descendants are doing!

Will: *sees stephen herondale join the circle, then slaughtered in a vampire raid*

Will: oh no

Will: *sees marcus herondale die from shock from his son’s death*

Will: oh no!

Will: *sees imogen herondale die saving jace*

Will: oH nO

Will: she better not be the last of my bloodline…OH WAIT THAT JACE GUY IS ALSO A HERONDALE!! WE HAVE HOPE!!

Will: *witnesses jace die from the mortal sword, be brought to life, possessed by lilith, bound to sebastian, cured/cursed with heavenly fire, travel to the demon realm and back*

Will: WHY ARE HERONDALES ALWAYS SUFFERING?? hold on a minute, there’s another one?

Will: *sees kit lovingly stroking ducks* 

Will: the heavens once again have ridiculed me for my intense though fully rational feelings towards these monsters we call ducks

Will: stop

Okay but one of the greatest things about starting a new book series is finishing it and finally searching for its tags on tumblr

I envy the future generations that won’t need to wait years to be able to read all of the Shadowhunter Chronicles’s books and rather will be able to read them all in one go and not suffer from not knowing what will happen next 


Will: Hey hey Jem are you a violin?

Will: because the sounds you make when I touch you are music to my ears~


Will: but it seems you’re in the middle of an attack on my heart~

Jem: W I L L I A M

Will and Jem (With Tessa)
  • Will: I just feel like telling everyone living in the institute that I love them so much!
  • Tessa: What happened, Will?
  • Will: And tell every human being on this planet how beautiful they are..
  • Tessa: What happened to him, Jem?
  • Will: I want to hug every creature in the Hyde park except the ducks.
  • Tessa: Jem?
  • Jem: Cecily slapped Gabriel.