two huge aspects in abusive relationships is getting angry or jealous when your partner wants to spend time with their friends and slowly withdrawing them from their social circle. Now what do we have in the last clip? William having a true interest in Noora’s best friend and not telling Noora about what he needed to talk to her about because he knows she has to be with her friends. He wants her to spend time with people she loves and cares for and that doesn’t bother him at all. In what world does that stand for abuse???

I fucking hate all the hate William and Noora get. He makes her happy. She makes him better. He prioritized her. They started off rocky (news flash so did Even and Isak in fact Even cheated on Sonja with Isak and then ignored him William never did) sure but it’s quite obvious William loves her. Season 1 Eva cheated on Jonas and we forgave her for that. So why do people hate William? Because he’s a “bad boy”? Because he hit someone with a bottle over their head? He admitted to being wrong he even went to court over it FOR FUCKS SAKE! Because he persisted with Noora until she said yes? Because he used Vilde and hurt her? He apologized for that! To her face! And she forgave him! I think it’s time we let it go. Sana hurt her friends too. She bullied Sara also. It’s not excusable at all and we forgave her. It’s time to stop hating William and admit he’s not a horrible person.

Say what you want about William but I’m happy he and Noora ended up together.

All the shit that happened in London makes sense once you try to see it from his POV; Pretty much his whole life things went wrong, be it his sister or his brother or his parents, there was always something he had to keep his guard up about.

So I can’t blame him for wanting to keep his dad in his life once he had him in it, after so much time having no-one (yes he had Noora but at the time he likely didn’t think he was good for her so he kept his distance) 

A lot of this fandom see it as ‘oh he did a shitty thing, he shouldn’t be forgiven’ but there’s a difference between doing a shitty thing because you’re a shitty person, and doing a shitty thing to protect yourself and those you care about (again William probably thought he only caused trouble for Noora); so before you go bitching about him coming back, try to remember that emotional trauma can really mess with someone’s head for years after; and if you think he hasn’t had emotional trauma, did you even pay attention in season 1 and 2??


Skam Season 4 Episode 10 Clip 6 WILLIAM

Why can people accept all the other characters development and forgive them for being young, but refuse to do the same for William and just refuse to even watch his clip?

None of the characters are meant to be perfect, thats the point. They’ve all fucked up, the shows called Shame for a reason.