william van der woodsen

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination. 

-XoXo Gossip Girl

-Favorite Scene 4x18 Part 5: The Kids Stay in the Picture 

William: Lily, I did not sabotage the photo shoot. I hope that you realize that.

Lily: Oh, I’m not even sure I care if you did. I mean let’s face it, me, Cece and Carol all in the same room. The night was doomed to be apocalyptic.

-Favorite Scene 4x18 Part 2: The Kids Stay in the Picture

i just had this REALLY CRAZY idea.

we all know William vdW is back, but nobody knows why. so now i saw this again and it said that serena’s dad was filming with the real charlie …
WHAT IF william is charlie’s (lola’s) dad?
i mean it makes sense, right?

why would they be filming with each other, if lola doesnt know the rest of the family? …
carol said, if the rhodes would ever discover what happened with the real charlie, they would hate her, and since lily was married to william > she would be mad
and in the producers preview they were talking about family functions and how a big big secret is about to be revealed.

this is just me, having a few theories.
it could also be complete and utter bullshit.