william towers


Happy Birthday

John Williams, born 1932

The Killers [USA 1964, Don Siegel]
The Poseidon Adventure [USA 1972, Ronald Neame, Irwin Allen (uncredited)]
The Long Goodbye [USA 1973, Robert Altman]
The Towering Inferno [USA 1974, John Guillermin]
Jaws [USA 1975, Steven Spielberg]
Star Wars [USA 1977, George Lucas]
Superman [USA / GB / PA / CH 1978, Richard Donner]
Raiders of the Lost Ark [USA 1981, Steven Spielberg]
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [USA 1982, Steven Spielberg]
JFK [USA / FR 1991, Oliver Stone]

octagon tower ▴ studley royal park, north yorkshire, england

the structure was originally completed in 1732. it was made to be a classic lawn ornament but was later gothicised and made a romantic monument.

me: I must understand the medieval History of England.

*some books and documentaries later*

me: …plenty of Kings indeed…

me: *a bit doubtful* So let’s systematize:

me: *quite doubtful and sweating* Just need to add the respective names and dates and it will be great…


Waldorf Astoria New York - 301 Park Avenue (near 34th Street)

New York’s legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel has hosted kings, queens, presidents and movie stars – but for the next three years, not even royalty will be able to reserve a room here.

The 86-year-old hotel, bought by China’s Ambang Insurance Group in 2014 for $1.95 billion, closed its doors on February 28, 2017 for a major renovation project that will reportedly see many of its 1,400 rooms turned into apartments.


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