william swenson


Scream Queens icon pack

by ellibellabee (ellibellabeedit)

  • Libby Putney (Chanel #5)
  • Chanel Oberlin (Chanel #1)
  • Sadie Swenson (Chanel #3)
  • Zayday Williams
  • Hester Ulrich (Chanel #6)
  • Grace Gardner

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True soldier’s spirit, a warrior’s ethos unmarred.

[He looked around at every single one that stood in that room at his behest. At his brothers in arms who had fought alongside him, and his expression said, “this is yours as well.” And he looked at every family member of the fallen in turn and it was visible in his gaze; the pain on his face said, “they should be here, it never should have happened the way it did, they failed us all.” He shared his pain and he wasn’t ashamed of it.

He is, every inch of him, what an officer should be. The military, every branch of it, needs more like him.]