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“Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare

National Theatre, 2017

Starring Tamsin Greig, Phoebe Fox, Adam Best, Oliver Chris, Claire Cordier, Imogen Doel, Mary Doherty, Ammar Duffus, Daniel Ezra, Whitney Kehinde, Emmanuel Kojo, Tamara Lawrence, Andrew Macbean, Doon Mackichan, Tim McMullan, Brad Morrison, Daniel Rigby, Imogen Slaughter, James Wallace, & Niky Wardley


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can you please make a part 2 to the werewolf!will and fairy!nico fic!

Part 1

Will had long since grown into a proper wolf, his bones elongating over the years until they were large enough to support Will’s tall frame. Will never became large, but he was lanky in a way that could easily be used as intimidating to new pack members that didn’t yet know where their place in the pack fell in relation to Will’s. He hadn’t seen Nico in nearly ten years, and in that time he had almost forgotten the fairy he had stumbled upon as a young pup. He would never be able to forget those dark eyes though. They still haunted him on sleepless nights.

No, Will was much more focused on the affairs of his pack and how to become a great leader. Apollo frequently mentioned how he was going to be a leader soon, and Will needed to know how to do it right. He couldn’t let his father down.

“Will,” his father called as he made his way into the den, shedding off the damp clothes that he had worn during a hunt. “Just the young Alpha I wanted to see.” This declaration on its own could be a problem, Apollo still frequently liked to call Will a “pup”, even if Will was his oldest child at almost two-hundred and forty moons. If Apollo was admitting to his age, then there was something wrong.

“What is it, Father?” Will was tired and in no mood for the games his father liked to play. Apollo liked to dance around his intentions and avoid explicitly stating what he wanted unless it was a dire situation.

“You’re old enough now to enter into politics.” Will had to resist the urge to snort. Apollo was a man who liked to party and be with women. He had nearly twenty pups among many different packs. Will had been handling his neglected politics for much longer then he would ever know. “Do you remember when you snuck into that clearing when you were a wee pup? The clearing of the fae?” Will would hardly call it sneaking. He and the other pups had literally fallen into the clearing. Still, he nodded, urging his father to continue on. “The fae are threatening war on the wolves.”

Will’s motions of changing his shirt jerked to a halt. There has been a peace treaty between the fairies and the wolves for hundreds of years. To threaten war by one side or the other would be to threaten the demise of both sides. Whatever had happened to lead the fae to such drastic measures? Will hadn’t even seen a fairy since he left Nico in that clearing all those years ago.

“I don’t suppose you remember Hades?” Will nodded. He had been the man who had showed up and ordered Nico away. He must be the leader of the fairies. “His wife was killed many moons ago by a wolf. He forgave it at the time, but his daughter was killed recently by another wolf. Hades is not one to forgive twice.” The news was shocking to Will. Who would be so rogue as to kill a fairy? A suicidal wolf who acted alone. It was the only explanation Will could come up with. The fae were the most deadly creatures in the forest. No sane-minded being would purposely kill one. Especially not the wife and daughter of the King.

“What is it you need from me, Father?” Will cut straight to the point, noticing how, for the first time in many moons, Apollo was completely serious in the moment.

“He has left his son in charge of the slaughter, William. The son you met so long ago.” Apollo sat forward, his bright blue eyes silencing anything that could possibly try to come out of Will’s throat. “I need you to convince the Prince that our pack is not a target.”

I did not intend for this to become so political


30 DAYS OF NARNIA  → 23. Scene that makes you cry
Narnians slaughtered during the castle raid

“If I can get your troops in, can you handle the guards?”
“Or die trying, my liege.”

“There are so many ways to get in touch with animals in the wild, in their natural habitat. The fact that we think putting them in tanks is good for anyone is just nonsense, really.”

To help Maisie Williams and others to fight against dolphin slaughter and captivity, you can march in a protest against it, if there is one in your area or visit sites such as savejapandolphins.org or bluevoice.org along with various other sites to donate or sign a petition agains dolphin slaughter. Simply googling ‘protest against killing dolphins’ or 'protest against dolphin captivity’ can help you find relevant links in order to aid in this protest. A little can go a long way.


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