william shatner is good looking too

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Cuales son tu pensamientos Sherri

I think that Sam not only is there his career to think about, but Shatner isn’t some old has been.  He may not be acting as much, but he is still William fucking Shatner.  He may have sway with the old boys of Hollywood.  And those old boys can open doors for Sam.  Look at how hard Shatner is pushing for Sam for Emmys and for Bond. His avatar is Sam, his header is Sam, it is all about Sam.  It doesn’t mean Sam will get any of that, but to have someone with connections AND 2.4 million followers on your side is a good thing. Sam’s follower count has gone up to 250K since this bromance started.  Are all of those new Outlander fans too?   So, Starz and Sony have a stake in this also.  Media typically pick up on fan backlash for other shows, why hasn’t there been more for Outlander?  My guess is because Sony/Starz is controlling that.  Probably by offering little sneak peeks or exclusives or future sound bites. Sam is more than likely being muzzled a little.  By Sony, by Starz, and by his own team.   Media coverage of fan backlash is conspicuously lacking.  Not just in this instance but in all.   It has been a calculated ploy right from the start and I suspect it all began when Troika was brought on board.  They knew they were going to be doing this Obsessable campaign and having the increased shipper war was bad for business.  Hence the ifh.  And everything that has stemmed from it.  Including this latest business with Shatner. 

Am I happy?  No?  Did I get a lot of hate and threats?  Yep.  But my personality is to try and see the positive.  To believe in the best of people, and to be sympathetic to the situation others are in.  That includes my fellow shippers AND Sam.  I can’t be anything other than what I am.