william shakespeare's wife

When I decided to get a literary tattoo, I went looking through my bookshelves to find A SINGLE favourite. I couldn’t do it. This tree includes quotes from “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern, “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin, “Oh the Places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss, “Ella Enchanted” by Gail Carson Levine, “A wind in the Door” by Madeline L'Engle, “Romeo and Juliet”, William Shakespeare, “The Time Traveller’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger, “Kushiel’s Dart” by Jacqueline Carey, “The Big Orange Splot” by Daniel Manus Pinkwater, “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell and “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss. Done by Eric Brunning  at Lotus Land Tattoo Shop in Vancouver, BC.