william roue

How to save a life // Open

William grinned to himself as he stretched out on the grass in front of the school. Although it was a Hogsmeade weekend, he’d opted to stay one the grounds, spending his free time alone just to relax before meeting up with his mates an hour or two before they were due back for a butter beer at The Three Broomsticks. With the lack of breeze, and the sun warming his skin, he’d almost fallen asleep, only to be startled awake by a faint scream. Sitting up, he’d looked around before seeing a pillar of smoke rise from Hogsmeade, one that was to dark to possibly be from a wood fire. Jumping to his feet, he took off at a sprint toward the village, just as flashes of green and red began to become visible. Fishing his wand from his trousers, he shot a stupefy at the first death eater he saw. 

He’d been running around for nearly thirty minutes, defending and helping any fellow students he could. By now, his breath was coming in heavy puffs, his brow shining from a thin layer sweat. Continuing down the street at a jog, he slow upon seeing a figure cowering before a death eaters wand. “Expelliarmus! Stupefy!” Scanning the street for any other masked figures, he approached the student, laying a hand gently on their shoulder. “Its alright.”

Miscommunication || Jolie & William

William stood leaning against one of the corridor walls, The Seventh Edition Grimoire of Magic and Sorceryin his hands. Humming quietly to himself, he flipped the page, only to look up when someone tripped and fell, a few papers landing at his feet. Snapping the text shut, he bent down and began picking up the pages. “You seemed to have dropped these.”

Unfamiliar faces

Whistling, William pushed open the doors to the kitchens, greeting the house elves with a friendly head nod before making his way over toward the cabinets. After seven years at the school, he was just beginning to get the hang of where everything was. Grabbing his regular mug and a bag of tea, he filled his cup with water and magically heated it before heading toward one of the chairs, his head still lowered slightly. Glancing up, he jumped slightly. “Merlin… I have no idea someone else was in here. Sorry for not announcing myself or anything.”

Critical information

Williams brow furrowed slightly as he strolled down the corridor. He had been back for nearly a month, and aside from the Aurors, he still hadn’t heard of any meetings or movement at the school to prevent attacks. William wanted to be an Auror after graduation in order to protect people, and if he could get extra training early.. and maybe even see to making sure other kids could defend themselves in times like these… His thoughts drifted off as he reached the door he’d been looking for. Raising a hand, he knocked. “Professor Lupin?”