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Harlots Appreciation Week 2018 | Day 4: Favorite Episode  2.07

🎶 How I laughed like a lord when my friend said beware, 🎶
🎶 Of the flush in her cheek, and the flower in her hair. 🎶
🎶 But I’m not laughing now, for my friends warned me well. 🎶
🎶 Though she promised me Heaven, she sent me to Hell. 🎶
🎶 I’m no more a sinner than any man here, 🎶
🎶 I’m no less a saint than the priest at God’s ear. 🎶
🎶 But now I am snared, they will punish me well 🎶
🎶 With a ladder to Heaven and a rope down to Hell. 🎶
🎶 Will there no mercy be for a boy led adrift 🎶
🎶 By the feel of warm lips or the flash of a shift. 🎶
🎶 But if he who passed judgment knows nothing of lust, 🎶
🎶 Then he who’d pass judgment’s no man I would trust. 🎶

I think that when I think about Charlotte or Lucy (Jacob when he’s older) finding a partner too, I sort of wonder if they’ll be looking for someone like Will or Nancy (or even Margaret) because we usually model our relationships after our family units. 

And Will and Nancy are people who take on emotional labor but don’t put emotional baggage on Margaret. They both are loyal but stand their ground if she tries to run over ‘em, and Will’s entirely too good at reading her. (“There’s not an inch of me, you don’t know.”) Which is also showing how Will takes on her emotional labor all the time but is particularly the least controlling man we’ve seen on the show. Will always lets people make their own choices.

Harlots is a show that’s unique to me on multiple fronts but the family unit aspect with many people raising the kids (Even… Lydia? Do I count her?) and I’m sure there’s even other women who have worked for Margaret’s bawdy house who have impacted Lucy and Charlotte and Jacob, because Kitty also had taken on a big sister role to Lucy many times in s1. It feels particularly unique. 

And I love Nancy Birch saying blood is thicker to Charlotte when most of her close relationships are not completely blood relatives, but half-siblings and non-genetic parent figures like Birch herself… 

Their future partners better have the whole family in mind because that’s what means the most to Lucy and Charlotte.

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