william pratts

Happy Black History Month

To the black women who have given us voices on TV. 

To the ones who are loved unequivocally

And the ones who deserved love, but never received it

To the ones we lost too soon

And the ones who are still finding their voice

To the ones who kick ass

And the ones who give us hope for the future

We celebrate the intelligence, beauty, and humanity portrayed on screen and demand more

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If The Fanged Four had Tumblr blogs
  • Darla: has a designer theme, reblogs selfies of attractive men with 'I could just eat you up :)', mostly follows classical music blogs, always browses Tumblr with a glass of wine, has blocked the rest of the Fanged Four
  • Angel/us: black and white photography blog, soft grunge, describes self as a 'nice guy' unironically, posts Hemingway quotes, has a rain soundtrack playing over his blog, vague blogs about Spike
  • Drusilla: tags pictures of the stars with 'selfie', turns her visions into viral memes, has a side-blog especially for Miss Edith, vague blogs about the universe
  • Spike: 80s punk aesthetic, gets into eleven Tumblr fights a week, has a private poetry sideblog that only Drusilla has the password to, posts gifs of himself smoking, flames the Billy Idol fandom with untold wrath
Men I associate with kindness

My father
Shel Silverstein
Robin Williams
Stanley tucci
Jared padalecki
Misha Collins
Jensen ackles
Chris Evans
Chris Pratt
Bernie Sanders
That one man in Starbucks who didn’t adulterate me and complemented my hair telling me that his daughter did the same thing with hers.

Sometimes making lists reminds me not to be afraid all the time