william pleasant

Drunk!Canada x Reader

Swear words and kisses

Y/N was sleeping in their bed. It was late, far past midnight. Their boyfriend, Matthew, was out and hadn’t returned yet, but Y/N was too tired to wait for him.
*Doorbell rings*
Y/N jerked upwards as the doorbell rang again: “What the fuck…” Y/N stood up and yelled: “WHO IS THAT??”
Y/N’s eyes widened a little. “Alright, give me a sec!” Y/N rubbed the sleep out of their eyes and rushed to the door. It was raining outside, so they didn’t want to let Matthew wait for any longer. But it was unusual, Matthew never forgot his keys. Y/N unlocked the door and let him in.
His face was rather unamused and he was reeking like a freaking liqueur store.
“God, Matt, where have you been?” Y/N asked and wrinkled their nose.
He threw his soaked jacket on the ground: “You could call it family reunion.”
Y/N noticed the slur in his speech, but decided to ignore it for now: “You were with Al, Francis and Arthur? Was it bad?”
“Like hell it was! They kept fucking screaming at one another, it’s a fucking mess!” He grunted and kicked his shoes away. While standing on one leg, he kinda lost balance. He hit his head at the shelf, but that thing also broke his fall. “Ah, fucking hell!”
Y/N really had to control themselves not to laugh. It was such an odd scene unfolding here, normally, when Matthew had had too much, he was like a lost puppy or an affectionate angel, but now he was a fucking angry, pissed-off fellow. “Anything I can do to help you, Matt?” Y/N asked, slightly amused.
“I don’t know, fuck me or kill my family, but I don’t think you want to do either at 3 in the morning” he grunted and stood up again.
“Matthew!! You shouldn’t say things like that” Y/N replied and forced themselves not to laugh. He rolled his eyes and walked towards Y/N, but it seemed like the alcohol started to really impact him. “Watch out there, big guy!” Y/N exclaimed when he stumbled.
He grabbed their shoulders and pressed his lips on theirs. The kiss was fine, but his mouth still tasted like some mix of whiskey and bourbon and it wasn’t really pleasant.
“Matthew Williams, what is going on with you?” Y/N asked, trying to sound 100% serious, once they could break free.
“Wasn’t it great?” He asked.
“I was sleeping before you woke me up!” Y/N exclaimed.
“C'mon I know you fucking loved it” he whispered huskily.
“Sleeping, yes, the fact that you’re absolutely drunk, no!” Y/N replied and sighted: “Goodness…”
“I’m not drunk! I am annoyed!” He retorted, but the slur was still audible.
“Sure, darling, walk to the end of the room and come back to me, then you can kiss me if you want” Y/N taunted.
“Dude, that’s like 10 Meters, like hell I can’t do that” he scoffed.
“Then do it” Y/N challenged.
He grunted and started walking to the wall. His steps were slightly uncoordinated, and he obviously reeled. But he managed to get there without stumbling over his own feet.
“See??” He yelled.
“I said you should come back, too” Y/N replied.
He groaned and rolled his eyes, but he did as told.
Y/n looked down at their feet, and the head of their boyfriend as he was lying on the ground: “What was that?”
Y/N knelt down next to him: “Didn’t quite catch that.”
“…I’m feeling dizzy” He muttered.
Now, it was Y/N’s time to swear: “Ah, goddammit – c'mon!” Y/N helped him up as they realised that his face was kinda pale. “Just dizzy or queasy?” Y/N asked cautiously, but already dragged him towards the bathroom. They didn’t get a reply, at least not a real one, he just clutched his stomach and groaned. Y/N placed him in front of the toilet and pulled his hair back when he bent over the toilet. The stench was awful, but Y/N stood beside him without saying a word.
“That’s why I fucking hate family reunions” he groaned between two retching fits.
“I can imagine” Y/N replied silently and patted his back. Y/N made him rinse his mouth before dragging him to his bed.
By the time he got there, he had already fallen asleep somehow. Y/N shook their head before climbing in the bed, too.

The light was what woke up both of them. “…what in the world” Y/N heard.
They sat up: “Hey, Mattie.”
He looked at them with a hungover face: “My head… what… ohno.”
Y/N smiled and stood up, closing the curtains to ease the headache at least a bit: “Don’t worry about it.”
“I’m so sorry, Y/N, I don’t know what got into me… I’m so sorry! Please forgive me for disturbing you…” he said quickly, obviously embarrassed.
“Don’t worry about it” Y/N repeated: “It can happen. Sorry that I couldn’t break your fall, though. Will probably leave a bruise.”
“I’m so sorry-” He muttered again and massaged his temples.
“God, it’s fine, darling” Y/N laughed: “I’ll prepare breakfast and an aspirin.”
“I am an idiot” Matthew whispered once Y/N had left the room.

shinigami-mistress  asked:

Grelliam (surprise surprise) for the ship thing.

I had a few answers planned out for this ship because I figured someone was bound to request it.

1. Grell says “I love you” first. Several times a day, every day, until William finally breaks down.
2. Grell has a background pic of William standing on the roof of a London townhouse. He didn’t pose for it, but he looks posed. William has a background pic of his favorite pigeon (with Grell photo-bombing it).
3. Grell leaves foggy mirror notes from time to time, but more often than not mirror notes are left in red lipstick and end in a 👄 mark.
4. Grell (somewhat amateurishly) knits tiny scarves for William’s pigeons. William sometimes lets Grell select which reaper cases to take.
5. Grell initiated the first kiss long, long ago. William just didn’t let one land until he’d finally given in to his true feelings.
6. Grell kisses William first thing in the morning, but by then William is already awake.
7. Grell starts tickle fights, even though William isn’t ticklish. It’s all just to make William tickle Grell.
8. Grell just sort of barges in to the shower. William might fuss about it, but he actually likes it.
9. They typically eat lunch together in the work cafeteria, buying food there. But one day William showed up with homemade spaghetti and meatballs for them to share. Grell actually cried and said “You love me! You really love me!”
10. They were both nervous on their first date, but for different reasons. William was worried what Grell might do or say. Grell spent three hours selecting just the right outfit, shoes, and accessories but silently questioned those selections the rest of the night. Grell was surprisingly demure at the nice restaurant William had selected, and William found the experience to be quite pleasant.
11. William will roll up a newspaper or take off a shoe to kill spiders for Grell. Grell thinks this is “oooh, so manly.” Though pigeons mostly eat seeds, leaves, and fruit, they will occasionally eat bugs, so William sometimes (when Grell is not around) catches them and feeds them to his pigeons.
12. Grell loudly proclaims love for Will whenever possible; it’s louder after a few drinks. William doesn’t tolerate alcohol too well and just sort of mumbles about love until he nods off on Grell’s shoulder.

I hope that works for you!