william pearse

On This Day: May 4
  • 1886: Haymarket riot in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1895: Premier of French anarchist Jean Grave’s journal Les Temps Nouveaux.
  • 1916: Joseph Plunkett, William Pearse, Edward Daly, Michael O'Hanrahan are executed by the British for his role in the Irish Easter Uprising.
  • 1919: Kinmel Park Riots by Canadian soldiers in Wales due to delays in repatriation. Up to 15,000 troops involved.
  • 1919: Peking students’ protest; start of May 4th Movement.
  • 1919: Battle of the Barricades on Fremantle, Australia waterfront. Wharf laborers, strikebreakers & police clash. One is killed and 33 injured.
  • 1926: The first day of the British General Strike.
  • 1931: Start of the Harlan County coal miners’ strike in Kentucky. The song “Which Side Are You On?” written about events .
  • 1937: General strike in Barcelona.
  • 1961: Freedom Riders: Civil Rights activists travel on public buses and trains across the American South to personally confront and challenge segregation.
  • 1970: The Angry Brigade bombed the US Embassy in London.
  • 1970: Kent State shootings. The fatal shooting of 4 unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard.
  • 1986: The Australian Anarchist Centenary Celebrations ends.
  • 1998: Ukraine strike by coal miners over unpaid wages.