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Vicente Guerrero, an illiterate Black Indian guerilla General during the Mexican Revolution, took his army into the Sierra Madre mountains where he trained them to wrest their country from Spain’s colonialism - and also taught himself to read and write. Mexico’s ruling white elite mocked his lack of education and called him a “triple-blooded outsider.” But in 1829 after Guerrero came down from his mountain refuge, he became President of Mexico, the first Black Indian head of state. Guerrero wrote Mexico’s constitution, emancipated its slaves, ended racial discrimination and abolished the death penalty.
—  William Loren Katz, ‘President Hugo Chavez And The Rise Of Black Indian Power’, Motion Magazine

📚Black History

Black Women of the Old West – William Loren Katz  

Black women were always part of America’s westward expansion. Some escaped slavery to live with the Native Americans, while others traveled west after the Civil War to settle the new lands. They came as servants and as independent pioneers struggling to make a life in the wilderness.