william klein daido moriyama


As you can see my name is Marcus. I’m a photography amateur, monochrome enthusiast, hobby musician, having a full time job in an office to pay the rent.

I am currently living in vienna, but i also like to travel a lot. That’s where my passion for photography originally came from. I started during summer holidays as a little kid with analog one way cameras and since the first “click” I’m kind of addicted to the sound and the way a camera works. I didn’t show my work a lot online till I figured out that tumblr has a really nice community. So I decided to create a blog showing my favourite black and white pictures of the past 6 years.

When it comes to photography I really like the “classics” e.g.: Henri Cartier Bresson, Vivian Maier, Daido Moriyama, William Klein,…. ok there are too many.

I like to shoot anything that’s eyecatching to me. It’s mostly street scenes, people and buildings in interesting light, architecture and landscapes.

I don’t think that the type of camera is very important for my kind of photography but in case you’re interested, that’s the gear I own: Ricoh Gr, Canon 5Dmii, Canon A1, Canon AE, Olympus µ2

Havin also a music background I always try to give my pictures a certain rythm. I guess that’s something music an photography have in common. I try to create those rythms with contrasts, shadows and light. And that’s where i try to find my own imagery.

my instagram: and hardly used