william kirchner

Happy Birthday, Ian!- Life on the Hobbit set 25th May 2011

A group of casually dressed dwarves is presenting Gandalf (with a bruise, Dol Guldur?) with a gorgeous cake, and a knife (in stead of a sword) to cut it…

Adam, Jed and Dean are probably singing Happy Birthday, William is posing like a perfect page, and Ian is delighted.

In the days when Dean’s beard is growing longer and wilder, it is both funny and sweet at the same time to see Dean with cropped hair, a growing beard and his infamously shaved moustache…

Franzi's tales from Ring*Con Part 109480910:

During one of the Panels with William Kirchner (Bifur) I asked a question (can’t even remember about what) but then I quoted Martin Freeman saying “I’m in the fucking Hobbit, playing the fucking Hobbit.” and Mark Ferguson called me foul mouthed.

During one of the Panels with Craig Parker (Haldir) I asked him what in his opinion his personal best performance was and he said “Oh, I was great in Harry Potter!” (I was Cosplaying as Luna) and then when everyone laughed, he turned to Mark going “or wasn’t I in that one?” and I told him about the upcoming movie of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. He asked me to explain what it was about and I told him it was about the Author of Harry’s school-book, set in 1920’s New York. Only I corrected myself saying “Well America anyway, I’m not sure about New York.” to which Craig replied. “News Flash: New York is in America”

During one of Rupert Young’s (Sir Leon) panels Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) came up to ask whether Rupert thought Sir Leon could take Loras in a fight. But Rupert said he’d never seen Game of Thrones, so he couldn’t answer.

During the Game of Thrones panel Rupert Young came to get payback and asked a question, saying he’d never seen their show and after they’d answered his question he was like. “Thank you so, so much for answering my question. I’ll definitely go check out your show now. As soon as I’m home I’ll go watch Lord of the Rings.”