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Italics: Khuzdul 


She will get herself killed,” you hear from the salt and pepper haired dwarf behind you. Even though he was speaking a completely different language, you could understand exactly what he had said.

Growing up as a human in Rivendell, you had requested that you be taught the language of the elves and dwarves as well. Westron was easy because that’s all your mother spoke. The other languages not so much. Lord Elrond made it his duty to teach you and he taught you well.

“Bifur, I do not understand why you are so worried. The lass will be fine,” Bofur replies, making you smile.

The company did not approve of a human female joining their quest, but with a little help from Gandalf, you were allowed to join. 

“I just do not want to see her get hurt,” Bifur replies and you walk further ahead, knowing that this conversation is a private one.

You stand next to Gandalf and he smiles down at you. “I think it’s time you tell them that you can actually understand what they’re saying,” he says and you smile back up at him. 

“What would be the fun in that?” you ask and he laughs, but your smile turns into a frown. “What is it child?” he asks. “I feel that Bifur may have feelings for me,” you reply. “Isn’t that a good thing? Not four moons ago did you tell Fili and Kili that you liked him as well,” he says and you glare at the two heads in front of you.

You had told them that in confidence. 

“It is a good thing, but I am a human woman. There is so much differences between us that it’ll become overwhelming. “My dear, y/n. If you truly like each other, then you will both find away to overcome the differences,” he says and you look ahead of you thoughtfully. 

You feel him nudge you and he nods towards the back where you left Bifur and Bofur. You smile and fall back once again.

The two cousins look at you for a moment and you turn towards Bofur. “I would like to speak to Bifur alone if you don’t mind,” you tell him and his eyes widen a bit and he nods, walking away quickly. 

You turn towards Bifur and he’s looking everywhere but you. “I heard what you said earlier,” you say and he finally looks at you. “That was not something that was meant for your ears,” he says.

“I know. I didn’t mean to, but its hard not to when you’re speaking so loudly,” you retort. After a few moments of silence, he speaks again. “It is true. I do not want to see you get hurt. You mean the world to me,” he says, reaching for your hand. You happily take it.

I will be fine. I’ve got a strong dwarf protecting me,” you tell him and he smiles, happy that he found his One.