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‘The Greatest American Hero’: Hannah Simone Gets The Lead In ABC Reboot Pilot
With New Girl coming to an end, series’ co-star Hannah Simone has been tapped for the title role in ABC’s single-camera comedy pilot The Greatest American Hero, from the Fresh Off the B…
By Nellie Andreeva

In the re-imagining with a gender switch of Steven J. Cannell’s 1981 cult classic, the unlikely (super)hero at the center, played by William Katt in the original, is being reconceived as an Indian-American woman.


Even if you’re doing something that’s comedic, that doesn’t make the real parts any less real. You know what I mean? The real parts have to be real because it’s a story that we’re telling. I’m having to channel what somebody else is going through. It’s an uncle and a nephew conversation that is as deep as it can possibly be. - Katt Williams (x)

Intimacy while fat.

I want to have a conversation with my fellow fat folk on here about sex and intimacy AS a fat person, and how important it is to be with someone who is not just “okay with” or “doesn’t mind” your fat. How important it is that when you are in love with yourself for who you are and are working on your self love, that you have intimate partners who aren’t only touching up on you when you’re alone. Who wanna rub up on your belly and your rolls and your dimples and shit, not just recite Drake ‘BBW’ lyrics and recycled Katt Williams’ jokes about stretch marks. It’s important to me that I am with someone who likes and loves everything about me, including every inch of my presently fat body. Someone who can and wants to be around me in my cute ass tank top and panties with my belly out and my legs kicked up on the couch cute as shit. Someone who sees those bad days, those dark days when I don’t love myself as much and I’m feeling down about myself, and is able to pull me up and remind me how amazing I am. Someone who isn’t fetishizing my fat but sees that I love myself and I’m still working on loving myself and my fat body, and is an active part of that love.

Let me make myself very clear, this isn’t about me needing someone to find me sexy in spite of my fat…this is about my desire to share my life and my intimacy with someone who isn’t looking past my fat in order to find me sexy or desirable. It’s a package deal, me AND my fat. Not just that you see the potential for me to be smaller someday and you’re sticking around for that. Cuz even if I do lose weight (for me) I’ll still be fat, and I don’t don’t want anyone around me who can’t love me without wanting to fix what ain’t broken.