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Rise of The Guardians 2 Teaser Trailer

Happy 5th anniversary!

Here’s a doodle of Jack Frost for the change in the weather. ❄️🌨❄️

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I see a lot of people mixing Guardians of Childhood books with the Rise of the Guardians movie, and I’m totally into that, I love it when people do that, 

but the books and movie are actually pretty different. I wanted to make a fine line between what is in the books, and what is in the movie. That way, people won’t get confused or we can look at things from a different perspective. 

I probably have left out a lot, and maybe forgotten a few things, but these are just the basics. 

There are still a few books yet to come out for The Guardians of Childhood, so we don’t have full confirmation for a lot of things. 

As for the movie, I really don’t see a sequel happening anytime soon, so I just went with the information we were given. 

Otherwise, feel free to use this as a reference for any art or fan fictions you guys want to make! Any questions? Go ahead and ask~ <3 

~~~~Guardians of Childhood VS Rise of the guardians ~~~~

Steve season 1: *regular fans* omggg steve is such a douchebagg uh just die

Steve season 2: omg I love you best dad babysitter Mom father fiGURE EVER AWH

And I’m that weirdo who has liked him since season 1 that nobody understood and I have no regrets


you saw that little girl, and she was in the sandbox, and she was crying. you gave her your tonka truck. and I told you we couldn’t afford to buy another one.