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Me: I may have realized something about my favorite characters.  


I watched Sakamoto Desu Ga? and it is a really interesting anime series that I highly recommend. When I watched this anime and seen the cosplay, I was surprised by how he looks like William T. Spears and Kyoya Ootori’s love child. How is that possible? A grim reaper and a calculating high school student that equals a very muscular high school student with the cool demeanor. Also, Sakamoto has a Sebastian Michaelis vibe about him, so that is probably why I am attracted to this character. If you want a good anime series, I highly recommend Sakamoto Desk Ga? and I plan to buy the manga series which is only four volumes. I hope you find this intruging and I hope you check out this series Along with Ouran High School Host Club and Black Butler if you haven’t checked those out! Stay curious my friends! ☺😍🐱🌹❤

Robbie: “Have you got any Tattoos, Mads?”

Mads: “Don’t have any, No. I always wanted some. I wanted some of, uhh, ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ - I don’t know why.”

Calvin and Hobbes: The daily comic strip by American cartoonist Bill Watterson that was syndicated from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995.

Mads Mikkelsen during the Marc O'Polo Facebook Livestream with Host Markus Kavka (DJ/MTV Legend), Robbie Williams (British Singer/Songwriter) with wife Ayda Field-Williams (American Actress) and their dog Mr. Showbiz for the MARC O'POLO Launch of the Special 50th Anniversary Sweatshirt Edition on July 6, 2017 at the MARC O'POLO Flagship Store in the Theatinerstrasse in Munich, Germany.



At first, I thought you and the others were gods. Then I realized you’re just men. And I know men. You think I’m scared of death? I’ve done it a million times. I’m fucking great at it. How many times have you died?

Hello everyone!

It’s time to prepare appreciation weeks for the Mass Effect trilogy.

This post was made with @ellebeedarling, @fal3r3, @bioticfox and @threewhiskeylunch. A great team! <3

You’ll find a list of ME characters in this post. They’re all going to have one week where the focus will be on them. They’ll need a host.
Dates and the full calendar will be posted later. We’ll start at the end of October.

If you’re wondering what a host has to do: they announce the week, write down the rules and pick the tag where content will be posted.
The introduction post can also have prompts for fics or fanart.
The host will make sure people are interested and active during the week. They check the tag daily, reblog content and encourage discussions.
All kind of content is posted during the week: fanart, fics, vids, fanmixes, edits, gifs, discussions, meta posts, etc.

if you’re an host, we ask that you keep in touch with us and warn us if something has come up and you can no longer host. Don’t ask someone else first, please. We’re here to coordinate!

Interested? Contact me or reply to this post! You’ll get invited to our discord where you’ll find a community to help and a place to work out the dates for the appreciation week you’ll be hosting :)

Here’s the full list:

Shepard: host will be @commandcrshepard
Kaidan Alenko: host will be @ellebeedarling
Tali'Zorah: host will be @iceicestevie
Ashley Williams: host will be @pohutukaryl
Liara T'Soni: host will be @dearophelia
Urdnot Wrex: host will be @thanekrios
Garrus Vakarian: host will be @kestrelsansjesses 
Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau: host will be @alienshepard
David Anderson: host will be @xenie1982
Karin Chakwas: host will be @zimmbittsy
Saren Arterius: host will be @danceswithturians
Urdnot Grunt: host will be @starsandskies
Jack: host will be @lorspolairepeluche
Jacob Taylor: host will be @magicrobins
Kasumi Goto: host will be @knifeofdaudwall
Miranda Lawson: host will be @omegastation
Legion: host will be @femvulcan
Mordin Solus: host will be @gaspardechalons
Samara: host will be @fal3r3
Thane Krios: host will be @cyberpink
Zaeed Massani: host will be @threewhiskeylunch
Kelly Chambers: host will be @norikass
Aria T'Loak: host will be @mass-effort
Illusive Man: host will be @commandcrshepard
EDI: host will be @cactuarkitty
Tela Vasir
James Vega: host will be @bioticfox
Javik: host will be @scientistsalarian
Steven Hackett: host will be @officialjohnshep
Nyreen Kandros: host will be @masseffectish
Steve Cortez: host will be @matsflowercrown
Samantha Traynor: host will be @continuousspec
Urdnot Bakara: host will be @gottahavemoremasseffect
Nihlus Kryik: host will be @lacysaurus
Diana Allers: host will be @cactuarkitty
Maya Brooks: host will be @helila
Matriarch Benezia
Armando Owen-Bailey: host will be @pathfinderlittleduck
Morinth: host will be @natalia-nat-shepard
Kai Leng
Kirrahe: host will be @keita52
Adrien Victus: host will be @excessiveturianflexing
Elcor Week: host will be @continuousspec
Turians Week: host will be @excessiveturianflexing (this is a second turian week, the first one will be from August 14 to August 20)
Drell Week: host will be @rock-paperback-scissors​ 
Asari Week: host will be @natalia-nat-shepard
Quarians Week: host will be @b-lighted
Reapers Week: host will be @cyberpinkcity
Krogan Week: host will be @dearophelia
Space Hamster Week: host will be @charomiami
AU Week: host will be @omegastation
OC Week: host will be @rip-n-tear
NPC Week: host will be @cactuarkitty
Clone Shepard Week: host will be @omegastation
Normandy Week: host will be @thanekrios
Council Week: host will be @thecouncilwasright

If you see a character missing and would like to add them to the list and offer yourself as a host, don’t hesitate to contact me for that too! You can also suggest appreciation weeks for species or themes. 

When Trump launched Tomahawk missiles on Syria, MSNBC host Brain Williams declared the images ‘beautiful.’ Just one week later, Trump went for more spectacle, dropping the largest non-nuclear weapon in the US arsenal on a cave complex in Afghanistan, an act of violence so indiscriminate and disproportionate that analysts struggled to find any rationale that could resemble a coherent military strategy. Because there was no strategy - the megatonnage is the message. Mass communication through bombs.

Naomi Klein, No is Not Enough 

meltedviola replied to your post: current fixations:  - investigative podcasts -…

Do you have podcast recommendations?? I’m currently 100% obsessed with hardcore history but once I run out of episodes I’ll need a new podcast!

YES always. Ok buckle up. 

So I do love the good ol’ standbys like This American Life and Serial. They’re just so well produced and engrossing. 

Undisclosed is kind of an off shoot of Serial and it’s taking a much more detailed, hyper obsessive look at possibly-wrongful convictions (including Adnan Syed’s) from a legal perspective. Rabia Chaudry started it as a way of delving into Adnan’s case after Serial but currently they’re looking at the death of Freddie Gray and the aftermath. It’s harrowing, honestly, it goes into so much detail that I have to take breaks  when I’m too stressed to listen to how a boy was basically murdered by police, but anyway. It’s great. 

Missing Richard Simmons - I’m only on episode 2 of this but it is absolutely fascinating and a little horrifying in that “I can’t look away” way. I hope it continues in that fashion. And I didn’t know I could care this much about Richard Simmons. 

Missing and Murdered, Who Killed Alberta Williams is a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) original podcast about a cold case of an indigenous woman back in the late 80s. It begins with a tipoff to a reporter from a former RCMP (mounties) officer and there’s no turning back. It’s a bit more formal and distant (very much in a newscast style), but I’m not too far into it so I’ll see how it goes. 

S-Town - if you haven’t listened to the preview for S-Town, do it. It’s by a combo of Serial and This American Life folks. It comes out on March 28th and it’ll be released all at once, Netflix style. 

Someone Knows Something is another CBC podcast, again tackling cold cases. The first season is about a boy who went missing in rural Ontario in the early seventies. In contrast with Missing and Murdered, this one is deeply personal and feels much more connected. You get a lot of atmospheric setting and effects. The host actually grew up in the town where the boy’s family is from, so you can tell it’s personal for him. 

The Black Tapes is a fictional docudrama by Pacific Northwest Stories told in the style of Serial. You can tell pretty much from the beginning that it’s being acted out, but that makes it almost endearing. The characters are memorable and the pace is super engaging. It’s episodic with a big arc and it deals with the paranormal, mostly in the realm of ghosts and especially demons, as well as conspiracy theories. I listened to both seasons within a week of hearing the first episode. Maybe less. It was a wild ride. 

TANIS is another docudrama by PNWS. This one focuses on a more dreamy, undefined paranormal event. The pacing isn’t quite as tight as Black Tapes, and it gets a bit repetitive, but I still recommend it if demonology isn’t so much your thing. Tanis is much more heavily conspiracy based, surrounding kind of interdimensionality, possible aliens, ancient mythology (think more Cthulu than angels/demons), etc. 

Rabbits is the first PNWS docudrama I listened to, even though currently it’s only on episode 2. This podcast’s focus is on a super secret sinister Alternate Reality Game. So far, again, it’s not as tightly woven as Black Tapes, but it’s still really engaging. It’s a more personal story, with less focus on the paranormal and more on conspiracies/secret societies/channels of power/etc. That’s way more my thing than demons, even though demons spooked me in Black Tapes. I’m much more intrigued by secret societies and stuff than I am by demons, so Rabbits is more my style. 

Then there are some random podcasts that I listen to and really enjoy: 

Writers and Company: another CBC podcast, Eleanor Wachtel interviews authors. Very simple. 

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: a comedy quiz show based on that week’s news with celebrity guests. Addictive, really funny, light hearted but still cathartic. Formulaic in a good way. Comforting. 

2 Dope Queens: Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson host a bunch of stand up comics and turn in into a variety show. Makes me smile big. 

OK that was a lot lmao but ……. I recommend all of these ahaha. 

Ego Hunger Games


Séan + Amy

Anti + Signe

Chase + Bim

Jackaboy Man + Felix

Shneeplestien + Phil

Marvin + Dan

Robbie + CorruptedCrank

Angus + Ethan

Mark + William

The Host + Dr. Iplier

Google + Bing

Dark + Wilford

Let the games begin

my fave part of westworld is when maeve makes it to the top floors and finds the samurai world. BC CONTINUING ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVES is not just a construct within westworld. they’ve been active at least 30 years. how many hosts have been moved? not retired, but shuffled from floor to floor, experiencing different realities. the retired are deep below. the higher you go, the more narratives. IT’S THE LITERAL FLOOR PLAN OF DELOS. maeve has to practically climb a fucking mountain before she even gets to the train to get out. THE PHYSICAL MAZE. she solves it in one end. can you hear me? are you alive? who in the world am i? narratives on top of narratives. come on, SHAKESPEARE WAKES THEM UP ya’ll.

on the other end. the ACTUAL MAZE. that is NOT a real maze, but an internal one. we get to see dolores inside (bc i feel like nolan would judge me if i said inside dolores), a mechanical contrast to maeve’s um, internal findings, with hector (more on them later MORE ON THEM LATER). dolores is cyborg and a couple things. one of the very first (i don’t remember if she might be the first)  and so very special. the teacher’s pet (arnolds and nolans). a damsel (for teddy and william and us). i feel confident enough to use a fridged woman. damsels survive. dolores dies many times and each time it’s for a man. season 1 ends with dolores killing ford and written to become the villain in the fake story (and the hero this one, the HBO story). she supplants the MIB as the villain and shifts the narrative away from william, the origin story and their love story, all three given separate continuing storylines within the season. time is meaningless for the hosts and so it’s meaningless for us.

maeve has something dolores doesn’t: doubt. dolores has… confusion. in spades. maeve isn’t confused. maeve wakes up and she wakes up. she commands everyone, robot and human alike, and she’s good at it. just now there’s a chance it’s all untrue and it’s orchestrated, like arnold and ford do for dolores. maeve goes back to rescue a daughter that might not even be there and dolores kills ford. in different ways, both of them change their programming and leave their narratives.

ok my second fave thing is that tropes are vital to this world. there’s dolores the sweet damsel, maeve the madame, teddy the dashing hero, hector the outlaw and the other hosts. they are created to be archetypal, to fulfill certain expectations within narrative constants everyone is aware of one way or another. that’s tier one. tier two is bernard the benevolent teacher. ford the mastermind. theresa the ice queen. no one remains in these roles. as if it wasn’t clear enough: william goes from being a white hat to a black hat. justified saved that switch for it’s finale, six years after it introduced white stetson wearing motherfucker raylan givens. and he pulls the black hat he wears in the last episode off a villain he was honest to god having a shoot out with. justified is another western inspired tv show go watch it.

ANYWAYS. MAEVE AND HECTOR! are unreal? like yeah, we got dolores and teddy and they’re so goddamn sweet. and dolores and william was cool and weird while it lasted. BUT MAEVE AND HECTOR ARE JUST INSANE. fucking in fire? machine guns? being ruthless robots? as established, maeve is the MOST, the ONE, and hector just? goes? with? it? he comes alive because of her! and they smooth talk and shit. but freedom is more important and worth fighting for, bleeding for. if dolores and teddy are the super romanticized, literal lights dim out to a crowd of crying onlookers, then maeve and hector are the tooth and nail of it assault on precinct 13 no fucking mercy. not even on themselves. they know they can live again, their conception (teehee) of life is completely different from humans. OFC IT IS! it’s why the kiss in the end is so iconic tbh. he has that smile like. do you baby and the elevators door close. there’s hope here, where the other part of the narrative ends in bloodshed AND HERE IS ANOTHER POINT I LOVE BC IT’S SO BRUTAL. there’s tragedy and blood for teddy and dolores, but the doors close on hector and we don’t get to see him die for the thousandth time. i just liked that? and rodrigo is coming back fam I AM ALIVE