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Poltergeist (1982)

Director - Tobe Hooper, Cinematography - Matthew F. Leonetti

“I don’t know what hovers over this house, but it was strong enough to punch a hole into this world and take your daughter away from you. It keeps Carol Anne very close to it and away from the spectral light. It LIES to her, it tells her things only a child could understand. It has been using her to restrain the others. To her, it simply IS another child. To us, it is the BEAST.”

The Finale

This is The Finale of my “William Hooper” Series. Thank you for your kind support throughout the series. Hope you find them delightful and entertaining.

Here are the previous parts;

The Holmes’Boys , The Dream , The Meeting(1) ,The Meeting (2),The Ho(l)mesThe Pain The Mission (1) The Mission (2)and The End(1)




The Finale

Day 3
Violet & Siger Holmes’ home
11.00 am.

William was saying his goodbye to his grandpa and grandma. To everyone’s dismay, Sherlock had finally accepted Molly’s request to stay out of her life. The monthly visit schedule had be arranged for William to meet up with the Holmes. 

Mycroft:  If you want to go back to Australia, let me know. I will make sure everything is arranged for you.

Molly: Thank you, but I’m not quite sure that Maggie will want me back, Mike.

Mycroft (narrowed his eyes): Mike?

Molly (smirked): My boss, Margaret calls you that. I thought “Mike” is to be used only within the family.

Mycroft: (rolled his eyes) That woman is too persistent.

Molly: Yes, she is. She tried to call me Moll but I didn’t let her.

Mycroft: Good on you, Miss Hooper. Alright, I suppose it is time. Athena, will take you and William home. Sherlock and I will not be far behind.  

Two black cars were then parked in front of Violet & Siger Holmes’ farmhouse. Mycroft’s personal assistant, Athena, got out and opened the car door for Molly and William.  The boy hugged his father and his uncle tightly and said his last goodbyes. Mycroft awkwardly accepted the affection with some light pats on the five year-old’s back. 

Sherlock took his last glimpse of Molly as she was to step into the black car. The longing in his eyes caught Molly’s attention but she then quickly turned away from him and looked out the car window instead.   


After an hour driving, Athena stopped at a petrol station close to a train level crossing. William and Molly were in a small cafe, buying some lunch. The boy spotted Sherlock’s car passing by the station.

William: (frowned) I thought Daddy and Uncle Mike are to stop here for lunch too.

Molly: Maybe they changed their minds. Uncle Mycroft is a busy man, baby.

William: No, something is not right here, Mummy. I can feel it.

Molly: You spent too much time with you father, William.

William: I’ll go ask Athena.

William ran off to Athena before Molly could say a word. She paid for the lunches and follow her son out of the cafe. 

Molly almost collapsed when she saw an express train crashed into the black car that Sherlock was driving and dragging it a mile away from the crashing spot. 


Police officers, firemen and paramedics quickly arrived and blocking everyone out of the scene. Molly lost her patient and pushed her way into the area. 

Officer: Please stay out, miss.  

Molly: Let me in! My…(paused)…husband is in that bloody car. I need to see if he is alright!

Athena showed her badge, nodded and the officer then easily let Molly in. 

Officer: Alright, madam. Just you though.

Molly: Thank you. (to William) Will, stay with Athena, OK? (to Athena) Can I trust you with my son, Athena?

Athena: It’s my job to protect both of you, Molly. 

William: But Mummy…

Molly: Please don’t argue with me now, Will.

Molly then rushed into the accidental scene. Paramedics transported injured train passengers to the hospital while the the firemen tried to put out the fire from the car explosion. The heat from the burning car scared her to the core. She looked around the chaos, scanning for Sherlock. The conversation that he had had with her the night before  echoed in her head.  

“Sherlock: (caressed her hand gently) Our boy will need a ring for his girl one day, Mummy.

Molly: You can give it to him yourself when the day comes.

Sherlock: I might not live to see that.

Molly: (frowned) I don’t like it when you say such things.

Sherlock: People die, Molly. It’s the cruelty but also the certainty of life. Now could you please take the ring?”

Molly caressed Sherlock’s ring on the necklace around her neck and prayed to see its owner again. She wished she had treated the love of her life differently.


Sherlock sat on an ambulance truck with a blue shock blanket around his shoulder. Mycroft stood nearby discussing the incident with an officer in charge. Both Holmes’ boys were bruised but very much alive.

Sherlock (to a paramedic who fussed with the bruise on his hand): I am OK, thank you. Go fuss with someone else, will you?

Mycroft: Just let the kind officer, do his job, little brother.

Sherlock: I’m in shock here, you see? I have my shock blanket on. Let me be!!

Paramedic shook his head in frustration and moved away. Sherlock then got the clear view of his Molly Hooper, rushing towards him. He stood up slowly and was almost knocked over by her tight hug. 

Molly: (mumbled as she was crying) I saw the train crashing your car and it exploded. I thought you were dead.

Sherlock hugged her back and soothed her with a kiss on her temple.

Sherlock: Shh…I’m OK, Molly. I’m OK.

Molly slowly broke away. Sherlock hold her hand closed to his heart. He recognized his ring on her left hand ring finger.

Sherlock: (smiled) My ring, you are wearing it?

Molly (blushed): I’m sorry. I suppose to keep it for William. I shouldn’t…

Sherlock caressed her cheek gently and grinned warmly.

Sherlock: You can do whatever you like with it, Molly. Like me, the ring belongs to you, only you. Asking you to keep it for our son was just my excuse to get you to accept it.

Molly: (chuckled) Keeping it for William was also my excuse. I want your ring so badly.

Sherlock: We will make this official as soon as we are back to London. (paused) If it is alright for you, of course.

Molly did not answer but kissed him passionately on the lips instead. The couple kissed and kissed like it was the first time their lips touched. Mycroft had to clear his throat more than twice to get their attention.

Sherlock: (moodily turned to Mycroft) For Pete’s sake, what?!!

Mycroft: I believe you have a son who wants your attention too, little brother.

William then ran into his parents’arms. The boy hugged his father tightly. Sherlock kissed the top of his head lovingly.

William: How did you and Uncle Mike do it? I saw the train hitting your car, Daddy.

Sherlock: We happened to be invincible, son.

Molly: (frowned) Lying is not a good way to begin your parenting journey, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (simpered) Alright, my car was sabotaged . We suspected that it might be one of your Uncle Mike’s archenemies. We got out just in time before the crash.

William: But how?

Sherlock: You are the smart one. Can’t you just figure it out?

William: (narrowed his eyes) You could just tell me frankly that you need time alone with Mummy, you know? Don’t need to distract me with the puzzle, Daddy.

Molly: (blushed) It’s not what you think, baby, Of course..we want you here with us.

William: (shook his head) And you are the most terrible liar, Mummy.

Sherlock: So?

William: Alright,  alright…I will just go talk to Uncle Mike about the incident then. One last thing though…

Sherlock: Hm?

William: I want a little sister…not a brother please.

Molly: What are you talking about, love? We are not to have a baby or anything.

William: (shrugged) You will, Mummy, very soon. The way that the two of you kiss, told me a lot.

Molly: (blushed and frowned) You have been reading my romance novel again, William. We really need to work on the list of books and information that you can access to.

Sherlock & William: (said in unison) Why??


Sherlock & Molly Holmes’ House

Living Room, Sunday 3 pm.

William was reading a book on the sofa while the thirty weeks pregnant Molly Holmes was doing her yoga exercise. The doorbell rang repeatedly. 

Molly: Will, could you please answer the door for me? 

William: It’s Daddy…I don’t understand how a genius detective like him, keeps losing his house key.

Molly: It’s because he  likes you to open the door for him. He misses you more than anyone in the world, William.

William: How do you know? 

Molly: Because he has never lost his key at night after your bedtime or during the weekdays when you are at school.

William: (stared at Molly in amazement) ………..

Molly: What?

William: So this is why Daddy loves you so much.

Molly: (rolled her eyes) Go open the door for your Daddy, William. 

William: (stood up and grinned) I love you too, Mummy!


Alice Violet Holmes was born on the 4th of July 2020. The baby girl had her father’s green eyes and Violet Holmes’ straight and beautiful red hair. Molly always complaint that all of her children had the Holmes’ dominant genes which Sherlock seemed to be too proud of.

William adapted to the role of a big brother very well, too well that he accidentally drove every boy in Alice’s kindergarten class away. The little Holmes’ girl did not mind it though. For Alice Holmes, the other children tended to be the most boring being in the world.


Finally I finished this…Hooray!!!
She Should Be
  • **221B Baker Street. Sherlock and Archie are sitting on the couch, with his laptop on the coffee table in front of them. Rosie is dozing in her Moses basket next to Sherlock.**
  • Archie: *browses through crime scene photos* Is Dr Hooper coming over?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Yes. *glances at Archie with a smile* Molly's promised to bring a heart after work. We're experimenting on it once your parents pick you up.
  • Archie: *nods* My mum watches this show called 'Murdoch Mysteries'. It's about Detective Murdoch, who's like you if you were a Canadian copper in the old-timey era.
  • Sherlock: What kind of 'old-timey' era? Regency? Victorian? Edwardian?
  • Archie: Victorian, I think.
  • Sherlock: *types on his phone* What about this Murdoch character?
  • Archie: He uses new, scientific methods to solve murders, just like on 'CSI'. But his methods are only called that cos they're in the Victorian era and his boss prefers old-school ways of solving murders.
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone down next to his laptop* What does that have to do with Molly coming over later?
  • Archie: Detective Murdoch has a girlfriend. She looks at the corpses at crime scenes and works on them at the morgue to find out what killed them and stuff. They get along great as friends. She supports him all the time, and he trusts her skills and knowledge. She helps him out a lot too. Dr Ogden's like Dr Hooper. That's why she's your girlfriend!
  • Sherlock: *stares at Archie* Molly isn't my girlfriend!
  • Archie: *turns to Sherlock* She's not?! *stares at the photo of a severed head* *frowns* Oh. *glances at Sherlock and shrugs* She should be.
  • Molly: *walks in carrying a small cooler* Hello, boys! *looks sheepish when Rosie starts to fuss* Whoops! *goes over to the basket to pick up the crying baby* Sorry, Rosie!
  • Sherlock: *stands up* *takes the cooler from Molly* She'll need feeding soon, so I'll go warm her bottle.
  • Sherlock & Molly: *work together to change Rosie's nappies, feed her, and put her back to sleep*
  • Archie: *opens folder of more gruesome photos* *mumbles to himself* Yep, she's his girlfriend.
  • **Later, after the Watsons and Archie's parents pick up the kids.**
  • Sherlock: *gathers Molly in his arms and kisses her*
  • Molly: *kisses him back after a moment* *gives him a shocked look when they come up for air* Wh-what was that for?!
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Archie helped me realise something.
  • Molly: Realise what?
  • Sherlock: That you should be my girlfriend. Or wife, if you pref––Mmmmmmmph!
  • Molly: *snogs the daylights out of him*

This is the continuation of my “William Hooper” Series. Here are the links the the previous parts. Thank you for your kind support. Hope you find it delightful. XOXOX

The Holmes’Boys , The Dream , The Meeting(1) ,The Meeting (2),The Ho(l)mesThe Pain


The Mission (1)

Molly: I want you out of my life, Mr.Holmes. I have my rights as William’s mother. If you truly want your place in his life, you must comply to my request.

Sherlock: I need more time to consider this thoroughly, Molly.

Molly: Three days then, Mr.Holmes, three days.

Day One-
Molly’s flat, Central,London
7.20 pm.

Molly: Thank you, Mycroft, for Toby and the flat.

Mycroft: Although I have never been moved by any collateral damage, I’m not proud of the pain I have caused you and Sherlock.

Molly: Pain? You brother? I don’t think so.

Mycroft: My little brother is more than vulnerable without you, Miss Hooper.


Day Two-
Molly’s flat, Central,London
5.00 am.

William opened the door for his “Daddy” to sneak in very early in the morning. Mycroft had left the five year-old a cell phone so the Holmes’boys could text one another without being noticed.

William: ‘Daddy’, you brought it?

Sherlock: (beamed warmly) Hm? Brought what, ‘son’?

William (rolled his eyes): The ring, you have it in your pocket. Don’t pretend that you don’t.

Sherlock: You have already known the answer. What is the point of asking then?

William: I just want to be sure.

Sherlock: (grinned) So you do not trust me?

William: (frowned) I trust you, Daddy but this is important; you are to propose, Mummy to say yes and I get to be with both of you. I want to make sure everything will work out as planned.

Sherlock: (patted the boy’s shoulder) And it will, with you, me and (grinned cunningly) ‘Uncle Mike’ together, everything is possible.

William: Mike? That’s Uncle Mycroft’s nickname?

Sherlock: Yessss, that’s what your grandmother calls him, privately used within the family.

William: Should I call him that too?

Sherlock: He will certainly love that, Will.

William: Okay, if you said so. Here is Mummy’s room. We have about two hours before she normally wakes up.

Sherlock peered inside the bedroom and was warmed by what he saw; his Molly was sleeping peacefully in her old bed again.
Over the years, he had dreamed about this far too many times that he could not help but wonder if this was the reality or the madness had finally gotten him. The consulting detective stepped inside the room quietly.

William (whispered): What are you doing? This is not in the plan.

Sherlock: Could I have a minute with your mother, Will?

William: But…

Sherlock: Please, for the sake of my sanity, son. I need to do this.

William (frowned and sighed): A minute, alright? We have a lot to do, Daddy.


Molly had a strange dream about Sherlock Holmes again. He was not in his coat this time, but in his favorite purple shirt and trousers. He beamed down at here and kissed her forehead.

Sherlock: Go back to sleep, Molly. There are a few hours before dawn.

Molly: (grinned and cupped his cheeks) You are home. How was the case?

Sherlock: (kissed he palm) Closed, Lestrade will handle the rest.

Molly: Good, come to bed then. You must be exhausted.

Sherlock complied without a word. He cuddled with her and kissed the top of her head lovingly.

Sherlock: I miss you.

Molly smiled into his chest, snuggled close to him and drifted back to her sleep.


Text messages between William and Mycroft:

Daddy is still in Mummy’s room. We are 30 minutes behind our schedule. Send back up.-WH. 5.30 am.

On their way.-MH 5.32 am.

Thank you, Uncle Mike.-WH 5.33 am.

Uncle Mike??-MH 5.34 am.

Daddy told me that you would like it if I call you Uncle Mike, wouldn’t you?-WH 5.35 am.

Your father and I have a lot to discuss after this.-MH 5.36 am.


A beautiful brunette in black arrived at Molly’s flat 10 minutes later. She quickly prepared some romantic breakfast in bed, good coffee and flowers as William bossed her around with such agitation.

The brunette: All set, little boss.

William: Thank you…(Blushed) Sorry, but I didn’t get to know your name, miss.

The brunette: At last you ask. I’m Athena, and yes, the goddess in Greek Myths, Athena.

William: There is nothing fictitious about you, Athena, For me, you are the real goddess.

Athena: Oh…Little sweet talker, I wish you were 20 years older.

William: You read my mind.

Athena placed a little kiss on the tip of his nose, texted Mycroft and left the flat quietly.


Molly’s bedroom-7.00 am.

An hour later, Molly woke in Sherlock’s arms. It was difficult for her to separate dream from reality.

Sherlock lied watching her quietly. She reached out the touch his cheek.

Sherlock: I was not made of stones, Molly. If you keep doing this, I will lose control.

Molly: Lose control?

Sherlock: My strong urge to kiss you senseless is painfully hard to resist.

Molly gently traced her fingers over his lips. He moved closer and brushed his lips over hers. The couple poured their hunger for each other into the one kiss. Once she decided to break away, he nestled her cheek against his throat and rested his chin on top of her head.

Sherlock: Just a little longer, Molly.

Molly: (grinned warmly) I hate to wake up too but William must be worried. I don’t normally sleep in.

Sherlock: (sighed) This is not a dream, Molly.

Molly: (frowned) What are you talking about? This is only happening inside my head like it always does, doesn’t it?

He did not respond but tightened his hold of her. She then came to the full realization that his presence in her very bed was real.

She suddenly pushed him away, sprang out of bed, grabbed the alarm clock on the bedside table and threw it at him.


Kitchen-7.30 am.

Sherlock sat at the dinning table. William stood on a chair and tended to a nasty bruise on his father’s head with a bag of ice. Molly sat in her armchair further away in the living room, fuming.

William: Are you sure that you do not want me to get Uncle Mike? The bruise is turning purple now, Daddy.

Sherlock: I’ve been stabbed, shot at and bombed-out of my flat, Will. I’m pretty sure that I could survive your mother’s handy work.

William: (sighed) I’ve told you to stick to the plan, Daddy.

Sherlock: (grinned) ‘We’ have gotten carried away further than I have expected, son.

William: We? You and Mummy?I’m five and I don’t want to know the detail, Daddy.

Molly walked into the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe.

Molly: I think it’s time for you to leave, Mr.Holmes.

William: But Daddy’s head hurts very bad, Mummy.

Sherlock moaned dramatically in the background.

Molly: (Ignored Sherlock) Uncle John is a very competent doctor, William. I am sure he won’t let your Daddy suffers long.

William: Mummy please, Daddy is…

Molly: You are grounded for two weeks already, William. I hate to make that an entire month.

William: (turned to Sherlock) Under the circumstances, I suppose you need a professional medical attention from Uncle John, Daddy.

Sherlock nodded, stood up and hugged William tightly.

William (whispered): I am sorry, Daddy.

Sherlock: That’s alright, son. (Hold William’s little hand that was in Sherlock’s suite jacket pocket) I know your mother got your phone. I will send you another one. We seriously need to work on your pocket picking skill, Will.

William (simpered): OK.

Molly: Leave now, Mr.Holmes. My patient with you is becoming thin.


Here is the next part:

The Mission (2)


Sherlock - The next generation

David Mazouz - William Eures Holmes
(Son of Eurus Holmes, Nephew of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, born in prison and given away by Mycroft Holmes in Forster Care, Student of Chemistry)

Tom Holland - Jonathan Harrison Watson
(Son of Harriet Watson, Nephew of John Watson, raised by his grandparents, former soldier in Syria, brought back due to his PTSD)

Taron Egerton - Inspector Stanley Hopkins
(New in Scotland Yard, very smart, ambitious person. Partner of DI Tabia Gregson. Believer in the new generation of consulting detectives)

Marianne Jean-Baptiste - DI Tabia Gregson
(Excellent DI, enemy and biggest opponent of Greg Lestrade. Doubter of consulting detectives even despite the fangirling of her daughter over Sherlock Holmes) 

Loo Brealey - Molly Hooper
(Medical Examiner, best friend of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Godmother of John Watsons daughter. Highly supporter of the new generation)

Una Stubbs - Miss Hudson 
(Former Housekeeper of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Now Housekeeper of the new generation. Grandmother like and a very good caretaker) 

Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock Holmes
(Consulting Detective. Finds out about having a nephew and Mycrofts cover up. Brings his sister’s son to London for his studies and supports him, after finding out about his deduction skills. Also lives with John Watson and Rosie Watson in Sussex.)

Martin Freeman - John Watson
(Doctor. Organize a new stay for his nephew after he comes back from the war. Works as a doctor in Sussex with Sherlock and his daughter Rosie.) 


(First Chapter of the drabble-chronicles ;))