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Chapter 7 of Legion- Two For the Price of One (Warning....spoilers)

Tonight’s episode of Legion was AMAZING. This show never disappoints.

Noah Hawley took it to a whole new level though when we got not one David Haller, but two. 

While David’s in the coffin that the Shadow King put him in at the end of Chapter 6 freaking out, his subconscious creates a rational version of himself that happens to be British…..

With a British accent….

With Dan Stevens’ British accent…

That’s right boys and girls. Tonight we got David Haller talking to Dan Stevens. 

Noah Hawley, thank you. I haven’t encountered something this utterly meta since the Mork and Mindy episode Mork Meets Robin Williams.


The Wellesley College Choir singing William Hawley’s Magnificat

My favorite piece from this year’s Vespers!

(But srsly…damn. Dat B section @2:42. Now that’s some sexy counterpoint.)